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    Around 2:30 pm today, the rocks were to hot to pick up and look at them, and the shafts on my Minelab and Gold Bug II were to hot to carry any longer. A cow and I were standing way down in a ravine surrounded by hot sand and abundant radiant heat. The cow wanted some shade, and I agreed with her. I wondered what I was doing here as sweat beaded down my face into my sunglasses. I realized that meteorite hunting was not as easy as it looks, but I continued on. Finally scratched out two tiny pieces of gold with the Fisher before calling it quits.
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    Really shortened the story up, but by chance, I happened to stumble on this page. The nugget looked familier, the detector was the same, the name matched, and it took me about 15 seconds to connect the dots and realize it was MY NUGGET! Minelab didnt tell me they published it, but I thought it was really super cool!!
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    WOW Wyoprospector.... Number one it is NOT the detector that finds the gold, YOU DO! I find gold more often than not when I go out and it is due to researching for hours and then putting boots on the ground and I can do it with any good gold detector made though I do have certain models I prefer. Yes I can also find nuggets on club claims and all around them, copper producing areas are some of my favorites in AZ for locating stringer vein deposits the Copper Mine owners could care less about as it was not profitable at the time, ie: Copper Basin and other places.The problem is indeed that you are not doing it right when it comes to researching and getting into producing areas, simple as that Sorry and not trying to be mean or anything and I was told the same thing many many years back by good friend Jim Straight. I was whining that the gold was gone and I was finding everything but gold including small lead etc. when I met him in NV in the early 1990's and his response was "you are not doing it right" So I learned how to do it right with his advice and books and the advice and wisdom of others in the nugget hunting game and learned to find gold myself. I have found THOUSANDS of gold nuggets since that day and still find them on a regular basis today. You simply need to redirect your efforts and quit believing it is impossible to find 397 nuggets in one area, I have in some spots that have produced more than that over the years of returning to re-hunt them and know many others that will agree with me here as they have done the same. Calling it BS just because you have not done similar is just wrong and I learned that long ago, if not successful when hunting usually it is the hunter that needs to fine tune the search to gain an edge. We make an effort to teach and help others learn to do what it takes to find nuggets regularly and many I have seen come and go both successful and not. It is up to YOU to make it happen and get yourself over gold, then the detector is important, but not before.... Good Hunting
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    I have been detecting a year and have found 19 little nuggets..Im sorry to hear of your frustration as I have been there myself. I have learned mindset is also key..if you think you will never find gold well then that usually will be the outcome. Patience and listening is a must...and believe me I do not always listen myself. I say never give up because there is gold in them hills and I intend to find more. I hope things will change for you...Happy Hunting😊
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    Yeah, where do I start? Maybe you should just give up? Five years is a long time to not find any gold. Ask my friend AzMark. He is still searching though. Changing detectors so often that you can't remember them all is something. You have to learn your detector. If you're always changing then it's even more difficult to learn. Plus, I venture to say that many of those detectors may have not been suited for the task. Get a good quality gold only detector and learn to find small bits of oxidized lead. If you can do that, then it's just a matter of getting the coil over the gold. Which is still very difficult. Not everyone has the capacity for it. Sorry to say. Not all GPAA claims have detectable gold. Spending some time at one claim instead of a bunch of claims is probably a better way to go. Of course there has to be detectable gold on that claim. Making some friends at the local chapter could help to get you on the right kind of ground. Hunt around the places where the other prospectors are digging and make sure you detect in the bottom of the holes they leave behind. I've scored several nuggets this way and I always get excited when I walk up on a freshly dug hole. The idea of 'getting rich' while hunting for gold with a metal detector is a joke. When you let go of the idea of trying to make money and just do it for fun then the pressure to succeed is reduced and the other aspects of the activity become more apparent. Some people have done well, but most just find enough to keep the interest going. When I find a nugget or two, it rarely even covers the cost of the gas to get there, and that's if I even planned to sell the gold in the first place. With regards to the finding of the trash. Keep in mind that trash is usually the closest to the surface and the larger bits often sound the loudest. Once you get past the trash, there might still be fainter target signals that are not recognized because you just had your ears blown off by that .22 caliber bullet. Furthermore, on my very first post to this forum, Adam gave some good advice that I still think about today. He said: "Gold is the element that is the most difficult for a detector to hear". It's true. When you're frustrated from digging up trash target after trash target then it becomes even more difficult to continue to focus and really listen for a brief, faint target signal. Finding gold on a club claim is very difficult. For the most part they are public places and who knows how many people were there before you. It may sound unbelievable, but most of the gold I've found was on club claims. Places, I was told, that had been hammered to death and I was wasting my time. Well.... I've got that 397 number beat. And no, it didn't happen all in one day. There have been many 5-10 nugget days and there will be more if I persist. Also keep in mind that most of those nuggets were .2g or less. People of the past with older technology were finding the bigger, 'easier' nuggets. ( No disrespect to the 'Founding Fathers' ) If you're hunting ground that's been hunted for years, you have to focus on finding the small stuff and there's some technique to it, as well as having the right detector. There is so much more that can be said and I assume someone else will fill in what I may have left out. Good luck. Luke
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    Try swinging with the other hand. The one you're using isn't working. Good luck have a better attitude.
