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  1. San Domingo "No Trespassing"

    Hmm, interesting... Thanks for the insight
  2. San Domingo "No Trespassing"

    Yes, Right off of the main rd next to the red tailing
  3. San Domingo "No Trespassing"

    HI ALL, Goes to show you how long its been since I've been out... I took the family Friday night looking for florescent minerals and when I turned off the main road the first thing I saw was " No Trespassing", What gives? Also by surprise an old friend of mine told me they used to catch large desert scorpions (not black). I never really believed him until I was out there! WHOA!! We saw at least a half dozen that were at least 6+ inches long. Big suckers man! Thanks
  4. Detector Hydropack---Heads Up!

    Agreed very nice Adam got mine two days ago!
  5. Detector Hydropack---Heads Up!

  6. Franconia Revisited

  7. Thanks for sharing
  8. Franconia Revisited

    Nice Jason, I was wondering if you were still around hunting stones!
  9. Meteorite?

    Agree with Mike.. Keep looking!!!
  10. Southern Arizona Meteorite?

    I buy too.......
  11. Prospecting Equipment Auction

    What did the GPZ7000 go for?
  12. Selling gold

    Interested, you should post here under classified! Especially if they are from known Arizona placer areas. Thanks...
  13. Bullard Mine Area

    Interesting Clay. I cant find that number but I'll make another run out there later this month and take a picture of those signs.
  14. Bullard Mine Area

    Are we talking about the same place....? This had no new working and signs all over the place that stated NO Trespassing with a Phoenix 602 # , so I called it and spoke to the lady who stated she owned it... thoughts Clay? This of course was back in 2014
  15. Bullard Mine Area

    Yep a year ago. It is claimed and the owner is looking to sale. A few offers from Canadian companies but she wants to sell to a U.S. based owner. Prospected for placer around in some washes to the north but no luck....