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  1. Weekend gold run

    Well done! A palm full of nuggets is a great weekend!
  2. Tommy Knocker

    Never seen anything like that before. Interesting and spooky. I wouldn't go anywhere near it!
  3. Got to Get Out

    I have always directed people interested in purchasing a metal detector to read the forums and decide for themselves. Hobby's are supposed to be fun. Some people spend a lot of money on hobby related stuff and some don't. Some have a natural ability and some don't. Enjoy yourself. Those willing to spend the time researching and pounding the ground can reap the big rewards.
  4. Nugget Shooter Fall Outing

    I REALLY need to make it one of these years. Maybe this will be the year!!!
  5. Newish Article...

    Very enjoyable to read this over a cup of coffee. Hope you can get in and find the rest of the stash!
  6. A "Just Because" Guessing Contest!

  7. 4500 or 5000 ?

    I found a LOT of gold with the 4500, way more than the 5000 but my kids have taken more of my time since I got the 5000 and I hardly get out anymore. My 4500 had a more erratic and unstable threshold, but if you use it a lot and get to know it, it will sing to you! You get used to the unstable threshold. I had one of the first 4500's and always wondered if it was supposed to be like that, but dang I was finding a lot of gold. The 5000 found a piece of gold in a spot that had been hammered by me with the 4500 many, many, many times. I found the piece with the same coil I used in the 4500. A 14" elliptical Coiltek. As you know many things can factor into why you hear a target now and didn't before, but I am 100% sure I found a target with the 5000 and the 4500 missed it. It was a 2+ ounce piece of leaf gold that I wrote about in the ICMJ several years back. I didn't find a bunch of gold with the 5000 that I missed with the 4500 in patches I worked except the big nugget. If I had a choice, it would be the 5000 because it is more stable, but if you have a chance to get a steal on a 4500 take it.
  8. Happy Birthday AU Seeker

    Hope you have a great Birthday Skip! Thanks for all you do with this forum!
  9. Hey Wes, Happy Birthday buddy! Hope you are out there picking up some big chunks of gold!
  10. If the stream was narrow enough, you could divert all the flow and associated gravels into large sluice box. It would also allow you to have several different types of riffles or stages in the sluice box and clean up would probably be easier.
  11. Hard rock gold

    Well done! Hope you can get back in and take down the tailing piles. Check every rock with the detector!!!! Congrats on a great day with your family!
  12. New prospecting tool....

    Cool idea Rick!
  13. New prospecting tool....

    Nice score for $2k. Doesn't look like it will take too much to have it on the water this summer. Lots of lakes to explore in the motherload and not to mention the delta.