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    The purpose of this post is to share a summary of an oldtimer's concept of pocket mining first published in 1893 in the Mining And Scientific Press and then revisited in 2013 on a Canadian Gold Forum. As editor of the Treasure News, a monthly magazine-style newsletter of the Prospectors Club of Southern California, I included a cover article in the February 2018 issue of the T News that focussed on pocket mining as it was understood by the old-timers of the 19th century intertwined with references to my own discovery of such a pocket with a metal detector. Bill Southern invited me to include the pertinent portions (see post entitled Newcomers Beware elsewhere in this sub-forum). Technical digital difficulties were encountered attempting to reproduce the following attached pages due probably to my lack of IT skills, but it should be readable nonetheless despite the page numbers and photos not flowing exactly as in the original published version. Pocket Mining Segment PDF.pdf
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    After years of regular placer mining, both dredging and hard core commercial mining, during which I found many pounds of gold, I bought a Gold Bug 2 in 1994 ... After that it was 6+ years of not finding gold with a detector...I could very successfully pan, crevice snipe, sluice, trommel, etc., but I couldn't find anything but junk with my detector ... Finally, I was out at LSD just after moving to AZ from far Northern CA and I hit on a 2+ pennyweight beautimus slug ... Immediately after that the flood gates opened and I started finding gold darn near everytime I went out ... What was the difference? ATTITUDE! I reached a point when I first started detecting where I did not believe I could detect gold so I couldn't... As most folks discover, you can only do what you believe you can do...Change your attitude and change your latitude... If you have not done so ( or even if you have) get together with an experienced and successful detector prospector and pay attention...Here's a picture of my first detected nugget and just a few that I detected after I figured out I had to believe in my self... Cheers, Unc
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    Went out to a wash today that I had not visited for at least two or three years,.. or so. As I recall back when I had been down the wash it was heavily covered with overburden at least a couple of feet deep. At that time there were a few (very few) spots of exposed bedrock at the surface of the wash, but nothing really worth (my time) getting excited about. So, I didn't spend much time there, and found nothing (back then). It was a whole different story today, as we had had some very good monsoon rains this year. I found that the monsoon rains, along with their torrential flooding had literally removed from 2 ft. to around 3 ft. ( in some areas) of overburden from the wash, which exposed some very good looking bedrock to detect. I find that it's most-always a good idea to recheck washes with some exposed bedrock after a very good monsoon season. Notice the picture(s) of the approx. 4"-round (river run) rock lodged on a shelf of vertical-solid-bedrock-bank( which is almost 3 ft. above the present wash level). I didn't put it there guys..Honest...That flooding-water must have been just ripping down this wash. Although I did find a number of trash targets(as usual), I did manage to walk away with two nuggets having a total weight of: .39 of-a-gram. And I'd say that it is a do-again-wash. Gary
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    A mutual friend took me to look at MicroNuggets find last year. The area is exactly as he has described it. Although now it is incredibly torn up by lots of people, mostly a group of folks pretty well-known in that area for claim jumping or just plain taking over ground others were working. It was in the soil matrix he described and the area was surprisingly small, not at all rare for patches, but really impressive that they found it nevertheless, it was not an area that one would think of looking in. This next (opinion),is not a lecture or a holier than thou paragraph and hopefully it will be received in the way it is ment. We all know the desert does not give away its secrets. Neither does any gold location in the mountains or the rivers either. They have to be divined. Sometimes through sheer perseverance and dogged belief we swing a pick or our detector over something valuable and think since we found a little something we know what's going on . However most times we are quickly reminded it's really not that easy. I would also be willing to bet that most of us here are addicted - but not to what seems obvious, the gold. I think what we are actually addicted to is the search. Good luck and happy hunting. (di·vine2 dəˈvīn/ verb past tense: divined; past participle: divined discover (something) by guesswork or intuition. "his brother usually divined his ulterior motives" synonyms: guess, surmise, conjecture, deduce, infer; More have supernatural or magical insight into (future events). "frauds who claimed to divine the future in chickens' entrails" synonyms: foretell, predict, prophesy, forecast, foresee, prognosticate "they divined that this was an auspicious day"
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    I took my Equinox out for a walk today, did pretty good, well for me anyway...found an interesting earing and an old ring, might be silver....a few coins and other junk(treasures)
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    Dude , I gave up looking for gold a long time ago......I look for meteorites now.
