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    Outing before last down at Jackass flats there was a gentleman that came with an 18 wheeler and joined in the festivities. He had the same surgery I am going to have and I was hoping someone would remember his name so I could ask him some questions. I go for surgery December 6th. They are going to fuse my left SI joint, pelvis to tail bone on my left side. Wait 6 to 8 weeks and then do the right side. They drive three triangular titanium pins through the pelvis and into your tailbone to stabilize it. Unfortunately I will never be able to have children again natural child birth because my pelvis will no longer be able to spread apart. darn it, I was so looking forward to Lamaze classes. I've been putting up with this for over 10 years, I can't take it anymore. I'm fine as long as I don't do anything, but if I prospect and walk a lot, then I am laid up for three days. If I lift anything over 15 pounds, go up a ladder, climb stairs, twist wrong. My tail bone keeps slipping down in between my pelvis and it gets stuck. Sometimes my left leg will be 2 inches shorter than the other. This is no good for prospecting because I just go around in a circle for 8 hours. This comes from your ligaments and muscles no longer being able to firmly hold your pelvis together against the tail bone. You might ask yourself how I injured my SI joint in this manner... TWERKING of course. Doc
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    Ball cap and ear phones, move to the left, and a nugget under the coil (or in front of) with some radiating glow lines. Old Tom
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    To me being young again is being ready, willing and able to indulge in such vigorous attempts to get at the gold. NOT being able to go to such extremes is indeed vexing but at least I did for many many years,hence envy to say the least.John
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    My only suggestion would have to do with the color of the shirt... No black, red, yellow, or orange.... Please. Grey is my preferred NuggetShooting color. Thanks Luke
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    Those must be the "Sun City" areas...55 and older communities, but I like them!!
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    This could be what North Korea looks like if Kim doesn't get his sh*t together.
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    Dodacious and I communicate telepathically so often and accurately that it is a common part of our marriage...I'm talking both big and small things, as common as, "While you're at the store pick up some bacon." Cheers, Unc
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    Yep agree on cap and artist is changing the hat to ball cap and moving detectorist more to left to show N better, thanks for your input.
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    I have never seen anyone out in the goldfields, swinging a detector "wearing a cowboy hat"????!!!! What's up with that??? They "may be"??? wearing a summer-floppy hat, but a cowboy hat????? sort of looks like a Leonard B Johnson(a prior president of the 50's???) cowboy hat.......... How about a better looking "BALL CAP" ( which most everyone wears),........... except Tom, who has that red-Christmas-pullover-thingey". And I like the grey color shirt with the black and red lettering. Gary
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    I like 3rd one myself and may get rit of star on the hat and move the guy a little to the left, suggestions welcome....
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    3.2 grammys.....probably 2 grams after the rock is gone.. Tom H.
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    Drool just fell out of my mouth.
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    Yep, I just bought a 4wheeler and want to take it out and try it out and also to use my new Minelab Monster. I also am thinking about going out there next week.
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    Heres a few other places to camp close to the main area. Its a LOT quieter if your there on the weekend. (pinned in green) Tom H.
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    In 1984, my Dad had a couple of heart attacks and went to the hospital ... They got him all hooked up on monitors and such and shortly he had another one that killed him...temporarily until they brought him back ... Next day my sister and I got down from N. CA to see him in his San Bernardino hospital room ... He was very upset and crying ...He said that while he was dead, he saw horrible things which he would not describe ... He said that he learned he had been a bad, selfish person and was now terrified of dying...I asked him if it hurt to die and he said no ... The weird thing is that Dad mentored thousands of young people over his many years as a coach and athletic director had given so much of himself and was hugely respected ... He also had taken care my Mother who suffered from MS for more than 10 years, which was a horrible, soul wrenching job .... She had been totally paralyzed on her left side by a mistake made during a spinal tap ... Many years later, in 2008, he came to have prostate cancer and finally had to go into hospice ... As the end grew near, he was again terrified of dying, saying he was afraid the death being painful ... I told him to remember he'd already died and said it didn't hurt, so don't worry about it ... On his final night on earth, my wife, my daughter and I were in Dad's darkened room and we could see and hear he was having trouble breathing ... The three of us were standing over him when suddenly all three of us saw what looked like a glowing white fog rose out of his body ... He was still technically alive for another 4 or 5 hours but the three of us remain convinced we saw his spirit leave his body! It was really weird that at his funeral I stood over him and looked at his remains and felt almost nothing because I knew I wasn't looking at Dad ...I think of that often... I've had my own seeming out of body experiences from the time I was 8 years old and having appendix operation, an experience that seem as vivid and real as it was 64 years ago...But that's a story for another time...Cheers, Unc
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    Scott... if you are going to be there during the week days you shouldn't have any problems. I tend to stay away during the week ends, that is generally when the rowdy ones come to drink and shoot. You'll probably run into some of the retired GPAA and Roadrunner club members out there this time of of year. I'm hoping to get out to the area next week if I can get my old mule ready by then. Have fun and save some gold for the rest of us. Jim
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    I am new at detecting and I feel like I just stuck a needle in my arm. I live in the hualapai mountain been to gold basin twice and the wife and I are going to Quartzsite for a week. Bought our first two detectors about a month ago (Whites gmt/mxt) and should get my Garrett atx delivered tomorrow! Haven't found a nugget yet but when I do my wife might find me sleeping under a bush in a wash somewhere not wanting to leave. Retired and found a new hobby that I really 'dig'.
