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    Considering there are more stars in the universe then grains of sand on all of Earth's beaches, I'm sure some 22ft tall, 4 eyed, 6 toed, 3 nosed, 12 armed, 5 footed alien is out there having a Bud someplace. I always wanted to be a sci fi novelist.
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    Hi All, Thanks for the help with the GPZ ! I have been trying different settings with great success. I like to run the machine with hot settings sen 18-20, threshold 15-18. I tried threshold 1-5 but found that a higher threshold picks up the small gold better for me.I also found that if I slow down walking and move the coil slower it makes a big difference.
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    I sure there is just imagine, ....3-3 eyed prospectors in the desert after a long day metal detecting for can slaw but only finding crappy gold nuggets from when the old timers used to mine the desert and just throwing that damn gold trash all over the place, damn that skunk again , they'll get rid of him tommorow ,..they're sitting by the camp fire drinking the coldest beer in the universe, and talking about one of them finding a rare earth meteorite and staring at the stars wondering if there is truely other life out there among all those stars, beer is all gone now it time to hit the sack so tommorow they can find a butt load of can slaw, so much that they can retire and live the good life!!!
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    Mines Just Leaking around the Gaskets some.
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    Guys All I ever wanted was for my GM to work and what I see it is. I'd say this is the end of the story. Thanks to all. Chuck
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    My two cents... difficult and audio smoothing will loose faint targets. In many cases it's better to lower the sensitivity and stay in normal than move to difficult. In gold basin I hunt in normal ground, sensitivity 10, audio smoothing off, general, and a very low threshold of around 5. I will change settings depending on emi and ground conditions but this is where I start. Good luck to you!
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    We'll i finally got to join the 1oz+ club!! My buddy Dave and i headed to Gold Basin for a half day trip. We hit our usualy spot and split up. I headed to a wash that i found a 5.4 gram piece a couple of weeks ago. I didnt hit the whole wash, so i figured id start where i left off. A bit later, i get a nice signal by a bush in the middle of the wash. It turned out to an 8 gram specie with some dark host rock mixed in. 10 feet away in the bank of the wash i get another screeming signal. This was the flat nugget, also about 8 g. I radioed Dave to tell him the good news. The next couple of hours there was nothing except a couple of meteors. I decided to hit the bottom end of that same wash on my way back to the truck. After a bit i get a nice signal in the wash, it was the .8g flat piece. The wash had widened out, and the bedrock was deeper, so i wasnt detecting to slow wgen i got a slight sound. I thought it was just ground noise because i was running the GPZ hot at 18 sensitivity and high yield and normal ground. I did a scrape and the sound was still there. I took about 6 inches off with the pick and the sound seemed more distinct. I fugured it wasnt mineralization but rather trash because the dirt was silt, not hard pack. I kep widening and deepening the hole and when i got to over a foot it was screeming. I was figuring tin can ir something. After about 6 more digs and around 2ft deep. I get it out of the hold. I did reach bedrock so i was feeling hopeful. It turned out to be a 1.41 (OZ) nugget and a pretty one at that, with a bit of quartz. I finally joined the club. I feel like i deserve a patch or something lol. I radioed Dave to tell him the good news, and he was eccited for me. (He was already a member pf the club) a bit under 2 oz for the day. Great trip, thanks Dave! Now i can say the GPZ officially paid for itself. Chris
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    That 11" mono is a great coil. It will go deep and is still sensitive to small pieces. I have made most of my finds with the GPX using that coil. I prefer it, over the 14x9 EVO. JMHO. Luke
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    Welcome from White Plains, New York! (I kinda went Zona to East Coast)
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    More sage words were never spoken. I love following behind those who appear to have somewhere else to go!
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    You're made of sterner stuff than I Homey... I already told you my brain would explode from trying to figure that stuff out!
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    Nothing I like better then aged, frozen beer.