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    Well that's a Hell-of-a-way to start your "Very-First-post" on this forum, after obviously-learking on it (on and off) for 5-years and not even saying a word in the interum???? I would think that at some time during that 5 year period you might have taken the initiative to maybe???... asking for help; request some assistance; or try to "communicate" with any number of us on this forum who have had, and still- continue-to-have Success in our searce for Gold. If you had, and if you would have taken the advice-of and utilized all the "very-valuable" recommendations from others (and maybe myself) you most likely would not at this point in time be complaining about all the time you have spent Obviously doing the Wrong thing(s) in your persuit of gold. And your title is a "Gem" too,......"Newcomers beware" ??? What are you, the self-proclaimed metal detecting gloom and doom-dude with an intent to Warn all newcomers of a "similar" fate if they should also go down the same path as you???? Or maybe that was your way of getting attention, conveying your frustration, and in a warped-way asking for Help?????? !!! I, for one can attest to the fact that it took me a little over a year to find my very first nugget, and what changed and added to my success was that I changed my attitude (from woe-is-me) to: "come hell or high water I am going to find that first nugget...."Period!!!!" What also added to that confidence was that I started utilizing all of the recommendations from those (on this and other forums) who where successful in the field. One such mentor for me was Bob Danzie (spelling??) who was referred to as "Montana." There also is still gold to be found on GPAA and Roadrunner claims, but now you have to be Smarter when trying to figure out just where it is hidden. The days of "easy-finding" gold are gone. Now you have to do your Homework and research. I would suggest that you get off your infatuation with gold-numbers,....granted I have never found a patch containing 300-or-so nuggets in it, but I can say that I have found more-than-one patch that had 50-60-70 nuggets in them. Your number and Goal should be "ONE",.. That One-First-Nugget that will not only leed you to many, many more, but finally give you that Confidence that you need to keep that fire burning within you, which we refer to as Gold Fever. Oh, and I like this statement too: "In fact I would like to challenge any story teller out there to meet me at a GPAA claim of my choosing (to avoid salting)" ????? You don't even know any of us, and you are accusing all of us on this forum of Not being Upright, Not being honest, Not being Fair, Not being Helpful;.... so none of our recommendations are of any worth to you ..................Dude, you need an Attitude Adjustment, because yours "SUCKS!!!"
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    From what I can find, "Grand Encampment" Wyoming is the site of a big copper-gold polymetallic mine on the Wyoming /Colorado border. It does have a production record for placer gold in three separate districts in that area. I hunt a very similar area. If you are on the wrong side of the hill or even the wrong side of a certain tree you are going to find nothing. My bet is that the specific placer areas around Grand Encampment are isolated gulch placers and could be very rich in certain areas. The key phrase here being "certain areas". There is a guy on this forum named Clay. He is an incredible resource for gold info. Not only is a research guru but he looks smashing in a pair of Wranglers. Summon him and ask him about Grand Encampment. If he does not know about it he will go out and learn about it just to tell you about it. There is a whole lot of experience here Wyoprospector. If you take advantage of that it might help you outta this slump. Bob
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    Well, all i can say is have patience. I myself have witnessed people being on a virgin patch and pulling out 100+ nuggets in a day. Didnt happen to me, but i have definitely found my fair share. There are guys and gals on here that are still searching for that first nugget and there are guys and gals that absolutely kill it with a detector. Hope your luck changes.