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    I'm hiking as many of the conservation areas in my county and GPS marking some of the trails as I go, only marked one today because I started late. So today I played the game today pick up every black rock I see butt who am I kidding - there are not many black rocks so I play the game all the time!!! I'm starting to learn pretty well what to expect here on the cape. Every bit of the landscape in Cape Cod is mostly woods and covered in leaves. I typically stick to the trails because they have the highest exposure to any rocks because the rest is blanketed by the forest.The area I was hunting today is moraine deposits combine with older outwash deposits. These trails lead to the highest peak in Barnstable, don't laugh guys, gals, a staggering 232' above sea level 😂. Might as well be in the Atlantic. For starters in the beginning when scanning trails here you realize the stones in the center of the trail look black because the mountain bikes leave rubber deposits on the rocks. Then there is also a lot of water movement on the top of the trails because of compaction caused by traffic combined with the runoff of loose sandy soils abutting the trails leaching stained water onto the trials staining some of the susceptible stones black as night. Both of these phenomena are common on the trail and probably in most places anywhere. Anyways I wanted to share my adventure and some lessons I've learned over time. Most of the stained black rocks here do attract a magnet and also many of said stones contain plagioclasic laths and magnetite,,, coincidence???? Probably not. Here is the rock that didn't fool me but stood out so well among the wrongs and was fun for me to toss around. LOL sorry if I bored y'all but trails and meteorite hunting are my life outside of work!!!!
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    I just want to get one!
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    While I like number three, change the hat. It looks like a sombrero and frankly.. it's putting me asleep.
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    Well if there's still choices and things can be modified.... The ball cap with headphones could be an idea?
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    I believe in the para-normal if you want to call it that. I have had many 'premonitions' in my life ... mostly about my family and very close friends. A couple of them I had to call the person to verify as I was living far away from them so couldn't just go cross town. Those were not life threatening but in both cases they were in very serious accidents. One was in a car and the other on a snowmobile. I think this happens to folks more often than not ... most don't admit it or just plain don't listen to what their mind has picked up! It's out there ... we just have to be open to it!
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    I opted for the first one because of the ball cap. You guys have already addressed that I see. And the shirt color ... Grey works for me, even a medium tan or camo would work but no bright colors ... not looking to stick out in the desert!
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    Any way you can post the 2nd pix sporting a black hat..? Don't ask me why, but the 3rd one reminds me of Bo Diddley holding a detector instead of a cigar box guitar.. In other words, the 2nd hat reminds me more of what a detectorist would wear over the 3rd.. I just need to see how it looks with no contrast first.. Swamp
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    One of the local prospectors (150) took his new toy (Minelab 7000) to one of the oldest worked out areas last week for a test. I only heard about this after the fact but how do you test a new machine when you can't even read the owners manual which is in English. He said he and his buddy dug a lot of trash targets but one of the targets really blasted his ears (his words). Turns out it was a nugget about a foot deep. I didn't see the nugget but it was described as the shape of your index finger and weighed 300 grams!
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    I like to go all over. I am retired and like to camp and started to get into prospecting.
