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  1. Well done! Hope you find many more.
  2. Happy Birthday Matt

    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!
  3. 24 hour Gold

    Again, a lot of hard work and good prospecting. You deserve it for all the time and effort you put into prospecting. I appreciate you sharing your pictures.
  4. 24 hour Gold

    Very impressive. The gold and he placering.
  5. Some Recent Gold

    Nice gold fellas. Hard work is the name of the game for you guys. Thanks for sharing your finds.
  6. That looks delicious! How about posting the recipe and secret details of the cook? I too have never been able to get a brisket right.
  7. Arizona Gold Tour

    Well done!
  8. Weekend gold run

    Well done! A palm full of nuggets is a great weekend!
  9. Tommy Knocker

    Never seen anything like that before. Interesting and spooky. I wouldn't go anywhere near it!
  10. Got to Get Out

    I have always directed people interested in purchasing a metal detector to read the forums and decide for themselves. Hobby's are supposed to be fun. Some people spend a lot of money on hobby related stuff and some don't. Some have a natural ability and some don't. Enjoy yourself. Those willing to spend the time researching and pounding the ground can reap the big rewards.
  11. Nugget Shooter Fall Outing

    I REALLY need to make it one of these years. Maybe this will be the year!!!
  12. Newish Article...

    Very enjoyable to read this over a cup of coffee. Hope you can get in and find the rest of the stash!
  13. A "Just Because" Guessing Contest!