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    First off let me say, although I'm definitely not trying to hoodwink anyone by re-posting this nugget, the 5.3 gr nugget shown in both photos (for comparison), is the same 5.3 Wyoming nugget I posted before. But this time, (in photo#1), it's the bottom view, which, in effect is the other part of the nugget that wasn't visible before. I decided to re-post it simply as an excuse to finish a very funny part of the story which was not included in the original post. After I had dug the nugget out of the tailing pile and placed it in a bandana (which I carried in my front pocket), I walked up an intersecting canyon on the way back to my vehicle, carrying my detector and digging tools. Snugged down into my right hip pocket was my traveling companion, a S&W snubby Mod 642 hammerless/stainless .38 Special revolver. A short distance later, I encountered a young man in his mid 20's up to his elbows digging into the side of a creek bank with a long handled garden shovel. His 5 gal bucket was full of dirt that he said he planned to take home and pan out. The man's attractive young wife was sitting in the driver's seat of a pick up truck looking out the window at him, while his two kids, a boy and girl about 9 and 10 years of age stood in the bed of the truck watching the family dog run around in circles, barking and chasing its tail. The wife greeted me cordially and I said hello, then stood watching the man remove the last shovelful of dirt from the hole in the bank. She offered me a Pepsi from their cooler which I gratefully accepted and thanked her for. Then I turned back to chat with her husband. He was staring at my detector and asked if I had found anything. I pulled out the bandana and dropped the nugget into his hand for him to look at. He said, "Wow" and glanced down at the exposed grips of the .38 revolver in my hip pocket then said, "You would probably shoot me in the back if I took off running with your nugget, huh?" I smiled politely at him and replied sincerely " No sir, not necessarily, but I just might run off with your wife, your truck, your 2 kids and your dog!" His wife was grinning down at us now, waiting to see what her husband's reaction would be. The man considered it for a long moment then handed the nugget back to me, which I returned to my pocket. Suddenly, he slammed the shovel to the ground and shouted up at his wife, " Damit! This is bulls$it! I told you I needed a metal detector!" She shouted right back at him, "You had your choice between a detector and a 30.06 and you chose the 30.06!! He griped back at her for a bit, then calmed down and offered to buy the nugget from me. He said "I know that's over an ounce and I will pay you $400.00 cash for it" (Gold was $350.00 per oz then) By that time, I was laughing so hard I just told the man, sir, it's not even close to an oz, I do appreciate the offer, but I really don't want to sell it. Thank you anyway! I thanked the lady again for the Pepsi, said goodbye to the kids, petted the dog, and left the man mumbling to himself about how he was sure it was over an ounce, and grumbling at his wife because she didn't let him have a detector.
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    For gold nuggets.....Nothing better than a MINELAB....
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    He has a point though. The San Domingo placer area has very little to NO gold left....😉😉 Just a lot of trash and cactus. 😉 So, y’all may as well give up all your claims and forget you ever went there. I’ll just go out there to camp. 😉😉
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    Just no talking to this feller because HE can't find it..... Got to remove that road block in his thinking first. He didn't find gold at San Domingo District in the spots he figured it would be soooooo there is none. I am thinking we may have a Troll my friends. Just wants to call us all full of dem beans No matter how politely we tell him he needs some learning, learning that dozens here are willing to share. Geeeeeze
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    Wow Bill! I didn't know you could type so good! I have not found a nugget in about 4 months. Think im going to take up basket weaving or knot tying. Tom H.
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    I agree, finding 397 nuggets at one site IS ridiculous. I felt the same way when I found 140 in 6 hours in a spot approximately 36" X 18" X 18" deep.
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    Snow Flakes don't last vey long in the desert.
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    I thought I was the only one who gets royally pissed off. I am still searching. It's only a matter of time though. I KNOW this because I I've seen it done time and time again. I fortunately have a lot of great advice from the forum and an incredible teacher... LukeJ. Believe me when I say I've put my headphones back together a few times. I get that. Don't speak for anyone else here but I fully believe its attitude. Bad one will always leave you empty handed. A good one, well, the ideas growing on me.
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    If you don't enjoy it then you should not be doing it! If you do enjoy it success does not really matter. And if you really enjoy it you will be successful. If you think nugget hunting is difficult you should try meteorite hunting as a hobby for a few years and then get back to us! Hang in there man!
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    Well said Luke. And so much more can be added. This is not a get rich quick hobby. Have people done it? Heck yes, but its very rare. Its the fun of it for me and my boys. If we find something, well thats a bonus on top of the family and friends time together.