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    I also keep forgetting that sometimes the "Birthday Notices" don't always show all of that day's bithdays names if there's to many to display or I would have posted your birthday topic, it seems with the lastest forum version only abour 5 or 6 can be displayed unless you click on the little link to see all of the birthdays. I try my best to post a birthday topic for anyone who has been keeping current within the last several months on the forum on a daily basis I even checked all the ones displayed yesterday but forgot about the link at the bottom! So for anyone who will be having a birthday at least once a year and you have that info in your profile and visit the forum often I'll try to do better!
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    You got a specimen ?! What does it weigh?
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    Wow...interesting stories. I have one myself which really blew me away, I was 17 and went to bed to sleep and had this dream. I had a dream about his elderly woman whom my parents have known for many years. In my dream she was in a hospital walking in the hall way but on each side of her was a nurse holding her arm assisting her to walk. She was a Roman Catholic and in my dream she wore a crucifix on a chain around her neck and that was it and I finally awoke in the morning. I wondered why I had dreamed of her as I had not seen her in 10 years or so and never spoken to her since I was a kid. My mom had a phone call that morning , it was this ladies daughter informing her of her passing !! True story....something out there we cannot explain...
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    darn Unc, that story made the hair on the back of my neck raise up. I believe there is really something to it for sure. Years ago when my grandmother was on her deathbed and in a coma, she sit up opened her eyes wide and said the word or name Maime (sp). Later during the funeral we learned from a relative the Maime was her best friend to had previously passed. Darn it...now I'm gettin goose bumps.
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    I've hunted there nearly 20 years and only encountered two problems... There's two guys in a large white pick up that come out with several different high powered rifles that don't take into account there are often prospectors roaming all over LSD and shoot indiscriminately ... I called them on it one day and they got downright hostile and even slightly threatening .... I packed up my stuff and moved about 5 miles away... Another time quite a while ago I was hunting on the Gypsy Moth and a couple guys were near the big slab shooting in all kinds of directions and bullets were ricocheting everywhere including over my head! But considering I hunted LSD darn near everyday for those years, those were the only two issue I ever had....But things did get worse after BLM closed the ground near Lake Pleasant and all those city slickers started coming over to the general vicinity of LSD ...Before then, I often had the whole area all to my lonesome! But do make sure you've got the state land permit (you can order on line) ...Still can't prospect on state land... You need it to even pass over state land on your way to open federal lands and club claims.... Good Luck, Cheers, Unc
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    I finally discovered I was on the birthday notices but viewers had to click on the post to see it...I thought it odd not to get any BD wishes cause last year I got a butt load on the forum ... This year on FaceBook I got well over 100 well wishes! Anyhow, no harm no foul and a big thank you to you all who did respond after me whining about it!!!
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    "Define YOUNG",.... I was born in 1947, which should put me about 70-years-Young. I just enjoy the challenge and the search (and of course the GOLD). What feels good is being right regarding my choice of where to dig. Gary
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    Absolutely it is safe. It's about a 15 minute drive from a gas station, and you can walk out if stuck. Next, I would be sure you're not on state trust land where you can't prospect, unless you pay thousands for the permit. Most of the place you mentioned is state trust land. After that, make sure you weren't high grading someone's claim since the BLM land around there is nearly totally claimed. A few miles from there nearly all the land is open, but that could be because it's out of the gold belt, but still need to be sure you are on unclaimed land. If there's any confusion on that, best to stick to the club claims in that area. The GPAA has hundreds of acres of claims in that area and so does road runner. Other than that, the only thing I do for safety is to wear leather boots and snake gators for the rattle snakes. Probably been out hundreds of times, but twice rattlers were problems. Then there's the camping stuff: don't get lost, let someone know where you're at, be cautious about the valuables you leave at your campsite when you're away.
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    Stunning Nasa 'oil painting' image reveals raging storms on Jupiter with clouds that travel at 129,000mph and stretch for more than 4,000 miles Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5136425/Nasa-oil-painting-image-reveals-raging-storms-Jupiter.html#ixzz503kan867
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    Looks like it could have been a cover for Moody Blues alblum
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    Really nice find. Congrats.
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    Really cool photo looks Van Goghish.
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    Sweet specimen Tom...she sure looks pretty cleaned up.
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    That sure is a beautiful specimen, Tom!
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    I believe it! I've still got a lot of work to do I've been so busy working on more pressing things...I haven't had a chance to do more than look wistfully at the plane lately. One project is gone thankfully and Patches the desert buggy is nearly done. A couple more days should get it about finished up. Hopefully back working on the plane next week.