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    Sharing the issue found and fix if internal with the public is also sharing the technology and don't hold your breath. Heck we are pioneers of a sort with this fantastic technology being introduced and as with all things new produced in large numbers there will be a dud now and then. Minelab fixes their duds and though inconvenient for the owner they get you taken care of, part of the reason we stay with them.... And to give credit where due, most of the other major metal detector manufactures experience the same type issues and are known to for their great customer care and a quick fix as well. It is simply how a company keeps customers, stay ahead and quickly repair or replace defective units. Still no fun being one of the unlucky ones and glad your issue is fixed, I agree with Mike C. that at home EMI was likely your issue especially in deep mode. Heck every restaurant over cooks a steak now and then and what matters is how fast you get a new one.
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    OK , got my GPX 4500 in hand now, I think the worst part was putting it together and waiting for the battery to charge. I will see what I need to do tomorrow and I might take it to GB for a trial run. If nothing else now I look good with my new machine.....
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    Well I got out today to do my testing on the GM 1000 I couldn't believe how well it ran from the time I turned it on. I tested both coils in the deep mode and could run both with the sensitivity set at 7 without any noise but had some noise started at 8. Then I put it in the gold mode and I could run the sensitivity up to 10 in both coils. I did kick it into the auto plus but that's a maybe. I did try to see if either coil would false but that was not to be. I guess what gets me it didn't run this good at home and I did have some falsing there. I plan on more testing before I make a trip to nugget country.I wasn't so interested in depth on this but will next time. If your detector isn't working correct you forget about anything else. Chuck PS I know this don't help with any trouble some are having but I just tell it like it is.
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    Wanted to pass a couple of things I did to our Monster to make life easier. First the detector seems to like to lay on its side when you set it down to work a target. I spread the feet on the base out and put a thin aluminum strip on the bottom to give it more of a base. Works a LOT better. Also put some weather strip foam around the top to pad is some for when it does flip over. Probably will still have to work this as I dont see it staying on too long. Last, put a MATTE finish screen protector on the LCD screen. It cuts down on the sun reflecting back into your eyes Also wrapped some thin foam around the hand hold area to give it a little cushion. Tom H.
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    My personal thoughts / experience: I use a 4 stack Gold Cube as my final clean up for the highbanker, gold dredge and drywasher. It is my humble opinion that any gold missed by the Cube is not worth my time and effort to recover. I have tested my 4-stack Cube several times and have not found anything missed. I have wondered several times whether I even need the four stack (vs. three stack), but will continue to use it for the peace of mind. I used to use a small re-circulating sluice as my final clean up. I was not completely confident with this, so I had kept my cons after running them through the re-circulator. Had about 11 buckets of this material when I finally got the Cube and re-ran this material through the Cube. There was a good amount recovered in the Cube that had been missed by the re-circulator. -Joe
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    Hey what's good everyone? Newbie here that just relocated from the east coast to Phoenix Az. Joined the GPAP here.... trying to learn everything I can. No equipment other than a pan yet but definitely see getting some soon!
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    Welcome aboard.. Swamp
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    About then I'll be done with page one of this program.
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    When I said beer I meant another civilization on another planet. Maybe creatures just like us who are gazing through their own telescope, drinking beer and wondering the same thing.
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    Slowly I am. I called about my prop hub and got bad news there. It will be another couple of weeks before the guy even gets one to sell me. He told me the new batch just came out of the molds and were headed to the machine shop to be finished up. There are a couple of other places I can get one similar, but they don't have the external oil screw like on the original pulley. I need that hub to go any further than mocking it up for bearing clearances and whatnot. In the meantime I'll port and polish the heads and get the chamber volume adjusted to where I need it. That should keep me occupied for awhile.
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    Bill WILL show you! Buy from the best with confidence.
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    We like to see you squirm now and again just to let you know that you are still one of us poor miserable human beings!
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    Welcome Ted. Come to the outing and meet some folks. You can always go crack scraping out in the desert and pan the dirt out later Tom H.
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    Infinity keeps getting bigger and we keep getting smaller. Hubble proved there is much more out there than we realized. I wonder of there is cold beer out there somewhere.
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    I think I said something about what the Tech said about the Ground Balance being off. Now looking at the GM it's no way of knowing this unless you got a port and that has got to be where the coil hooks up. If a change was made in the programming to correct my problem we'll never know it. The Tech just wave his hand over it and the sea parted. Giving me another coil was what you call a miss direction. I'm giving you a new coil but I'm over here fixing your trouble. If true I wish they just tell it like it is and don't blow smoke up my ( because I can't see good when they do that ). Chuck
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    Thanks Rick I got both heads brazed and I think they will work fine. Also was able to tap for the angle supporting the other intake stud. Not real pretty, but it'll do.
