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  1. matt

    Keene detachable sluice flare?

    Get a sheet of aluminum at home depot and take to an hvac contractor. They can cut it in their shear and put it in their break to bend it. A lot of them might even have a piece of scrap aluminum.
  2. matt

    The Great Nugget Scam

    Not all attorneys are bad. I know several prosecutors that are DA's or work in the AG's Office in California that are honest, very honest. And humble. At least one had been offered a very high paying job with a private firm and declined because he coudn't defend somebody who is "guilty".
  3. matt

    Bitten by the Bug, Again!

    Sweet find!!! They are rarely seen on the roads anymore. I remember how many were out there back in the 70's, 80's, and 90's.
  4. matt

    Yankee Fork Gold Dredge

    I took the tour a couple years ago. It was amazing to see how big everything actually is and how it all worked. It's well worth the visit if anywhere nearby.
  5. matt

    Nice suprise

    Nice surprise!
  6. matt

    Does it look like gold?

    That's a great find! El Dorado had some material similar to that which he cabbed and made some jewelry. It was quartz gold and the same clear quartz. Congrats to your son for his find!
  7. matt

    Happy Birthday Au Seeker

    Happy Birthday!
  8. matt

    Gold Daze - Family coming

    Hey Rick, can I come and join the fun? Just kidding. Looks like you have a great weekend planned. Hope you can get them hooked into a great hobby.
  9. matt


  10. matt

    "Dang, I forgot my camera !"

    I thought you were going to say it was a chupacabra because of the dog type appearance.
  11. Looks nice! Hope it's gold and a nice stone.
  12. Way to go Doc. Getting the kids to learn and keep them into hobbies outdoors is great. I've never seen a gold pan like the purple pan. Something new? I took my 10 year old out today for an hour to try the new Equinox 600 we got. Found 13 cents and a few pull tabs. He can't wait to get out again!
  13. matt

    Vintage Goldwire Specimen Stickpin F/S

    What's the history of this piece? Has it been in the family? Did you find it detecting? How do you know it was made in the 1800's? It is really incredible! A bit more information about the history might make the sale more enticing for a collector.
  14. matt

    The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    Sweet! The gold monster is great. Can't wait to get out this weekend with my son and get some also. Congrats on the nice finds.
  15. matt

    14.9 Grams of Ugly

    Good decision. That looks really nice!