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    Good Stuff for you. Here you almost have a Air Plane built and I'm still futttzzing with a Program. Yea, this printer is the Bomb. FAST FAST FAST compared to the old days. Like most other printers the Printer only cost like $40.00 and the Ink cost $20.00 Sure liking the Wireless thing. Only took like 10 minutes to get it printing right out of the box. Just popped the CD in the Lap Top and followed the yellow brick road. Gravy. Now we have a Printer, Copier, Scanner kinda toy. Need to figure out if and how I can scan stuff and get it to the computer some how. Wicked Wanda sorta forgot to use the discount on some paper. She did scoop a few more Ink Cartridges ! And a Cheapo Dremel Tool . Our house is some what on the Trailer Trashed Side but we have More Communications Equipment then the Russian Embassy ! With that TV hanging Up it's going to start looking like some Command and Control Room at NASA.
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    Very nice looking piece!! Congrats
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    That looks a lot better cleaned up Tom! I was there when he checked it for continuity and it certainly is a nice specimen. I would be all over that hillside like white on rice. You may get super lucky and find a nice pocket in situ.
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    Score on the printer! Looks like mine but a lot nicer I'm not much of tv person either, but there are other things you can use it for. I hook my laptop up to my little 32" when I'm watching airplane videos. You can even use it as a huge picture frame. Load up your favorite photos and have them display in random order. All kinds of things with some imagination I got some good news yesterday too. I have been waiting since September for a particular propeller hub. The new batch is finally ready! I've gotta call them again monday and pay for it. This has been a major roadblock as I need to install it on the crankshaft before I final assemble the engine.
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    Beautiful Specimen Tom! Nice little collector piece.
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    btw; for those that don't know...42-45 nickels are about 50% silver as I recall....check the redbook.
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    Santa needs a New Calendar. He hit us early this year. Wicked Wanda the Wonder Wife done did GOOD today. Her Employer gave everyone a one time 25% off today. That printer I was needing showed up. Wireless to boot. I can stash it anyplace. Maybe I can see what ta ell I'm trying to do on those programs now. Her brother, Me brudder in Law went bonkers. He bought her a TV. We don't Watch TV here. He bought her a BIG TV. So big we have no place to put the dang thing. Going to have to hang it from the ceiling in the living room kinda BIG TV. No one hear has any interest in what's on TV these days. BUT this is a smart TV he says !!!. The kind of BIG SMART Tv. It will go on line and we can watch all the Free Movies and Crap on the Kinda BIG Smart Thing Hanging from the ceiling. God this thing is BIG. Did I tell ya how BIG it is ? https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lg-55-class-54-6-diag--led-2160p-smart-4k-ultra-hd-tv/5792910.p?skuId=5792910&ref=212&loc=1&ksid=f916b716-910a-4c4f-9ea3-2f1074c47f9e&ksprof_id=16&ksaffcode=pg70949&ksdevice=c&lsft=ref:212,loc:2&gclid=Cj0KCQiAmITRBRCSARIsAEOZmr4Do3BfQ-50KwiItRUip3zyDPPvwVIDCpbU3hr0pxHSwAzrushiirMaAlMOEALw_wcB Maybe I should hang it out side and we can pretend were in the Drive in or something.
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    It takes me awhile to learn but now and then I "get it". Like the time a man here said he knew where an area had good looking deposits like gold has been found here, plus it was close to his cousins house and we could stay with him. About 400 miles later and only a quarter of a mile from cousin's place the entire road was blocked by one huge mud hole with deep ruts. Since I was already in 4x4 I gave it a try by trying to stay on top and in between the' deep ruts. Mother nature doesn't always cooperate. Neither does mud! Lucky for us a hundred yards behind us was a large tractor just sitting there. Twenty bucks and the owner said he would pull us out since the Toyota was high centered and the tires were just spinning with only water under them. Then we visited the cousin who didn't have a clue about any gold ever being found in the area. So after a short visit we continued on our way, 40 more miles of mud in 4x4 to the pavement. The same "interstate" going North from here. After a few questions it seems my friend had not seen his cousin for 8 years and that was the main reason for the trip. Yea I have quite a collection of "dufus awards. At least I get to see parts of Brazil that normal tourist never see!