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    WOW what a great day. Congratulations-John
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    Exceptional Day !! Thanks for sharing
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    Slim, Andy Take a look at this. its truly amazing. When we finally got Hubble fixed its awesome what it could see. I hope your computer can load this Slim.Its really worth the wait. our planet is a mere speck in our galaxy. Is Gold, star dust?. AzNuggetBob https://www.cbsnews.com/news/spectacular-revelations-courtesy-of-hubble/
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    As Bill said, the 5000 and the Fine Gold setting is amazing, especially on specimen type gold. It is very stable in hot ground. Like I've said before, I have friends that can really make their 4500 sing, but I think the 5000 has the advantage. Just knowing because I run the 5000 and have got to play with a 4500 to see the difference. Good luck. Dan
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    That gold is DANG NICE!! By the way, the only way you stay in the club is if you keep the gold ... otherwise you start all over. Sorry about that ...
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    OK, Martin and others; why didn't you tell me I am 1. stupid 2.confused or 3...full of BS? my apologies for thinking I knew what I was talking about. Apparently, there is no wm for the Monster. Just one of many of my mistakes. So Sorry... You guys could have should have humbled me...other wise I think I must be right. That is until my wife corrects me! fred
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    By going down to Morristown last Friday and picking up a brand new GM1000 from some guy we might know I have had doubts about this machine, but I have been using a borrowed GB2 for years now and thought it was high time to get a new beeper and return the GB2. I had to sell my dirtbike to get it but after reading a bunch about it and watching plenty of videos, then Bill giving good feedback, I decided to go for it instead of buying my own GB2. So Saturday I spent a couple hours playing with test nuggets in some gravels I have brought home and got used to the new monster. I was pleasantly surprised, but still unsure. Yesterday I loaded up and went back to a patch I have just absolutely beat to death many times with the GB2 and have given up on it producing anymore. This would be a great test, heres the results with the monster... Small but still yellow, three pieces of gold and a couple bb's.
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    Wow looks like the Monster Mash are you related to Mc Gyver Mike C...
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    Nice mods. That detector just looks like its getting used a lot!!
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    How did you attach the aluminum? I was just laying mine on its side instead of trying to use the feet, it was hopeless. When using your headphone adapter and headphones does the external speaker still sound? Mine does and the headphones at the same time, but the external speaker doesn't sound with regular headphones not needing the adapter. I did buy a different brand then yours but its still a stereo adapter thats all copper wiring.
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    Good choice. The 4500 is a very versatile detector considering all the coil options. Just hook up that coil and go with the factory default settings to get started. AND GOOD LUCK!!
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    Congrats on the 4500......use the 11" Commander Mono supplied. This coil is underrated, don't know why..perhaps because all these new coils that claim of supersensitivity is getting all the attention and sales. Took my 11" out last few days and scored some deep ones....
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    Wow !! I believe that's what everyone who uses a metal detector to find gold is hoping for.... Congratulations !! Luke
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    If you likeIf boogie woogie check this guy out:
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    EACH AREA IS DIFFERENT, and that being the case it also matters which mode you are hunting in as to what other adjustments in Sensitivity etc. will be done by the operator. Didn't the guy you got it from offer training Sonny? Anyway there is no "best" all around setting on the GPZ or the GPX detectors as it very much depends on where you are hunting, depth of the ground and which coil, and which mode you are running in. I use deeper ground settings in most of the Gold basin areas unless I am in a shallow wash then I may switch back into "High Yield" One thing to remember with the 7000 as well as GPX is it must be set up to match hunting and ground conditions as each mode will hear less or more of certain sized targets either shallow or deep and a feller hunting deep ground at gold basin in "High Yield" will leave deep larger targets for me, but on the other hand in shallower ground of one foot of less the person in "High Yield" will hear smaller nuggets much deeper than I would if I stayed in the "General" setting.