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    So I takes my girlfriend out to teach her to metal detect for gold nuggets and set her up with the GM 1000 and gave her some quick training.... We hunted a few hours near Lynx Creek, AZ and I was skunked by the time the heat and bugs ran us off. Tammy on the other hand scored her very first gold nugget....
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    Thanks Bill for keeping the old threads on your server. Chris G took a lot of his old threads down and there was a lot of good information lost. Mitchel
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    It'll happen when it's time.
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    Good night! looks like you guys had a blast and i love the the boar coin too, but not to belittle the rest of your loot. Awesome finds!
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    The engine case is cleaning up nicely I soda blast the paint off first, then apply a dilute phosphoric acid to small areas at a time and quickly wash it off with water. A little scrubbing with a red scotchbrite pad is all it takes to get it looking new again. Soda blasting works well, but it uses a LOT of soda. The last pic is a before and after.
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    Dang it...now ya made me hungry for buttered popcorn.
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    Tom...only if you are doing the "catch and release" on nuggets. Way to go Tammy!....now you can start teaching the rest of us on how to use the Goldmonster.
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    Dang. Not had a meal like that in some time. Can I have a Bacon Ice Cream after ?
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    Many of you know that I've had my home for sale.......well it'll be closing soon :whoopie: But that left me with a problem :confused0013: A detector and quad that I won't be needing in Michigan..... Today I took out a friend that's never used a detector to show my quad and while there I'd let him see how the trusty minelab worked...... He bought them both.......Thank you Greaterville, and John B for a beautiful 6.5 oz specimen :icon_mrgreen: Tom
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    I'll do that Bill, maybe we can hook up for some paid training on my 4500, I found this one in silver city for 1500.....but hell i'm not sure how to use this the proper way.....i got my old gp extreme back but it has some issues......It seems like i got older but still have gold fever....later my friend
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    Hello all......I'm back in AZ I'll be here for about 8 months......looking forward to seeing some of my old friends........I found a super deal on a GPX 4500, greaterville here i come.....let me know if anyone is headed to greaterville ....... I live in the Philippines for the last 7 years now.... Tom
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    Yes Sir! I can't afford any parts at the moment... but I can clean everything up and have it ready at least Keeps me busy and out of trouble as well
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    Probably just as well we didn't meet up. I was going to go out either way ...but, when I woke up at 6am it didn't feel even slightly cool, so I just slept in. By 8am it was 80 out with humidity sitting at about 40% (too uncomfortable for me to fight the sweat in my eyes and the biting bugs swarming in and out of my nose). I would say that I hope that you and Tammy find those spots on your way back down the hill to be cool (temp-wise) and comfortable to detect, But I know this time of year that hopefulness is completely without reason or reality; especially if you are going back down thru Skull Valley. Yes, I do plan to come down that way a few times when it cools off this fall. When the ground is frozen (with or without snow) up here, I usually head for the lower areas
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    Spell Check Strikes Again !
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    Hi all, The boys and a friend of mine headed out to do a night hunt last night. No gold AGAIN but we did find a sweet coin and relic spot I've been researching. Cameron my oldest found the first coin of the night and his first coin for some time now. It's a 1867 Shield Nickel in pretty good shape. Then I ended up finding the 1876 Seated Quarter and a Chinese coin. The quarter is in really good shape but the pics don't show it real well. We also found some awesome buttons. My little guy found the big button with the hog on it. He started laughing histericly when he seen what it was. Apparently 8 year olds find a pig on a button funny lol. Other than that, I found my first skeleton key and first intact pocket watch frame. It still opens too. And a realy cool gold gilded feather or leaf that i hit with my pick and broke. My buddy found a really cool mini hammer and what looks to be a mini flathead screwdriver. And several buttons. It was a long but fun night. Take care everyone. Dan
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    Nice going Tammy Glad you were able to get a nug Tom H.
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    Now see how you are??,... "CONTANKEROUS", I was going to invite you out to one of my spots while you are up here tomorrow. But guess you already have plans,...Sounds good to me
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    "REALLY"???,... I seem recall you saying: "stay out of my spots!!" when I bought my detector from you a few months ago
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    Still here Gary and gonna hunt tomorrow and go home, Was doing a training thing with the other half this weekend. I share spots.......
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    Darn Bill,... How come you didn't give me a holler while you where up around the Lynx???? I could have taken you to a couple of spots to elude the skunk, and really give that new monster-thangee a run for it's money. Oh, that's right you "flat-landers" don't take to sharing spots,......OOOOOOKKKKKKK
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    Yeaa Tammy, that's showing the old boy a thing or two. I've got to find my first one with the Monster but Tom found one and promptly lost it in camp. I wonder if that counts? Old Tom
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    I'm suprized its real gold that must have cost a fortune, so maybe a famous NFL athlete's or rappers. Either way you can go around biting people and not get caught. The glove doesn't fit..