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  1. Nice Mohave Mountain & weekend

    Very Nice!
  2. Need a Neodymium Magnet ?

    I love the name... "BANG GOOD"
  3. Bedrockbob contact? Glorieta

    Molegar, where are you from? I hunted Glorieta years ago, neighbors started to become not so friendly... A lot of private property. One of the funnest places I have hunted though... I used to have a friend over there we would meet up with. I would like to talk more if you have time, Bill
  4. Gold is NOT where you find it!

    im just gunna go mine some bitcoin.....
  5. 24 hour Gold

    Adam, while you guys detected at night did you wander next to a camp by chance.... Had a couple fellas come in really close one night
  6. My Collection

    Nice to see you back!
  7. Franconia

    The only way I know to get past this is to have family that works for the BN.......
  8. San Domingo "No Trespassing"

    Hmm, interesting... Thanks for the insight
  9. San Domingo "No Trespassing"

    Yes, Right off of the main rd next to the red tailing
  10. San Domingo "No Trespassing"

    HI ALL, Goes to show you how long its been since I've been out... I took the family Friday night looking for florescent minerals and when I turned off the main road the first thing I saw was " No Trespassing", What gives? Also by surprise an old friend of mine told me they used to catch large desert scorpions (not black). I never really believed him until I was out there! WHOA!! We saw at least a half dozen that were at least 6+ inches long. Big suckers man! Thanks
  11. Detector Hydropack---Heads Up!

    Agreed very nice Adam got mine two days ago!
  12. Detector Hydropack---Heads Up!

  13. Franconia Revisited

  14. Franconia Revisited

    Nice Jason, I was wondering if you were still around hunting stones!