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    Today's Lesion Boys and Girls is "" DIY Hobanero TEAR GAS"" Someone gave me a double hand full of Lovely Orange Hobanero Peppers. Knowing they would not Last forever I came up with the Wiley E. Coyote (SUPER GENIUS) Idea to dry them out in the Microwave. Placing them in the Microwave I set the timer for TWO minutes and hit Start. At the End of the TWO minutes things were looking promising. Yep, Another TWO Minutes. Things progressing to perfection. Almost Crunchy. Yet another TWO minutes should do it. Again I push start. Turn my back to wash my hands. Wicked Wanda the Wonder Wife yells ""FIRE in the Micro Wave" !!! I turn to see the flames . OHHH CHIT! I pop the door open to extract the now Blackened Crispy Hobanero's dancing in flames. A Billow of White Smoke came rolling out of the Micro Wave. This CHIT was every bit as bad as any CS or Tear Gas I ever experienced in the Military. Eyes Blinded with Tears, Drooling like a Rabid Dog, Coughing having issues taking in breaths. RUN AWAY ! RUN AWAY!!!!!!!! Everyone vacates the house including the two dogs. Well there you have it Boys and Girls . DIY HOBANERO Tear Gas.
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    I simply asked for the number because I had a customer interested, he decided to go with a new one, but someone will get a good deal on yours. I never figured anyone would get upset over asking for the number. I apologize for ruffling your feathers even if I don't know how I did it...... I ask for the number on any used model I buy or recommend these days, simply business same as Minelab's policy for us dealers we have to show serial numbers on all new or used Minelab Detectors we sell online at eBay, Amazon, etc.
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    That explains a lot...I've been using geometry
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    I have a few pair I use for different conditions-Bose QC headphones for the windy days-really kill the noise well and better for when its hot -regular Killer B's for normal beepin-Killer B's modded to be wireless-Killer B's modded with an amp built in-Black widows that hardly get used-yes they are louder than most headphones but in my opinion lack the sound crispness of the Killer B's-Im all about the sound-the sharper more crispier the better for me Just my 2 centavos worth Mike C...
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    I might have a couple pairs that will never get used. I could make you a deal.....
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    I do.... and I couldn't say enough about them. I tried a few others, but the 'sound quality' and the feel of the leather ear cups quickly convinced me that I wouldn't have to look any further. After a few months or several dozen uses, the ear cups start to get a bit stinky. So a quick call, and $24 later, I have a new set and that factory fresh feeling once again. On a recent hunt, I was digging a target and I called my buddy over to see if he could hear what I was hearing using the SDC. We switched headphones and he plugged his (name withheld to protect the innocent) headphones in and started to listen. After a bit, he handed the headphones back and without thinking, I put them on and continued to dig. I was shocked at how different everything sounded and really felt like there was quite a bit 'missing'. I'm not sure if I mentioned anything to him at the time, but I remember thinking about it later and couldn't help but feel that I may somehow have a small advantage in hearing the faintest of signals. He's an accomplished detectorist and has found 'his share' along the way, but I won't be switching to the brand he uses. If you like what you got, don't change. If you're still looking, you might consider the Killer B's. ( I think Sun-Ray Pros are pretty much the same thing.) Luke
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    Does anyone use Killer B's besides me?
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    We wont agree on that one Bill.......Hope to see ya`ll in Quartzsite
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    Rod Thanks for the response. My question stems from the red colors on the gold itself. I learn so much more from being wrong than being right!
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    Nothing like apple pie and it sure was a beautiful day Like the Pavement patch, the apple pie patch is not far from a paved road. A guy could hike to either place in less than an hour from the pavement
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    Hello, I'm happy to be joining this forum. I have always loved rocks and stomping through creeks but i never really learned much about rocks and minerals. I've only known that i am drawn to them. Recently i was gifted the contents of a rock shop but nothing was labled. Im learning a lot trying to find out what some of these are but often i get stuck. I'm hoping that by being apart of this forum i might figure out and learn more about this wonderful world of rock hounding.
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    Nice Rod Apple pie is a dead give away but a BIG AREA Mike C...
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    Well Homie all you have to do now is figure out a way to contain the gas so you can bottle it for future protectional uses!!
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    Have you considered the Gold Monster 1000? , Better choice by a long shot in my opinion unless you are getting used at a killer price.
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    For Gold I would go for the GMT over the other 2 Mike C...
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    WTG DAVE!! I knew you could get that stink off you. Many more to come!! Cheers!! Mike
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    Just started looking at odd shaped nuggets and this one I originally called "swiss cheese". It is just the way it came out of the ground with all the holes. After looking at it awhile it does kinda look like a buffalo. I thought this might start a good picture post for others to add their oddities to for the viewers. Hapy Huntn.
