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  1. Buying that Gold Bug II was a great decision. Thank You for mentioning my Channel. I hope you find many more pieces
  2. This is a MUST get...

    But first , one should buy this .....
  3. Mars?

    You should make rock puzzles for a living.
  4. 24 hour Gold

    I do not think I was deceptive at all. I segregated the picture with its own description. Stating that it was a spot that I placered for a while. I did get gold there but it is not pictured.
  5. 24 hour Gold

    Hey guy`s ~n gal`s......Just to let you know, the gold pictured is not from the spot pictured with the handstacks. Two separate areas. Thank you for all the coments
  6. 24 hour Gold

    Met up with Boulder dash for a 24 hour hunt. We detected at night for about 6 hours, during a very bright, near full moon. A few nuggets were recovered that night and the following day. After what seemed like miles of hiking equipment in, we dry washed a hillside looking for a source, and we are very, very close to locating it. Time ran out and it was time to get back to priorities. Heres the take .....Mine on the left and BD`s on the right. Thats 16 grams on the left and I think BD came out with 10 grams ? Heres a small area of placering that I worked on for a while.
  7. Jackass Flats.

    Fair enough , Best of luck on your prospecting Adventures ~!
  8. Griphoist

    Whats a Griphoist ? Do I need one?
  9. Jackass Flats.

    I don`t mean to sound like a jerk or anything, but i`m wondering if there are not better places to go that are closer to you ? I would seriously reconsider driving all the way out here. Doesent the GPAA have claims in the Potholes area (Yuma) or in the Chocolate Mtns?
  10. Specimen from last week.

    You got a specimen ?! What does it weigh?
  11. Blood, Sweat and Gold

    Heck yeah !!! Way to go man, and nice pieces
  12. Prescott Valley, NOT Prescott
  13. NEW ! Glock 19 FDE 9mm Gen 3

    Hi Ron, The magazines hold 15 rounds each....
  14. Tuesday hunt with TomH

    Hey Guys, Sounds like a great day out ! Congrats on the pieces
  15. Nuggetshooter Outing Video

    I`m waiting till it comes out at Redbox