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    Last Thursday I went out with a couple of friends for a day hunt. The first place we stopped they broke out their 7000s and I used the 800. This area had be raked extensively and I soon tired of that so I headed for the unraked areas. Just before we left I found a piece of quartz with a reading of 1. It was consistent and it was not magnetic but it was dusty and I couldn't see anything. When we made our next stop it was mostly to look at an old header and I washed it off with some tea. We had a loop handy and sure enough it is golden. How much I don't know yet because I haven't been able to find my fish scale to weigh it in water. I went out today and tried to find more but spent a day in the sun with no additional gold. The sensitivity was about 22 and everything else was default including the multi frequency. It was down about 4 inches. Mitchel
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    Found my 10th nugget today!😊
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    Read a pretty good article on Shawn Ryan Prospecting Article here
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    MOST hobby-oriented Clubs exist to provide persons with similar interests an opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals to share their hobby and/or to learn more about that hobby. Enthusiastic, wide-eyed newbies are enthralled by the accomplishments and status of successful "old timers." "Wow, I sure wish that I can grow tomatoes as good as yours. How do you do it?" says the beginning gardener to the expert. In like manner the newbie nugget hunter seeks to emulate the success of the veteran gold-finder. It's only natural. And, when the now-veteran gold hunters were themselves newbies, they did likewise. Don't say you didn't. None of us were instant experts the moment we picked up our first detector. But two problems arise when it comes to electronic prospecting: gold nuggets are a finite commodity, and known goldfields are quickly depleted, necessitating more research and/or prospecting. Which means that there are those who will innocently, or lazily, seek to exploit the efforts of others. And, since a nugget the size of a dime is worth more than a week's wage for 90% of the world's population, therefore self-interest stimulates the desire for instant success. Hence the frequently heard comment "Wow, Jim, great nuggets. Where did you find them?" Or, "I'd sure like to find nuggets like those. Next time you go out can you take me along?" Human nature is human nature. My point: enjoy the hobby, rejoice in the good times had, the gold found, the friends made, and try to forget about the self-seeking exploiters and the inevitable personality conflicts. Just my two grains worth. HAPPY Hunting. Jim
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    Staycation last week in celebration of wife's birthday. Spent the week working around the house some but mainly working on the gold claim and prospecting. While I eliminated my skunk by panning some dirt, the wife cleaned my clock by finding three nuggets in the space of an hour. She melded with her Gold Bug 2 and sniffed these small nuggets from the hillside. We both have many hours / days working this claim and for her to hit these three so quickly stopped me dead in my tracks. I was asking here to come hear signals I was getting on my GB 2 after that. Some times you just have everything working for you, she did that day.
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    Tammy me girl, no one I trying to rain on your sunshine. I agree that there are some in the gold business that leave a lot to be desired but thank heaven I don't think that is true here. Sometimes guys can come on a little stronger than some want but that's purely unintentional here. You are a little ray of that sunshine on this forum and don't take some things so serious. God knows that we all just want the best for you in finding gold and would never bash you. Come on and smile for me. Grandpa Old Tom
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    The dredge used in San Domingo was the Geraldine dryland dredge manufactured by Yuba Industries and delivered in 1961. She was named after the owner of United Placers Industries, the company who ordered the dredge from Yuba Industries. The Geraldine was also used on the lower LSD west of the highway after mining on the upper LSD. There is some evidence she might have been used on the Hanson placer (still being mined) and Malibu placer both just east of Hwy 60. The Geraldine was much bigger than the processing equipment shown in that picture. The picture doesn't show the actual dredge. If you have ever been on the lower LSD those 40 foot cliffs along the wash were a result of the Geraldine dredging. Obviously not something the pictured machine could have mined or processed. The Geraldine was BIG. Yuba industries is still manufacturing and rebuilding dredges when needed. Dredge 21 out of Marysville is retired now but Yuba Industries rebuilt Dredge 17 and is still actively dredging in California. About 7000 yards a day. They use it to test new mining equipment designs. I don't think there has been any point in California mining history when a dredge hasn't been operating on the major rivers since they were invented. Yuba Industries was the world leader in large dredge design and construction for nearly 100 years. The older dryland dragline dredges were moved either by powered or passive tracks. Newer dryland dredges are the "walking" design and and the "feet" are retracted while the dredge is mining. I've been trying to track down the Geraldine for years. Equipment of her size and quality doesn't just go away. I suspect a modified version of the original Geraldine is now working in White Oaks, New Mexico. The dragline/trommel they are using there looks big enough to be the Geraldine. It's hard to get a confirmation on that because private gold mining operations permitted as "sand and gravel" construction material mines aren't inclined to share their operating details with outsiders. If you have any doubt about that just try to get a statement from the Hanson "sand and gravel" operation at the mouth of San Domingo wash on Hwy 60. 😉
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    Oh boy, if I ever come across as a misogynist, please tell me so I can correct my behavior before my daughters hear about it. They'd kill me, or worse, check me into the pioneer home. It's nice to see Shooter and Shooterette enjoying a shared hobby -- not enough couples are so fortunate.