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    A good friend and I explored a few new areas yesterday and sweet talked some nuggets out of the ground Is this the part where we break our arms patting ourselves on the back for the arduous hike ? We actually found more than the pic shows but we're not telling Think we'll spend a few days on a return trip next week and clean it up Another X on the old map Maybe this will inspire someone out there
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    Yeah, I'd say a mule shoe Edge. I've worked horses hooves but never a mule but I know that they are longer and more pointed than most horses. He was very well balanced on that foot but looks like he was dragging it a little as the toe is worn more than the rest of the shoe. Maybe that's why he lost it, got caught on a rock or something. Old Tom
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    I've considered buying high quality 300 ohm or higher drivers and retrofitting them to my existing headphones and then running an amplifier to really blow my eardrums out! I think the detector/headphone/operator combination makes a difference as well. I have personally heard the difference between my Grey Ghost NDT's and the Maxi-phone II's using a GB2, and two GB's had the same result. The result was for the better with the Maxi-phones,while the majority of the signal sounded exactly the same it was the tail end of the signal that sounded different. For me and the other detectorist I was with, we both could more "easily" tell the difference between a hotrock and lead/gold with the JImmys. Some might not be able to tell the difference because they are not yet capable of understanding all the signals of the GB2 and headphones wouldnt matter as much. Now running the Monster and learning its many more signals then the GB2 makes me want to try many different headphones with it, until I find the one that best sings the song of the Monster. Maybe my daughters pink Wal-Mart headphones will do it! Here is a link to some more serious audiophile headphones that might make the difference, 300 ohm so compatible for detectors we use. $286, more in the realm of realistic for detecting but still crazy expensive for headphones. If your spending $9k on a GPZ why not spend $300 on headphones? Sennheiser HD 600
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    I use geography, hardly ever geology.
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    Many beautiful, beautiful gold finds on here. I will try to add just a few of mine found in Montana over the summers lately. The first one is of Mary holding baby Jesus. The second is of my goal fulfilled of filling a bathtub with gold nuggets (I had to get a miniature bathtub, however). It is full though. Lots of fun. Bugler
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    When prospecting, the primary virtue of quality headphones is the user's enhanced ability to hear faint signals, which can be indicative of small or deep targets. That being the case, higher decibel output headphones CAN find more gold than lower decibel headphones, or using no headphones at all. What we are seeking here is enhanced volume, not "pristine clarity and reduced studio noise" like the $2400.00 ones advertised. Thus, best value for the buck? Koss UR-29's and UR-30's. By far. Personally, the UR-29's fit me better then the bulkier 30's, and have a smaller earmuff profile, yet have the performance. Thus, Bill, come to my booth at Tucson and try on a pair and see if they fit you better. Forget what Kevin says.
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    Great topic Morlock. IMHO (perspective) “better” in this context is subjective. What is better or best for one person may not hold true for the next. As an example, I have a friend who wears Rattlers, the one headphone setup, because he prefers to hear what is around him as he hunts. Having one ear to hunt and one ear to hear gives him peace of mind. Peace of mind in turn allows him to focus and the result of that focus is gold. He’s a very successful detectorist. Over the years, I’ve met detectorists with TMJ type issues who prefer low cost headphones or ear buds because some of the higher end ones like Black Widows cause them pain due to the styling and fit. Again, being out of pain allows these folks to focus on the hunt and find gold. Like Bill, I prefer Koss and have tried Black Windows, Grey Ghosts, Jimmy Sierra, Rattlers, earbuds, you name it, mostly borrowed from friends. The Koss are just my preference for comfort, durability, and fit. Did I find more gold using the other brands? No. The WM12 external speaker on the GPZ has proven to be the best external speaker setup that I’ve used and it’s produced some great gold for myself and others. It has been very nice on humid days where the headphones were just a drag and when crawling on my hands and knees through thick brush and under trees. The benefit of using the external speaker has allowed me to not get tangled up in the sticks. The sound quality of the speaker vs is the headphones seems to be apparent but both are adequate. Sound quality is important but it’s just part of the whole equation of success. The same holds true for the unit, the detectorist, and the location. Each one of these is really just a part of the whole. So to your original point: “But would anything like these pay for themselves by producing more then the Sunrays, Grey Ghosts, Nugget Busters, Black Widows, etc.” in some cases, yes and in some cases no. Life’s not a one size fits all thing, and not everyone will benefit from the sound quality difference between the brands, sometimes another factor is more important to the individual’s success. In looking at many of the brands one observation that I’ve made is several of them are essentially the same base unit with branded logos, stickers, etc. Kind of a common theme in manufacturing. That's a whole different rabbit hole to go down One thing I’ve wondered about with these kinds of threads is how are people measuring or perceiving “sound quality”? There are established methods to measure sound quality like Total Harmonic Distortion, Signal to Noise Ratio, etc. but I don’t know of one dirt digger who goes that far and even if someone did, again, that benchmark alone would only be one ingredient in the recipe for someone’s success. $2,400 will cover gas to Alaska and food for a couple of summer months Well, that was long winded, clearly, more coffee is in order to make thoughts more concise
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    Love my SunRays!! They take a beaten and keep on beeping. Never tried Koss, but now you got me curious. Had the Nuggetbusters , Grey Ghosts.....all seemed fine and capable. I personally would never spend that kind of money on headphones.
