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  1. Gpz7000, A Look Inside

    All of the older minelab units, minelab would spray paint the boards white, so no one could reverse engineer them. But I guess now since it's all microprocessor, they are not worried about it anymore. Thanks for showing video Jen... Dave
  2. Gold Bug Upgrades = Gold

    Nice shiny piece Adam...Dave
  3. Free Gold Basin and King Tut Garmin Topo

    Hey you guys, wow !!!! you pulled up some long ago stuff !!! Dont do those links, they no longer work. No sorry dont have the maps either.... But the best maps with land ownership info for the garmin is the onxmaps.com site. They cost money, but will cover the whole state you want. And best of all it tells if your on BLM, forest service, park service, private property lands... Dave
  4. Gold Basin Gold Specimens

    Thanks everyone !!! Hey Jen, I have used Muriatic before and just didnt have the same results.... :( , wish there was something more safe to use, but nothing compares , at least in my book to HF acid.... NEwbies... heck your an ol timer now , at least in my book, with some of the nice nuggets you have been getting.... Theres a lot more out there, just need more time , hehe... Dave
  5. Got out to Gold Basin recently, and did a morning hunt before the heat to try n get rid of some of the Summer gold addiction. A lot of water from the storms have exposed some nice washes, and I Ended up with a little over 16 grams of Specimen gold with ironstone..... ( Anyone have some Hydrofluoric Acid I could buy ???? ) I dont get to much of this ironstone mixed in with gold out there, mostly quartz, but hit a nice little patch of it. 2 meteorites to the right of the penny. The bees out in Gold Basin are out in full effect landing on you, wanting water, thirsty little guys. Sometimes I place a gold pan out with water, and when I come back from detecting, the whole pan is usually full of bees drinking. Stay Cool out there.....
  6. Shep's Birthday Today

    Happy Birfday Shep !!!! Dave
  7. Google Earth Issues!

    Ron, Good to hear its working again for you... remember to regularly back up your google earth waypoints, ect to your email, memory card, ect... as I learned the hard way, once when my pc crashed, and I lost all my saved spots.... Also whats neat about google earth is you can download different overlays, such as topo's, surface ownership overlays, Fault lines, and its even neat to see different aerial overlays such as from bing, as they have different shading/ colors which allow you to see mines/ tailings that the colors in google earth will not show up on... Also setup a starting location for google earth, so when you first open google earth, it will zoom in to that location right away, just click view at top, and click on make this my start location. Just some tips to make it easier I hope... Dave.
  8. No Skunky Monkey at Rye Patch

    I think minelab just came out with an update for the 7000, on ground smoothing, and also a semi auto ground balance, it's called gpz 7000 software update 2, released Jul. 3, 2017
  9. For Sale: Garmin Rino 650 GPS Radio $300

    P.S. I also forgot, I have one topo software with it, Hunt Rockies south topo maps from onxmaps, which is worth $100 http://www.blackovis.com/hunting-gps-maps-hunt-rockies-south-for-garmin Its a software download, from the website. I have the code to download if you purchased the gps from me, to use with Garmin Basecamp. Thanks, Dave
  10. For Sale: Garmin Rino 650 GPS Radio $300

    Chris- The garmin rino radio is compatible with the frs/ gmrs radios Rick- Sorry lookin for cash
  11. Selling my Garmin Rino 650 GPS and Radio. Works Great, comes with what is in pictures, plug in charger, cigarette lighter charger, and usb cable. Free Shipping within the U.S. $300 . You can text or call me 702-544-0575 , or message me on forum.
  12. Latest Video, sort of...

    Nice Video Jason... Thanks for sharing.
  13. 302 Buckets !! Canyon of Gold !!

    Nice gold.... congrats you guys... Dave
  14. More ugly species

    Great finds, nothing beats family, gold, outdoors...congrats.. Dave
  15. Stewart Valley

    Thanks Eric, Very nice to meet you in person, see old faces, and meet new ones. That long thin piece you found is awesome looking, nice crust on it, congrats on good pieces found. Dave