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  1. adam

    Watch Your Step

    Out with Boulderdash today cruisin around hunting for new spots, We came across a fairly rare Arizona Black Rattlesnake. This one was nearly full grown at around 30 inches..Not the most poisonous snake in Arizona but known to inject large volumes of venom. Its habitat is limited enough, that you can almost see where we were exploring. Boulderdash scored a couple nuggets, and hopefully he will post them.
  2. adam

    Today's Butt Ugly Half Gram Nugget

    I agree ! That is one ugly nugget
  3. Cool find ....The stone kinda looks like Chrysophrase
  4. adam

    Rye Patch ?

    I may have given you some bad info......I was thinking Gold Basin, not Rye Patch..... I do not know if GSSN has claims there or not.
  5. adam

    Rye Patch ?

    No, but everyone seems to. You should join the GSSN for a worry free detecting experience. They have a few claims out there. http://www.goldsearchersnv.com/join-the-club.html
  6. adam

    Hello, all

    Wow , ! This is ground breaking work here ! Keep it up ...
  7. Tough time in the hills yesterday.....Only one little 3 grain piece of gold and one 3 foot rattlesnake.... Hard to see..... Well here`s a better look...
  8. adam

    A friend found this today

    Nice friggin chunk !
  9. adam

    Hello, all

    You sir, are living in never never land
  10. adam

    ? for Bill S. or?

    The gold screamer is the amplifier only. The gold screamer power pack comes with a battery pack plus the gold screamer built in. This is exactly why I mentioned getting the Power Pack, and get rid of all that other crap. Its the best way to go with that machine.
  11. Awesome situation to be in. If the gully did not cut the source propper, then you will be forced to start beepin slopes very soon. Hopefully the gold is still sluffing into the creek from the source or a former source. Well done Dude !
  12. adam

    ? for Bill S. or?

    If the detector works without the booster, then ditch the booster, and get out detecting
  13. adam

    ? for Bill S. or?

    No, they can be used with headphones or external speakers. Tone adjustment and volume are two different things. The control on that device is a volume control. Sorry, no Idea of what model it is, but it does appear to be a signal enhancer/booster. Wheres your battery for the detector? Get Doc`s Power pack / enhancer combo or whatever its called now. It will be a life changing moment . Just do it !
  14. adam

    LSD camp out

    Sounds like a blast guys ! I'd get back to that hand stacked area. Nice running into you and your pop's. Get some gold next time though
  15. adam

    Equinox 800

    Well done, and great pictures , except the gold one.......Were you in California ?