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  1. adam

    Stinky rock

    It is 4" minus mine slag used as railroad bed material and shoreline erosion control. Purchased from the hayden smelter, shipped to michigan on the 14th of december 1964, ore car number 73....The smell is algae/iron/sulfur.
  2. adam

    Where am I ...?

    Took this picture last Sunday......Do you know where I was? ( hint ) It is more than just a mine
  3. adam

    Where am I ...?

    Congress Mine ?
  4. That is natural. Quartz/Schorl
  5. adam

    Equinox gold

    That is one hell of a nice nugget ! congrats !
  6. adam

    Fossil find

    The pictures on the net sure would agree......Nice ! What state did it come from?
  7. adam


    Hey Bob, and jcervay...... yes scalenohedron....Heres a calcite I collected from the Christmas Mine in the Dripping Springs Mtns. Source ( my mindat Page )
  8. adam

    Where am I ...?

    Ok, ok ...Heres the sign just outside the tunnel
  9. adam


    Its Calcite crystals.... I forget the type of crystal structure that is. The botroidial stuff may be quartz .
  10. adam

    Bill Southern's Videos on YouTube

    I should make some. Prospecting has slowed down a bit though.
  11. adam

    Good Hunt Today

    Nice pieces dude ! Thanks for posting
  12. adam


    Goethite , maybe hematite for the last picture
  13. adam

    TV show Meteorite Men

    Whats a Spectrometer? How accurate is this device?
  14. Yes, Bismuth......
  15. adam


    Hey guys, I tossed Lepidolite out there to throw out a little different objective. I think a quick look under a loupe would segregate one or the other.
  16. adam

    Got my Float Tubbe

    watch out for sharks
  17. adam


  18. adam

    Where In Arizona?

    Boy , I`m sure glad you cleared that up.....I was really confused for a minute
  19. adam

    Where In Arizona?

    What in the hell are you talking about!!?
  20. You should start your own thread....And, I have no idea what your talking about.
  21. adam

    Beat the heat retreat

    I stopped by to see if you were around on Sunday morning about 10am. Talked with Adam H for a bit then headed out... Sorry I missed ya`ll
  22. adam

    Just some average Arizona gold

    I really like gold.
  23. adam

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    The MPA only have like 5 claims.......The GSSN has more to offer in the meadview area
  24. adam


    Sounds great ! Have fun up there