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  1. Mine Tailings Fun.

    Homie in one of his replies to comments, he mentioned Pete Lake, which appears to be east of Seattle Washington.
  2. Nice little ring! I'm guessing it's possibly a custom made ring and the marks are the person's initials, just doesn't look like a hallmark to me. Looks like H __ K but not sure of the middle mark.
  3. New 2018 F150 V6 3.0L Diesel!!

    Where's the pool for that rubber ducky Jen?
  4. Happy Birthday Cowkiller

    Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day!
  5. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    Or even a VLF for that matter, will it work on a VLF, has anyone tried?
  6. Happy Birthday Dakota Slim

    Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day!
  7. Meteor Over Michigan

    It appears that they are hunting a frozen lake, it's good it's in the depths of winter or those would of been lost forever at the bottom of the lake!! I bet any that hit land will have to wait for thaw to be found as they will be deep in the snow, not much snow on the ice of the lake being that it gets blown off by high winds making those pieces stittng ducks!!
  8. Happy Birthday Explorer1

    Happy Birthday Jim, I hope you had a great day!!
  9. How to look for and find Gold

    It all depends, if the source has completely eroded out of the host rock and all of it has been mined/found, then there will be no more in that spot in our lifetime if ever, but if the source is still there and hasn't been completely eroded then it will continue doing so ableit slowly over time so yes the gold can be replenished to a degree or not if no longer in the host rocks and surrounding area of erosion or upstream.
  10. Mineral id?

    Just an FYI for those looking at the photos on a computer (not sure about a phone), if you click on the image it will open in a window and be the same size, if you click it again in the window it will open in another tab/page and be much bigger, if you then click on it the the new page if will get much, much bigger so much so you will have to scroll to see small portions of the specimen.
  11. RUN Packy, RUNNNNNNNN!

    Rat and mice are great swimmers and it been said they can tread water and or swim for up to 3 days and can also hold their breath for several minutes, most bucket traps also have anti-freeze (to keep the water from freezing) or some kind of deoderizer (to help keep the smell of dead rodents in check) mixed in with the water which I think kills the rodents much faster than the water will, but I'm willing to bet the rat will be out of that 5 gallon bucket faster then you can blink an eye no matter how deep the water is, eveything I read for a "Bucket Trap for Rats" says to use a 50 gallon drum.
  12. RUN Packy, RUNNNNNNNN!

    That would work only if you used a 50 gallon drum instead of the 5 gallon bucket, those packrats would just jump right out of the bucket.
  13. RUN Packy, RUNNNNNNNN!

    Bam, got that sucker, hope he didn't leave your address with his family!!
  14. Well amethyst is quartz with other minerals mixed in to produce the purple color and most has regular quartz along with it.
  15. I'm not the best when it comes to IDing minerals but I also came across this searching for purple minerals as well...Sogdianite, but I haven't seen anything that even looks close to what is posted above by Callieco other than amethyst.
  16. Hello friends!

    Welcome to the forum Callieco!
  17. For the Inqusitive Minds.

    Well Homie all you have to do now is figure out a way to contain the gas so you can bottle it for future protectional uses!!
  18. New buggy!

    OK so more like a loose rocky Bistol Motor Speedway with the Pits and infield many feet down from the inside of the track!!
  19. one crazy story

    I think this is the correct link. https://www.thevintagenews.com/2016/10/25/the-hoba-meteorite-is-the-largest-known-meteorite-on-earth-2/
  20. New buggy!

    So I'm guessing by what you described it sorta looked like this at times? I guess doing such as this has it's benefits, like if you have hemorrhoids it will suck them back inside!!
  21. New 2018 F150 V6 3.0L Diesel!!

    I'm not a Ford enthusiast, I'm a Chevy/GMC and recently a Toyota man, I have a 4thGen 4Runnner which is one of if not the best vehicle I have ever owned, I do wish that Toyota would offer a diesel in the USA for the 4Runner and Tacoma like they do elsewhere in the world, albeit they're call the Prado and Hi-Lux. There has been talk of a diesel Tacoma for the USA in the future, but I haven't heard nothing but rumors and speculation so far, it seems that most say that Toyota doesn't think a diesel would sell well in the USA.
  22. Bill Gates City near Phoenix?

    Not an issue, Motley Fool is a geniune multimedia investment firm, so not a malicious site, they're just trying to get business, so that's why I haven't removed this topic, heck maybe someone will invest in this new tech and become a millionaire!! Edit: Just an FYI, I have only gotten 1 email from Motley Fool, so I'm not getting flooded by emails from them and I have several excellent junk/spam filters which blocked the only 1 I have gotten.
  23. Bill Gates City near Phoenix?

    Red Desert, I know you're not a spammer but the link you posted only lead to a story with no ending...unless you click a link at the end and submit your email address....which being an Administrator here I did....and wished I didn't because it only lead me deeper into the same website with the guy talking endlessly...and I do mean endlessly.... I didn't time it but after at least 10 to 15 minutes without him gettting to the point I simply closed the website before he got to the end which could of been a few minutes more or 30 or who knows....but I got the jest of his message he was only trying to get me to signup for their investment advice program or whatever...if there's a cost to doing so I don't know since I didn't stick around long enough to find out, but I'm sure I will get plenty of emails from them since I had to submit my address to see where it lead.....so it is spam in the end. That being said I would advise everyone not to click on the link following Red Desert's link, which leads further into the website...unless you're willing to submit your email and any following emails by doing so and you have a lot of time to listen to the guy go on and on and maybe eventually get to the point on what it may or may not cost you...which may or may not lead to some good investments. In short the guy talked about a new idea/technology that was first mentioned as a part of another new idea on the TV show "Shark Tank" he termed.. "the internet of things" which can possibly make you a millionaire if you invest in a company that is pursuing this technolgy, basically it's a lot of everyday things in our lives that we have to input info and or program to have it do what we want it to do..will in the future already know what we want it to do without our input and it seems that many of these things will be able to communicate with each other as a part of it's learning what we need it to do. I do think that investing in this technology may indeed make a lot of money for those willing to take the risk that it does work out that it's in our future, but who knows, I for one don't have any extra money that I can risk to find out...darn it!! I'm also not sure I want all my "things" thinking on their own as to what I want them to do.
  24. Some of the olde timers on here may know of Dan and Denise in Colorado, they run a gold prospecting club in Colorado and also a forum, ColoradoProspectors forum, and they are the salt of the earth and such great people, they also have a son, Tim. Dan passed away unexpectedly a week ago on Friday morning. Dan RIP Here's the post from Denise on their forum. http://www.coloradoprospector.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5471&st=0&gopid=47895&#entry47895 "It floods my heart with overwhelming sorrow to inform everyone that my husband Dan passed away early Friday. The sudden loss of him has left me beside myself and confused. Tim and I are doing our best to hold ourselves and things together but it is very difficult right now. Please bare with me as I am also having problems access the work computer. If you have signed up or am trying to notify us by e-mail, please be patient and I will respond as soon as I can. For now I can be reached through the personal messenger in the forums.Thank you all very much for your prayers and understanding!Denise "