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    Reading Luke’s story yesterday about his mods to the SDC batteries and seeing the gold he found after really brought back some great SDC memories for me. I’ve read quite a few positive posts about the SDC and also an equal number of critical posts about it, both here on Bill's forum and on other forums/sites. IMHO it's an outstanding detector and I often miss having an SDC in the detector arsenal. So, I’m sharing a couple of pics of some of the dinks, ouncers, and other sizes of nuggets that I found with my SDC. I was very fortunate to be able to travel with it across the USA. Enjoy Top pic. Two nice specimens, 1.89 ounces (left) and 2.75 ounces (right). Two sub 1/10th of a gram pieces below. An assortment of nuggets that the SDC talked out of the ground from various places.
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    Sir you have become very good at this and loving the chance to tag along here at the forum. Jim Straight said something to me once and it was " Bill, we got something we need to share, you know what i mean?" I waited.... "finding gold is a skill learned much by having a mentor". Yes I said and waited..... "I write books, you have the internet and teaching or helping others go where we have been feels good" I again said yes..... Jim has a passion for helping and taught me much over the years, I honestly owe some of my success to him and many of the other old timers at detecting Arizona, like Nugget Bob.... Hehehe I know some stories of his exploits in the old days and dang he got some gold. Was in one of the first prospecting with a detector videos I ever saw tearing into old timer hand stack piles. But back in the late 80's and early 90's there was little help anywhere for folks wishing to find gold with a "witching stick" I watch many come and go here, but many have started out with us, stayed, then made us jealous of their finding skills There is some serious skill here in a list to long to write.... I love this place. Anyway to know that in some small way I was an inspiration my friend is cool beans to me, thanks....
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    http://www.azgs.az.gov/minerals_gold.shtml http://repository.azgs.az.gov/sites/default/files/dlio/files/2010/u14/OFR_85_01.pdf Have fun.....
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    Nooooooooooooo.......... I don't have one yet, you folks having the first round are obligated to share.....
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    Got the machine today! Took 3-hours for the initial charge, and I'll be headed for the beach on Long Island tomorrow, to test it in the wet sand and surf. Pretty excited!
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    Hey all.... So I was able to sneak out and give my 'new souped up SDC' a run today. It's hard for me to imagine that changing the batteries could make the detector work better, but it seemed to be the case. I went to two separate spots that I've been skunked the last few times. I guess there was still a few left.... Luke
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    Hello All. I haven't posted in a while, but I like to wait and talk about the ones I find that have a story. This one is such a case. (If you don't like stories, just skip to the end) I was out with a friend looking for some new ground. After a little exploring, we stopped the truck and decided to do a walk-about. The objective was to explore the area for only an hour and meet back up at the truck to decide to keep exploring or move on. Basically, to see if we could find enough indicators worth our time. That was the plan anyways. So 35 minutes or so later, I am not seeing signs that other people found this area interesting (I subscribe strongly to Jim Straights Follow the Dry Washers), but there was nothing in this area. Very strange and discouraging. So now the devil is sitting on my shoulder's putting doubt in my head. There was also the fact that the washes were small but still had 3' minimum of overburden. No matter that the geology looked good. There was bloody red quartz with vuggs, iron stone, hot rocks. But for some reason I could not get motivated in an area when I didn't have proof others were interested. Alright, so on with the tale. Another 10 minutes later I'm on top of a ridge looking at the truck which is a dot in the distance. I yell out to my buddy because I wanted to leave, but he is in the zone a few hills over. In the meantime I am dreaming about a cold gatorade sitting in my truck and a box of cheap dollar store crackers that will drown out my cravings. The devil says Andyy, just walk the ridge, you'll be back in no time. (he did say Andyy by the way). But I had a plan and darn if I was going to stick to it. I had to test these washes and gullies. Down the side of the hill towards wash I go. I didn't get 15 feet down that hill when I got a screaming signal. Oh No ... it's got to be another hot rock. kick..kick..kick... still there and louder. Well shoot, I don't want waste my time digging another 22 shell! I've dug too darn many of those today. You're going to yell at me but I seriously turned away to leave it. And then I reminded myself of an earlier large find that I almost passed up and then didn't. Nope.. I am not going to leave until I know. So I knelt down and unearthed about a 1/4 oz slug of dirty hillside gold (as shown in the scoop) Well my mood changed, now. Me and my buddy scoured the area. I filled the gps grid on my GPZ and found nothing. So now I looked to the wash. Yes, it is deep but now I know there is larger gold here. That just changed the game. Down that wash I went maneuvering and kicking rocks. Sure as heck I eventually get a signal that trails off like a hot rock. I kick and it still sounds like a hot rock. I dig another 6 inches before I find that hot rock and there is another beautiful signal underneath it. A clearer sound. At about 16" I get nugget #2. Another roughly 1/4 oz. Stunned I just sat back and took a break to think about what might not have been. I came back again to this area with my other 2 friends I met on this trip. And not another piece of gold was found in these washes or the neighboring washes (not by GPZ or GPX5000). Only in the place I was at where only 15' away from that first nugget, I almost ditched my plan.
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    Way to back him Bill! Thats pretty cool.
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    Thanks for the comments, everyone. Glad to share. Bill - One thing I remember way back when was you spoke about the number one thing you see people doing wrong in their detecting ... and that was not finishing that gully you were detecting. That stuck with me
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    Excellent Terry. Hopefully a Video coming with this one...