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    An interesting article on a form of prospecting we talk little about. I've been doing a bit of that type of prospecting myself. I came up with a real interesting idea in January, we've now got a bunch of claims staked, with more to come. A deal has been inked with a mining exploration company and soon we'll be prospecting with 40 foot diameter coils from 100 feet in the air. As stuff is still happening, I cant really talk about it with any specifics, but in maybe 6 months we should have everything taken care of and be able to talk. In time there should be an article in the ICMJ and I'll be able to talk about it here too.
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    Success is like pregnancy, everyone congratulates you but no one realizes how many times you got screwed to achieve it. Good read.
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    Ahh...its not worth it. Probably just wait for the next outing and throw them in the fire! That will liven thing up a bit? Tom H.
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    Great photo's guys. Clay I worked for a private"sand and gravel" plant that provided sand for the Az. C.A.P. project. a lot of the work was contracted out. I was operating heavy equipment for them feeding the plant or loading trucks. It was very successful operation but a lot of hard work getting permits and picking up and moving the whole plant from wash to wash as the project progressed toward phoenix. It was a pretty smooth operation except for those pesky nuggets that kept clogging up our power screens. just kidding about the nuggets, but there was a lot of byproduct in that sand and gravel. Im not saying the plant would be profitable as a stand alone operation for byproduct only but the sale of the sand and gravel more than covered the cost of the whole operation and we were loading trucks as fast as we could crank out the processed sand. AzNuggetBob
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    Yesterday while walking down a freshly laid limestone gravel trail I "eyeballed" what appeared to be an old clay marble :>) This limestone rock was hauled in from another location and is commonly used in this area for paving purposes. A bit further down the same trail I started noticing more clay marbles mixed in with the limestone of varying size and color?? I thought to myself at that point something is not adding up here? I'm thinking what I actually found were ceramic catalyst balls that were discarded around some chemical plant and that limestone was hauled here for paving purposes. Ha! Like I said...too good to be true!
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    A few notes, one it is good to see more gals active in the online community. Two, I’ve observed some very misogynistic behavior on this forum and other forums by a very small number of members. Again, it’s just an observation and to be perfectly clear, I don't believe that was the intention here towards Tammy. All that aside, in general, you’ve got to have thick skin to deal with the forum trolls. There are more than a few around. Trolls troll and dogs bark...woof...woof...big deal. So ladies if you’re out there lurking just know that you have a lot of supporters and that you are encouraged to post and be active. You will be supported.
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    Was never a WSPA member but can relate to the sentiment shared here and completely agree with Chris. That’s why I “signed off” of the internet for a few years and stopped helping new folks. It’s easier to keep hunting gold with a few close friends and forget the community. People like to focus on the good side of prospecting but there can be a lot of heartburn when you put yourself out there to help folks. As crappy as that might sound at least it’s real. No need to mention names but I’ve been burned trying to help newbies several times. People will promise to never return to an area you share with them without further invitation and they will break that promise. They will return by themselves and with others. This kind of stuff and what Chris described sours you. The best medicine is exactly what Chris said, move on. Now matter how sour you feel, go and find your peace. I found my peace and am a better and smarter man for the experience. No hard feelings, these are lessons I am actually glad to have learned. Kwah, you nailed it. Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions. Don’t expect much from people and they will never let you down. As far as censorship, censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it.
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    Dang it! 6 bucks is 6 bucks. Could have got a couple gallons of milk and a candy bar Thanks Bill. One day, when I'm skimming along the desert and enjoying the view from above...all this work will be worth it!
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    Boy , ain`t that the truth
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    Hi Fred. I'm still out west. Doing ok. #I'd crawl from Jungo all the way to Rye Patch -- maybe even Gold Basin -- for a bowl of your chile verde!
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    Thanks for that info Clay, I didn't have any details on that piece aside from what I already mentioned. Here's a few more... I like the old Willy's pickup in the background of the last pic.
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    Dave I gotta say, love your jigs. we use those eccentrics on sluice boxes with great success to hold down the expanded metal along the edges. Can't wait to see your bird finished. AzNuggetBob
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    Dang...that #4 road just keeps giving up the goodies...Found my first there, 2.5 DWT, just under 20 years ago...You and Dodie and Lou and I were hunting together that day! ...I still have that nugget, one of the few I have not sold .... It was my second AZ detected nugget... Cheers, Unc
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    A rib a day...keeps the doctor away!
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    Here are a few pics of a different dredge. This one is the Natoma #6. Another article I read about it said that it was the last working dredge in California. Operated near Folsom, CA through 1962. These pics were taken July, 1959.
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    I have nothing but good things to say about WSPA. I attended the last two Southern Arizona outings and I met some nice folks and found some nice little nuggets. The setting and steak cookout on the second day of the outing is hard to beat. I recommend the club to anyone who’s looking for an alternative to the big clubs like GPAA and Roadrunners. The WSPA outings were just about meeting up and detecting for gold. There’s no bingo, cake walks, karaoke etc. They don’t have a ton of claims but the ones they have are in good areas. I’ve seen some nice gold come out of the ones here and in California.
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    made it back out again this weekend, some more pieces the Equinox found, the small one is .04g, thought I would never find it as it keep moving in my dirt pile. (almost gave up)