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  1. Nice Pieces !

    Thanks Andy , These are unique, as they never made it to any drainage. Fresh , right from the source on the side of a hill.
  2. Nice Pieces !

    Yeah, I cant tell which side looks better ......Here they are flipped over
  3. Nice Pieces !

    Sorry man, I hope your vision insurance covers " nugget glare"
  4. Nice Pieces !

    Yes you did see these two......But there`s more
  5. Nice Pieces !

    We are right on top of it Bob, literally.... The area has taught me a lot.
  6. Thanks Mike. Its easier for me to just put the effort in to clean it up. It was a long time coming.... I prefer to take action rather than talk about it.
  7. So true,So True ...I completely misunderstood when you said " I've found more than a dozen muilti-ounce specimens" I did not realize you meant multi ounce host rocks with some gold in them.... You illustrated my misconception perfectly though. Thank you
  8. Excellent pieces Andy !! Way to go !
  9. Oh I see......Maybe I was a bit to critical then . I was under the impression that this group were "pro" nugget hunters .....my bad...
  10. I found some gold today

    Gold is great ! Well Done man
  11. Nice Pieces !

    They could have been......I felt like a criminal having to jump the fence at night just to take that photo...
  12. Nice Pieces !

    Thanks man !
  13. Nice Pieces !

    It does appear to be quartz Matt....
  14. Nice Pieces !

    Got the big o`l skunk last weekend hunting for new patches, so I thought i`d share a couple that I detected a while back. Under a full moon in Peoples Valley ... And here`s a nice half ounce piece accompanied by a one + ounce slab of gold ! Enjoy !