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    Look what I found today Terry 12-14 is a pretty magic range
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    Uncle Ron, you are probably right. You should PM me the coordinates and I'll let you know for sure if you are correct. I will let you try again if not right the first time
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    Wow,.......Sorry to hear about your situation. I meant no harm with my comment. Hope you heal up real soon,.... the Gold beckon's to you,....and me for that matter. Gary
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    Here's a video with I guess all of Boston Dynamics robots in it, I like all of them and was very impressed with them all, that little "Sand Flea" sure can jump higher than I though it was going too! I was waiting for that last robot to smack that guy who kept knocking the boxes out of it grasp and especially when he knocked the robot down, i was ready to see some robot whip ass!!!
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    That's not okay? Ruh roh...I better tell everybody in there I'm not supposed to talk to them anymore. They will probably just laugh.
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    Nope not gonna replace the CTX and was not intended to... I am enjoying the videos and please feel free to state your opinion here at Nugget Shooter good or bad and if an early opinion changes after you gain experience which is often the case (good or bad)
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    This is a large mushroom colony I found at work. I think it's a edible type,(not positive) but I left it alone. I've done mushroom hunting in a Belarus Forest just off the border of Russia. It was so much fun and the forest was amazing. I love mushrooms.
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    Here is the link for the hats, http://nuggetshooter.com/store.html#!/HATS-and-T-SHIRTS/c/26703059/offset=0&sort=priceDesc If you come to my shop or otherwise get one in person they are 18.60 each.... T-Shirts will be added sometime in January....
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    Very useful info for those waiting to get their 600 or 800 ... assuming those numbers work for both.
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    Great story Rocky Glad your getting out and enjoying the new toy. I have found some big nuts from dirt bikes in my area....wonder if the axle worked out or what was going to go wrong. Good luck to ya Tom H.
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    Great first day first target right out of the box! I think that machine is going to do to the treasure community what the monster is doing to the gold community.
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    Just Looking ... the curiousness is the hook, gold is the bait and you are the fish ... you may have just been caught! Welcome to the forum! Can you tell I am a fisherman as well as a gold miner?
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    Never used the battery puffer. Hand Puffer I have. Too Old for that now. Gas was lighter and easy for me. If a person was planning on staying in the location for some time I think Electric Puffer would be good. A few Modern Solar Cells popped up would end the old Pooped Out Battery thing.
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    Great find , keep it up . Enjoy the machine....but tell us about it too.
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    I first heard about gold hunting from a friend in NH .he showed me some nice nuggets he found ...panning at first ,then dredging on the wild ammonusic . And then met a old hometown guy- old tom who introduced me to this forum.anyway NH is a option also !
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    Awesome Terry Welcome to the club
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    I'm located in cape cod mass, hunting here as well.
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    Wow.... I remember way back when I used to visit a certain website dedicated to detecting gold and pretty much anything related to prospecting for gold in Arizona. That website is what initially caused me to 'pull the trigger' and buy my first gold detector. That was several years before I found my way to Nugget Shooter. Thanks Rod. Nice gold too. The SDC is a fantastic detector, which is why I try not to sing it's praises very often. Luke
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    Rod Nice bunch of gold! I am wondering what the host rock is on the 2 specimens?
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    Thanks for making me laugh, I almost spit my coffee out
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    The "Public Scoping Sessions" begin soon. The local mining community members might consider attending one close to them as there undoubtedly will be an avalanche of enviros there screaming "the sky is falling". See the attachment for locations and dates. CDD_18_08_DRECP public scoping mtgs.docx
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    Mining lands actually opening (not closing for a change) and talk of offroad vehicles roads opening. Is this to good to be true? Will Nevada and AZ be next? Trump Desert Mining Lands
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    Im telling you its not easy making these videos maybe I should just stop and let them wait, while I enjoy learning mine :P lol j/k
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    Same response as Mike. Looks like an oxide coating on a sedimentary rock to me. billpeters
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    There is always a learning curve with new technology and this is also very true for the GM 1000 or GPZ 7000, first time out with both left me scratching my head , but after learning their settings and function they are both amazing metal detectors. First time with the Gold Monster the micro processor had me frustrated some, figured out just had to use it correctly
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    Great detector folks I was fortunate to get first round , can confirm its worth the wait. Someone just did a video of it hitting a gold chain easily in salt water, Excalibur and CTX couldnt hit it.. I have all 3 of those now lol so that was bitter sweet to watch. Im seeing more and more people get them now. so it appears they are catching up a bit.
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    So true,So True ...I completely misunderstood when you said " I've found more than a dozen muilti-ounce specimens" I did not realize you meant multi ounce host rocks with some gold in them.... You illustrated my misconception perfectly though. Thank you
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    Excellent pictures, clarity is great. Kinda makes me feel like I'm there. More pics.....
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    Luke I can see your hunting skills are also getting better. Battery maybe? unless you where hunting with a weak old battery. Could it be its rained since you last hunted it, erosion, damp ground etc. lot of things to consider. I use all of these to my advantage on old patches. all I can say is, that placer patch isn't over until you hit bedrock. best of luck on more. AzNuggetBob
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    El Dorado county is beautiful right now, need more water though.
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    Nice finds Andy I suggest the first thing you do is check the status of the land, claims, private,withdraws, federal,state etc. and get a claim or lease agreement if possible. These old piles can range from a few grains to several Oz's of gold per ton. AzNuggetBob