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  1. Mohave Mountains Meteorite Hunt

    Nice Franconia find Eric....congrats. Hope your arm isnt to sore... Dave
  2. Got out for a nice day hunt, to the Mohave Mountains Strewn Field, just south of Franconia. I ended up getting a little over 14 grams. These L6 meteorites found by Myke Steighler, still have a nice dark fusion crust, as this fall is not very old. It was nice seeing Jason (Jayray), Eric (Strapped), and Twink even showed up for a little while. Dave.
  3. AZ Meteorite Sells For $237,500

    They are actively searching, as shown in the auction these irons are big money.... but they are using drones now with thermal imaging to see the irons underground at night time, after the sun has heated them up all day. If you dig more into the historical archives of Barringer crater, there are other spots than the usual strewn field maps that large irons have been found pretty far out from the crater. And remember photography, and game hunting is still allowed out there on state lands.
  4. Very nice congrats on a good find, thanks for sharing your story Andy... Dave
  5. Bolide Over Yucca Valley?

    I believe Richards allsky cam got it from Riverside, Ca, and not sure if Robby Hoover allsky cam got it in Yucca Valley. My allsky cam in Las Vegas did not c apture, but my archive did capture it, just a small portion of it. All our meteorite captures for the allsky cameras are downloaded to : http://goskysentinel.com/clusters
  6. Thanks for Sharing Ron.... good informational video. Dave
  7. Hey Land Ops, It' been hunted by several meteorite hunters..... but there is another claim nearby.. Hope you find something... Great video by the way. Dave
  8. New Spot -- New Nuggs

    Very nice gold congrats...
  9. Weekend Exploration ....Pays Off

    I see some heavyweight modern technology at the bottom of the photo ..... great gold, thanks for sharing... Dave
  10. Got a few from the basin!

    Hey cowkiller, Nice going, congrats !!! You need to change the name to RiteKiller !!! Dave
  11. Sunday Gold

    Very nice...congrats...
  12. Today's trip with the Toms.

    Dude !!! Your reading the wrong book, I read "prospecting for dummies" now I know everything there is about prospecting.... Im now finding more trash ....
  13. 16 to 1 wash

    Cool Finds Tom... love the copper rock color, a little never dull, and shell shine right up, Dave

    Merry Christmas to All, and to All a pocket of Gold !!! Dave
  15. GPZ Observations

    Bill and others, I did the same, I ended up putting my camelback backpack on top of the minelab harness, to have the support for the detector, and the water and toilet paper for me . Dave