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    Curious question and one that will generate many a reply as the what folks like, use, and why. Me? I agree the price is insane for those they show in your link and I have tried many brands and even some pricy Bose noise canceling type and always go back the Koss UR-30 made for Minelab detectors. Kevin is always giving me crap about looking like Princess Laya from Star Wars, but for my hearing as well as not getting my head squeezed like with Nugget Busters I always come back to the UR-30 (100 ohm) and I am better able to hear signals (I have hearing loss like many here) The higher impedance headphones seem to make the signal harder for me and many of the aftermarket for nugget shooting are 150 ohm or more. Just my individual preference is Koss....
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    Thanks and good question fish. I might give a dumb answer There is no red dirt with iron stained quartz in the area. There is a little red ochre/iron type soil (spotty, here and there) under the top layer of material. Again, very spotty. Red dirt with iron stained quartz can be a good thing; however, not every inch of ground that has red dirt with iron stained quartz produces gold. It's just a good bet worth checking out. The pic below is great gold ground that produced many ounces of gold but I'm sure many people would pass it up because they primarily focus on red dirt with iron stained quartz. Hope this helps
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    Ya I was out scrapping yesterday as well but was only rewarded with Uno Dink But its better than Uno Skunk Mike C...
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    ground balance till nice hum . there is no trick to this just balance it out by pumping up and down about 1 inch of ground until it levels out. you will find that you balance in 1 area and works great and then move and have to readjust. as you learn the detector you will be able to tell when the ground changes. turning the gain down a little may help depends on the ground but when you do this you lose a little depth. lines of heavy black wont let the machine balance . some hot rocks can be tuned out but then again you lose depth and targets. always go back to the user manual . it doesn t lie. I have an old whites gm 4b [since 2001 been detecting for 16 years] all manual settings. once I learn it works great. get some dirt from different area and practice ground balancing be sure it contains some black sand. metals will sound real high when and can overload that will scream. heavy black sand will do the same. hot rocks will have different sounds depending on the rock. lead will sound like gold small piece of al. will sound like and small piece of rusty metal , small wire will also sound like gold . my advice is to practice ,practice and practice some until you learn the machine.sometime in certain ground the machine will not balance at all and the only thing to is move on .I have 3 detectors gm 4b ,goldbug 2 and whites tdi sl . I run all 3 at highest settings as the ground will let me . remember the ground will change and you will find you may have to reground balance . hot rocks are a problem they make different sounds so just kick out of the way and detect that spot .I can t say this enough practice practice and more practice until you learn the detector. you have to have confidence in yourself and the detector if you don't have that then you are just out walking . I tell myself when I go detecting , I will find gold and I keep that in my mind as I detect. at the end of the day I not find gold but tomorrow is a new day . when I detect that is all I do .I don't think about anything else .
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    QZ99's - $69.99. Passive noise cancelling, (oil / foam in ear pads) adjustable volume per side. Very comfortable.
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    some nice stuff here!
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    Anybody seen my turtle?
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    Dragon, Seahorse or what ever.
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    Another cool Nevada specimen...
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    This was one strange nugget. A friend of mine purchased it. I have forgotten the weight but it was over an ounce I remember. A very ODD piece
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    All nugget's are beauties. But to me this is my favorite nugget. I call it "Miner." lol! Well I wish it were mine but I guess it's Bill's. This was in the next to last contest we had here. See his head? See his arm on the right side of picture? Look's kinda like he's wearing coveralls...unreal! And I like the second one too. I think it came out of Paradise Alaska. If I remember right it weighed like 8 ounces. I call it "Chocolate Chip Cookie." YUM YUM!!!! And one more to grow on. I have no name for it but I wonder whos hand it is...hmmm. I like the shiney one with all the bumps. Rim
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    Welp.....I call it our pizza nugget. Its flat and looks like a well roasted anchovie pizza! Heck, at 1.27 oz.....I dont care if it looks like a turd! Dont really have any other unique pieces. Tom H.
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    Here's a sweet little wire specimen from Nevada.
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    Here's one I call my Feather Nugget... Ron in WA
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    We call this one the seahorse
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    The piece that is my avatar my son and I like to call the Miami Dolphin nuggett.
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    Sure does look like a scotty dog shape. I believe it Goldfinger A friend of mine posted this on his site one day. I believe it is a most beautiful piece to look at.
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    This one is a present Don (Garimpo) gave to me because of the love I have for dogs.