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  1. Nice Pieces !

    Really nice. Is that caliche or quartz attached to them?
  2. New Spot -- New Nuggs

  3. Beautiful Day with GPZ Gold

    Very nice! Your posts are welcome to see. It seems you haven't posted much the past few years.
  4. Break in the rain

    Great finds! What were you using to finds them?
  5. Hard work = nice gold! Well done and thanks for sharing.
  6. Dinkiest dink yet

    Well done! Looking forward to hearing from people about the tips and tricks of this new detector. Especially when you are finding pieces smaller than I would even consider a picker!
  7. Not owning or using a gpz, what exactly is a ferrite ring and how is it used?
  8. Pro-Find 35 fail.

    Wow! Enough said...
  9. 16 to 1 wash

    Great pictures and nice finds. Well done!
  10. Or this post made by Doc could have stayed on track. A new topic could have been started about the other stuff.
  11. Great write up Doc! Thanks for taking the time to post such information. Yet another thread hijacked. Again!
  12. Well done! Hope you find many more.
  13. Happy Birthday Matt

    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!
  14. 24 hour Gold

    Again, a lot of hard work and good prospecting. You deserve it for all the time and effort you put into prospecting. I appreciate you sharing your pictures.
  15. 24 hour Gold

    Very impressive. The gold and he placering.