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  1. DolanDave

    Yelland Dry Lake, June 23, 2018

    Nice Finds Mike.... Yelland is always fun. Nice pics.
  2. DolanDave

    Gotta love those bees!

    You have a long way to catch up to Terry... .... nice gold. Dave
  3. Hey Land ops, you got a fat wheeled dirt bike up there, as there was tracks everywhere, were you able to get permission to go into wilderness with that vehicle, also found a small vhf antenna... nice video Dave
  4. DolanDave

    1.7 oz Nevada Nugget!!

    Terry, Congrats on the nice "Nevada" nugget.. Dave
  5. I am selling a Minelab GPZ 19" Coil. Aftermarket coil cover is on it, and comes with stock coil cover also as shown in pictures. $1,000 Free shipping within the U.S. only. Message, Text, or call 702-544-0575  Dave
  6. DolanDave

    Got 4 lost one.....

    Good you brought home the majority of them, and didnt loose all of them...Nice little ones Bill, always good to get out of the house a little... Dave
  7. DolanDave


    Garimpo, you might want to get it classified, then put it up for auction like Christie's, which does meteorite auctions every now and then, you would get a pretty penny for it. Also maybe contact a meteorite dealer and see if they can sell it for you. Dave
  8. DolanDave

    Lida Palmetto Tule Canyon Nevada area Finds

    Yea I agree a lot different area Chris than the norm.... Great trip out there with ya !! You really need to step up your game and bring home one of those baby dinosaurs .. Hehe...
  9. DolanDave


    Thanks Ron, Eric was the first to find some out there with his meteorite detecting eyes, Richard Garcia (kgmrg), also found some excellent pieces. You can use a detector, but with no discrimination. As soon as you turn on discrimination, it blanks the meteorites out. Since being next to railroad tracks, there is junk everywhere out there. Easiest is to hunt by sight, and magnet stick. Dave
  10. DolanDave

    Lida Palmetto Tule Canyon Nevada area Finds

    Thanks Ron, There are places there that have deep gold. The last GPAA magazine had an article called the shadow nugget, a guy found a nice 5 ounce nugget from the same area detecting, the picture was on front cover I believe. Also LDMA has a claim in the area called the high divide I believe. Dave
  11. DolanDave

    GPZ7000 Strikes Again

    Great find Micro, love the pic... Dave
  12. " A LIZARD IN THE HAND IS WORTH TWO IN THE BUSH " , Well at least it was yesterday. Got out with my buddy Chris, and we have always wanted to do a hunt in the Lida, Palmetto, Tule Canyon area of Nevada, not to far from Goldfield. The gold is pretty neat in this area, almost transitioning to that chevron gold, just not quite there yet.... ended up scoring 2 nice little gold nuggets. This area was placer mined before the 1849 California gold rush. Being up in elevation, close to 7000 feet gave us a break from the 100+ temps in the lower valleys. This little guy didnt know it at the time, but he was adopted, and was an addition to the family in the backyard at home keeps down my roach and spider population.... Dave
  13. DolanDave


    Mike, you forgot these, 168 grams.... some old railroad items, a 1907 barber dime 😛... Was great hunting with good friends, Richard and Eric. Dave
  14. Read a pretty good article on Shawn Ryan Prospecting Article here