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  1. Gold Cube

    Way to much overthought Guys .....Seriously , your working way to hard for nothing.
  2. You really should have planned more time there. One day just is not much. First thing is . When you come to this intersection....... Take the road to left . Follow it all the way in to the amphitheater. Keep going past the little mining operation. there will be signs pointing the way to the public areas. When you get to the right area, you will see this...The Amphitheater I found the best crystals in the vugs in Area # 2 Area #1 Ia literally above the furthest areas you can park. I found bunches of crystals here in area #1 but they werent the quality of area #2 . Some other guys were digging in area #3 and did pretty good with the Bixbyte if I recall. Bring a 3Lb Sledge hammer and A very stout 5/8 inch or thicker ,round chisel. Just find areas with lots of vugs , and start breaking ( cleaving ) off the rhyolite until you hit a vug. Check vug for crystals. Almost all the vugs have crystals. The quality however, will depend on luck and location.
  3. I just saw this thread. Sorry ....If you havent gone already, I will get back to this later.
  4. Apache tears

    You have apache tears on your property!! Way cool !
  5. Big Changes

    Bill, I guess i`m just being to particular. I suppose if you are looking at Prescott from the moon, then Iron Springs could be considered south. Then again, I think that North is Up , so that makes my post South of yours
  6. Big Changes

    Did the forest service personnel actually see you in the burn area? If he was a LEO , you would have been in trouble, really big trouble. Dont let the County Sheriffs catch you in there either. They are seeding the area with aircraft. After the 30th , it will not be open to the public. They are initiating a no tolerance policy to any off trail hiking, horseback riding , Prospecting ( yes prospecting of any kind is in the draft) or any other activity that would require you to you leave your vehicle for any other reason than an emergency. The Unmaintained roads will be closed for no less that the germination period to full adult height ( four to seven years) of the native species of plants being seeded . Shrub Oak, Classic Oak, Manzanita, Seasoned Temptress, desert sage, native trumpet ,.. etc And Yes , The Forest service confirmed that FS road 177, senator highway, and a couple other roads are indeed still closed to non -authorized traffic. the fore mentioned roads are not subject to re opening anytime soon,and law enforcement may impose those restrictions at any given time. Meaning, closed to everyone that is not a local resident.
  7. Big Changes

    Huh ? Iron Springs road is SOUTH ? of Prescott ??? I`m going to have to get down there to Prescott sometime....
  8. Follow the drywashers

    I will sell my copy of Rocks From Space for 275.00 bucks
  9. Big Changes

    Man , that is good thinking......Never even occurred to me ! Try digging a small nugget on bedrock underwater......Now thats a problem !
  10. AZ Fleas Test Positive For Plague

    The Plague ? Pfft ! Thats nothing dude.....
  11. "Well", .....it's a start anyway

    I got called a " Crumb Chaser " once, but this person meant it in a negative context.
  12. Camp out

    Hey wait !, are you guys talking about me
  13. Looks like a sliced chunk of asphalt
  14. Gpz7000, A Look Inside

    Thanks for clearing that up
  15. Gpz7000, A Look Inside

    I do not understand a word you are saying. Even the video is not understandable. He`s speaking Thai or Vietnamese