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  1. What I thinkI need

    Aww man ....... I want a 4500 !
  2. My Collection

    Love the sphere thing..... Every time I go to buy a nice quartz sphere they are always to pricey.
  3. Hey ! Since when is a 2 grammer , Small ?! You guys killed it !
  4. Franconia

    Whats the problem?
  5. Inspiration From Ridge Runner

    Yet another Minelab screw up ........ You guys are kidding yourselves with the idea that your innovative know how will solve the problem......It will still tip over more often than not, in the real world.... It is way to top heavy ( Minelab`s Brilliant engineering )
  6. My Collection

    Amazing!! Great post
  7. A monster sucking day

    Thats the coolest walking stick i`ve seen. Nice job on the color kids !!
  8. five hour hunt yesterday

    Hope you had the spot blue staked... http://www.arizona811.com/
  9. Monster Mods

    This just shows that the techs at Minelab are great at circuitry, but are terrible at functional ,practical design. The Monster could have been packaged differently.
  10. Best GPZ 7000 settings

    Great info !
  11. Finally joined the 1oz+ club

    Exceptional Day !! Thanks for sharing
  12. Hydrofluoric Acid Bath Nuggets

    Gross ! Nice species though
  13. GB Pro Scores Again! :)

    Both nuggets are very nice .... Well done !
  14. Cañón del Tesoro

    Thanks for the comments everyone !
  15. Sumpin ain't right

    So , you werent working on bedrock then?