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  1. Au Seeker

    Hoping to find a nugget

    Good luck Nugget "Gold Fever" Shooterette, I feel you on the heat, here we've been having 95 to 98 degree days for the last several days and for the next several days as well, while that's not 107, but with our high humidity the heat index is 104 to 108 degrees and I'm out working in it everyday for about 9 to 10 hours a day!! Drink lots of fluids!!! , that's gatorade in the bottle!!
  2. Au Seeker

    Bacon wood knife scales

    That's actually not surprising, studies have shown that fluorescents bulbs emit UV light, manufacturers say harmless low levels, but some studies say they emit high levels that can do damage to your skin. https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/10/18/study-fluorescent-light-bulbs-emit-high-levels-of-uv-radiation/
  3. Au Seeker

    Bacon wood knife scales

    Dave that "patina" is actually very desirable to many people, we used a lot of reclaimed wood on some builds and we do little if any sanding on most of this type wood and then we either do a low gloss or flat clear coat or no sealer at all depending on the customer's wishes. Many times the darkening on older wood is mostly in the clear coat but does go into the wood a bit or more depending on the age of the patina. If the reclaimed wood has never been maintained , i.e, repainted or sealed regularly the wood itself with most specics will turn gray as in most reclaimed barn wood.
  4. Au Seeker

    Bacon wood knife scales

    Well I can tell you from working with all kinds of wood on a daily basis being a custom cabinet maker for many years is that all woods will darken with exposure to UV light, even most paints will also darken, we have to deal with this with almost every customer when they ask why the cabinet/s next to their windows are darker than their other cabinets after a year or so.
  5. Au Seeker

    Happy fathers day

    Thanks Dan the same to you and all the other Dads out there! My daughter is in town and taking me out to lunch shortly.
  6. Au Seeker

    Happy Birthday bsumbdy

    Happy Birthday Chris, I hope you have a great day!
  7. Au Seeker

    Bacon wood knife scales

    Very nice Dave, but now you done gone and made me hungry , going to make me a BLT!!!
  8. Happy Birthday wet/dry washer, I hope you have a great day!
  9. Au Seeker

    Happy Birthday Kwah

    Happy Birthday Kwah, I hope you have a great day!
  10. Happy Birthday Kevin, I hope you have a great day!
  11. Au Seeker

    Hello Prospectors!

    Welcome tot the forum appdog! You're right in one of the best areas for gold in N.C., are you just starting out or have you been seeking gold for a while?
  12. Au Seeker

    A bit surprised

    Great job!! At least you hold onto your finds, unlike Bill who just doesn't like or want the little ones and apparently just tosses them over his shoulder!
  13. Au Seeker

    Happy Birthday Buckeye Boy

    Happy Birthday AJ, I hope you have a great day!
  14. Au Seeker

    Trail riding & Bedrock Busting for Gold

    Thanks for posting the video, enjoyed it!!
  15. Au Seeker

    Cabin Fever Already

    If they're anything like my chickens the would eat them as fast as they scratched them up especially if I go and pick it up, my chickens will eat anything, anytime I'm outside my chickens are on my heels following me around like little puppies and hoping I will toss something to them which if I do they will fight to see who ends up with it, I saw a small nail on the ground the other day and I bent down and picked it up and one of them little dinosuars grab it out of my hand and swallowed it so fast it made my head spin, they think anything in my hand is food.