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  1. Trail riding & Bedrock Busting for Gold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNI4hF0yOMk&t=254s Take a trip with Jeff and Mike as they go on a trail ride up in the Sierra's to look for some Gold trapped in Bedrock. My first try at doing a prospecting video for my YouTube Channel it was a lot of work and a lot of fun to do !!! Hope you enjoy it
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    Trail riding & Bedrock Busting for Gold

    Thanks Allen
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    1880s again

    Nice !!!
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    Chinese miner working a Rocker Box in the Motherlode

    Very Nice picture !!!
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    California 1940s

    Cool picture !!!
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    Trail riding & Bedrock Busting for Gold

    Thanks Guys !!!!
  7. NEW EPISODE !!![/b] A new episode of Adventures in Prospecting is now playing! Meet Rob Mays; a coin detectorist who goes nugget hunting for the first time with the 24K Gold Hunters in Arizona. Members found a nice nugget while we were filming. Also meet the man behind the name "Nugget Brain" as he goes on a desert drywashing adventure for gold. Dig what you watch. Jeff Prospecting Channel