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  1. 2 Dinksters - SD2200 Gold

    I think he does both very well! I can't help but think that catus is pointing in the direction of a big nugget though!!
  2. A few relics yesterday

    From what I have read it is said that they get that name because they have been cut down to just the barest portion of the key that is needed to turn the locking mechanism, I've also read that it may get that name because if you look at the key hole or the key from the end it sorta looks like a skull, but who to know for sure.
  3. First and foremost it's important to realize that "fossilized wood" is just that, it no longer has any traits related to wood as to how it breaks, splits ect., because it's now rock, if you look at photos taken from areas that have fossilized wood such as the "Pretrified Forest" you will see many pieces of fossilized wood that looks like trunk sections of firewood that still needs to be split, they look just like they were cut with a saw, but it takes millions and millions of years for wood to fossilized so none of these pieces were cut by man. Now that being said there are some pieces that won't/don't break so cleanly, it may be because of the types of minerals that the wood has become while becoming fossilized or what caused it to break, stress points, etc.. Here's a few photos of pieces where they have been for millions of years for example, the first and third photos are from the Petrified Forest, the second one is from Egypt.
  4. To introduce myself...

    Welcome to the forum and gold prospecting Stephen, most if not all of whom you may meet from this forum are very genuine people.
  5. CAVES

    Cooper, thanks for bumping this back to the top, I very much enjoyed seeing the video again and now others who haven't seen the video and this man's amazing vision. talent and work will get to watch it and be amazed as well!!
  6. Rocky, where you live there's very big chances you can come across very, very old coins and other pre and post Revolutionary War era and more recent but still very old relics, if I were you I would dig every signal and very carefully so as not to do any damage to any possible finds!!!
  7. OH GEE THANKS Rocky, I worked late tonight so I stopped by Burger King to get a double chesse whopper with bacon and a order of fries, but they were closed, at 7:00 PM, what's up with that!! Now I sitting here with a TV dinner in fornt of me and you post this photo!!
  8. Link to Store for Hats

    Didn't Terry Soloman get a hat, I do believe he's also in New York? Yeap, he sure did, I found his post with a photo of hem and his new hat!
  9. whoops

    John I took care of the extra topics, there's only one now on the MRDS question.
  10. Robots

    Here's a video with I guess all of Boston Dynamics robots in it, I like all of them and was very impressed with them all, that little "Sand Flea" sure can jump higher than I though it was going too! I was waiting for that last robot to smack that guy who kept knocking the boxes out of it grasp and especially when he knocked the robot down, i was ready to see some robot whip ass!!!
  11. Here's the link to the hats, Bill will be also selling T-shirts at sometime in the future. http://nuggetshooter.com/store.html#!/HATS-and-T-SHIRTS/c/26703059/offset=0&sort=normal
  12. Diamond?

    4meter, according to this member's IP address he's from Europe, specifically Bosnia region.
  13. Friday Night Tunes

    Harmonica played at Carnegie Hall!!
  14. Well Rocky you almost made it through a 6 pack while unpacking your new toy, you need to try harder next time!!!