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  1. Rye Patch Cold (25)

    Hope you find some good finds....good luck... Dave
  2. Hey everyone, A buddy of mine Leo Aranza called and asked me he has a a 73 year old Japanese friend Mel who has a minelab detector, who just got it from Doc, and wanted to learn it and find some gold. I took him out to Gold Basin, made sure he was all setup and let him loose. I tell you what, when I am 73 , I hope I can climb hills and still detect like him. Leo is a very good coin/ relic hunter, that been detecting 30 years, and is just starting on gold. We all scored something. Leo ended up with over 200 grams of meteorites, Mel the older gentleman ended up getting a nice little meteorite, and a small 2 gram gold nugget. It was great to see someone get a nugget for the first time. I ended up with almost an ounce of nuggets, it was .77 ounces. and as a bonus got a 586 gram meteorite. Until next time, mucho oro for everyone....
  3. Franconia

    There is another crossing that is easier to get across, take a look on google earth and you will see, its about 1.5 miles West of the Franconia exit rd. Dave
  4. A monster sucking day

    looks like a nice day, with some gold..... thanks for sharing...
  5. 10 Million Acre Mineral Withdrawal

    Happy to hear any news on lands coming back to the people !!!
  6. GPX 4500

    Mono. I never used a DD, unless your under power lines, or really heavy mineralized area, which drove the mono crazy.
  7. GPX 4500

    Rick, sensitive extra is best for the basin and Franconia....hope you get some good ones... Dave
  8. Finally joined the 1oz+ club

    Very nice Chris !!! The gold gods are upon you !!!! Keep em coming. Dave
  9. Finally finished bathing my ironstone/ quartz nuggets in a Hydrofluoric Bath. A lot of pieces of small flake gold was breaking off from quartz, so I had to get them out early. Also ran into a dead big horn goat, on my last hunt ... Dave
  10. Meteorite?

    Black rock matters
  11. Cañón del Tesoro

    Man, I hope you guys have a place to keep the beer cold !!!! Love the chunky pieces, keep em coming guys !!! Dave
  12. Just saw this on TV.... https://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/california-s-new-gold-rush-draws-adventurers-to-golden-state-1053576771520
  13. Half gram today :)

    Nice nugget, perfect weather, doesn't get any better !!! Congrats. Dave
  14. SDC 2300

    Hi Rick, The sdc 2300 at Gold Basin does not sound off to good as most of the meteorites are a L4 in classification. But the sdc 2300 does excellent at Franconia, as that is classified as a H5. You can get a nice Minelab GPX for around the same price as a sdc 2300, and it does excellent at Gold Basin, and goes deeper than the sdc 2300.... Dave
  15. Equinox.....

    Would love to see the comparison to the Equinox 800 to the Gold Monster 1000, they both operate in the 40khz frequency... Dave.