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  1. Great find and persistence doc!!! Nugget rewarded !! Congrats... Dave
  2. Some Recent Gold

    Adam n Boulder... killin it again....Love that yeller stuff congrats guys Dave
  3. I took this picture 4 days ago. Does anyone know the story on this gravesite next to the dirt road in the San Domingo area??? Thanks.... Dave
  4. Found a nice specie.

    Chris great find, Ive got some good HF acid, .... comon over...... Congrats... Dave
  5. 1 ounce...

    Very nice finds Bill....ooops just saw old thread, but nice Anyways
  6. Meteorite Website

    Great info, thanks Strap....
  7. Scored a nice specie...

    Nice nugget Adam..... keep em comin !!
  8. Sunday's Hunt Detecting

    Thanks everyone.... Chris, that gold does give some choppy signal on the 7000. I did have clay hits on the 5000 a few years back, the mineralization of the clay gives the detector almost like a mellow zip, not quite as good as a nugget, but can still make you think you got something, I guess we learn the hard way with 5 foot craters in the ground.... Dave
  9. Got out last Sunday in this wonderful weather we've been having lately, with my buddy Chris. We decided to hunt a new spot, as the old spots were petering out faster than the 5th hour of a Viagra. But this new spot I think is gonna be hour 1..... Enclosing a pic.... Mucho Oro for Everyone.... Dave
  10. Thanks, Dave, maybe the next time I'm out in the field I will bump into you again. I need to find some more of that meteorite that I found the last time I saw you guys!

  11. KLM Files

    Rick, One way I know is: 1. Go to Search the Mineral Resources Data System , click on link, or go to https://mrdata.usgs.gov/mrds/find-mrds.php 2. Select your state from the list provided 3. Select 'gold' from the commodity list 4. Select Operation Type dropdown, Surface, Underground, Placer, ect. 5. Click on the 'search' button, The search will not show more than 10000 records. Enter only what you know, leave the other fields blank. At this point the search will occur and return a list of placer, Surface, or Underground Gold in the state. More importantly the screen will display a selection box that says, 'Choose Format'. Select Dropdown like google earth, and ‘Get Data’. Dave
  12. Rye Patch Cold (25)

    Hope you find some good finds....good luck... Dave
  13. Hey everyone, A buddy of mine Leo Aranza called and asked me he has a a 73 year old Japanese friend Mel who has a minelab detector, who just got it from Doc, and wanted to learn it and find some gold. I took him out to Gold Basin, made sure he was all setup and let him loose. I tell you what, when I am 73 , I hope I can climb hills and still detect like him. Leo is a very good coin/ relic hunter, that been detecting 30 years, and is just starting on gold. We all scored something. Leo ended up with over 200 grams of meteorites, Mel the older gentleman ended up getting a nice little meteorite, and a small 2 gram gold nugget. It was great to see someone get a nugget for the first time. I ended up with almost an ounce of nuggets, it was .77 ounces. and as a bonus got a 586 gram meteorite. Until next time, mucho oro for everyone....
  14. Franconia

    There is another crossing that is easier to get across, take a look on google earth and you will see, its about 1.5 miles West of the Franconia exit rd. Dave
  15. A monster sucking day

    looks like a nice day, with some gold..... thanks for sharing...