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  1. adam

    Odd Places

    Sometimes gold can show up in the oddest places. You wont find it though if you are not thinking like gold. Headed over to Wickenburg today for a little fun in the sun .... On the way I passed a large number of cyclists spread out over 20 miles or so. Each group or team had their own support vehicles following closely.... Turns out they are some very serious and accomplished athletes participating in the " Race Across America"....Really cool and I`m glad to have seen some of them. Heres a link to their up to date current positions on the road. http://www.raceacrossamerica.org/live-tracking.html Ok , Back to the gold hunting ..... I managed to get 3 pieces for today, and two of the pieces came from the top of an outcrop...Literally , just an odd place, but it sure was there...The beginning of a new project? maybe so To give you a better perspective , here`s a shot of the scene...My red scoop is where the larger piece was beeped. It was extremely coarse gold on that outcrop....I found one more tiny piece a foot below the bigger one. The third , a specimen was found a little ways away down in a gully... Hope you enjoyed! Get out there and find some..
  2. adam

    Odd Places

    I`m waiting for the one that I trip over
  3. adam

    Odd Places

    Its just an orange stain, its quite golden when it cleaned up and as coarse as it gets. The site is not near any creek, so a traditional term of a "bench" would not apply here.
  4. adam

    Did not go to Rawhide.

    Nice pieces !
  5. adam

    Nevada Mining Display

    Its obvious that your talents go beyond replacing a pick handle . Well done !
  6. Your absolutely right ! If you can see a crack plain as day but not feel it, then it does not exist ! I keep trying to tell people that
  7. adam

    I found a thing in the dirt?

    Or it could be an an old cabinet handle that washed up on shore from an alien space winnebago that crashed 237 years ago just off the shoreline.
  8. adam

    Cabin Fever Already

    Get MikeC to shovel out all the overburden for you guys
  9. adam

    GPZ7000 Strikes Again

    Well Done !
  10. Heck Yeah dude ! Nice pieces
  11. adam

    Desert Gold !

    Spent Saturday and part of Sunday down in the Desert looking for a patch in a new area. Did not find one , but did manage a few pieces of gold during the hunt. I detected portions of about a dozen gullies and of those, two carried gold. Just over 2 grams
  12. adam

    Death Valley trip

    Gold in the pan is always nice ! Well done
  13. adam

    Tiny wash, rough nuggets.

    Gold can be a good sign for gold
  14. adam

    Desert Gold !

    Always fun finding gold in new areas
  15. adam

    Lead mining

    We all dig it up. That`s not many targets though, so you were either very remote, or you did not hunt long. Either way , hang in there
  16. Bummer about the rain, but you sure made the most of your short time ! Great pictures too .... I tried to drive out on that " dry lake ' to look for meteorites...
  17. Looks like an Agate . Of which, there are many, many sources and are very common. I have no idea where that one would be from but it does look a little like Luna Agate. Value ? Maybe 10 - 12 bucks....Retail, 28 - 45 $
  18. Thats pretty Nice Mitchel ...And you didnt need a 8000.00 + dollar machine to find it !
  19. adam

    Identify please

    Thats an interesting one....Could it be Peat?
  20. Challenging to get to, and never been a wash to give up much gold. I hunted this remote canyon today for a few hours, mostly attempting to find out where the gold is coming from. Heres a couple insitu shots ... Here`s a old file that has been manipulated into a crevicing tool? Just under a gram....
  21. Thanks ! Yes , it was found upstream from the gold.
  22. adam

    Popped the Gold Monster Cherry

    Hey dude , ...Your on a roll now ! Nice work
  23. Precisely .....Thanks Andy No, the gold seems to come to an end though. Hit all the tribs nearby, and couldnt find anything else. A dry washer would have helped alot.