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    We had some big waves to go along with the storm on Friday. Yesterday some of the waves were over 15 feet in the bay. Time to go to the beach (I live less than a mile) so time to park in the parking lot and go. That is what I did this morning and found there were already guys out at 6 AM which was just a couple of hours after high tide. Time to walk the cut ... wait ... mostly no cut it was all gone over the top. A couple of miles later after just a few coins I found a patch of quarters/nickles/dimes. I gridded and found the normal crackling pennies from the corrosion but then got a normal penny sound. In the scoop was this ring ... I dropped it back to the sand and the 3030 said PENNY. It was not corroded so I thought maybe gold plate and kept looking for more. I got $18+ in change, a couple of fishing weights, a couple of keys and a cheap iron ring along with the other trash. The ring is a James Avery (retired style) that is 585 (14k) and weighs 11.5 g. The interior is slightly smaller than a penny. The diamond is small. Dig your pennies! Mitchel
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    Laughin here....I was for Cruz...even last year, during our primaries, Trump was the only one still in it but Cruz and Kasich were still on the ballot. I voted for Cruz... I HATED the fact that he was gonna be the nominee, because I didn't believe his BS...but voting for a continuation of Obamas administration and agenda was NEVER an option. I'd have to question anybodys decision making skills that could vote for and actually believe a candidate that said the attack and slaughter in Benghazi was the result of a "spontaneous uprising" due to a freaking youtube video....the same candidate who supported a "no fly zone" in Syria so that ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters from Libya, Iraq,Yemen etc. could wreak havoc on hundreds of thousands of innocents in Syria in an ill conceived plan to overthrow Assad...You'd think that after they seen the results in Libya, the administration would have had an epiphany and ceased funding and supporting this debacle.....but noooo....instead they doubled down.... I'm also against not only abortion, but ESPECIALLY partial birth abortions...something the current "progressive" left supports....I could go on for hours...illegals, gay marriage, BLM, womens rights....EXPLOITING every little crack of division of our great country. What I've seen since the election is that I was WRONG....Trump is keeping his promises, and I'm glad he is...it's way past time we started enforcing our laws...Trumps Minion???....pffft. And your comments on the second amendment aren't very well thought out...felons and people adjudicated mentally ill are ALREADY federally disqualified from owning or being in possession of firearms...ALL THE REGULATIONS IN CHICAGO hasn't slowed down the killing one bit has it??? Maybe if the LAW ABIDING citizens there were allowed to carry, the thugs couldn't be riding roughshod over them and the people in need of being killed, would get what they deserve...JMHO
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    So lemme make sure I got this straight: Pull out of my driveway n head up the road, hang a louie on I-10 until I hit PCH then meet you on -- was that the S side or N side of the pier..? Swamp
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    Older people are so inventive......
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    ANSWERS TO THE QUIZ 1) How long did the Hundred Years War last? 116 years 2) Which country makes Panama hats? Ecuador 3) From which animal do we get cat gut? Sheep and Horses 4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution? November 5) What is a camel's hair brush made of? Squirrel fur 6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal? Dogs 7) What was King George VI's first name? Albert 8 ) What color is a purple finch? Crimson 9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from? New Zealand 10) What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane? Orange (of course) What do you mean, you failed? Me, too! (And if you try to tell me you passed...you is a lying, "Intellectual") Pass this on to your actual, brilliant friends.
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    See what happens, now your forum famous.
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    Absolutely AMAZING! Congrats!
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    Time to get back to what most of us are here for..... A couple months back, I wandered into a sweet little patch. We now call her "Tiny Tunes". Thanks Andyy Here's a pic of my best day there. Since then, a few dozen little nuggets have been taken by myself and a few friends. I gained much experience with my detector by finding this place. It certainly has been a game changer for me. So now, so far, I've found 8 in one day..... Luke
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    Heck yah! Nice find Tom H.
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    Mitchel -- did it hit as Zinc or Copper..? I've been trying to compile a chart for gold rings (and jewelry too) based on karat.. Most likely they'll all fall into a range rather than a specific # due to different %s of hardening metals added.. In theory all commercially mfg'd 14k should read the same + -.. Since you said penny rather than using a readout # I'm wondering if ring size could somehow make a difference..? It shouldn't, but... So wanting to validate / eliminate that as a variable.. (Unfortunately none of this can be compared against the #s Steve's been getting & compiling on nuggets: size, location etc., etc..) If I knew a jeweler well enough he'd let me come in and toss down a buncha stuffs or a rich girl with an overflowing jewelry box this would be an easy task.. Since I know neither it's down to survey sez.. Swamp
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    The best stories are when someone is 'sure' of what they are going to dig up, and well.... Surprise !! Great find Mitchel. Luke
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    Very nice find Mitchel, you don't have to get out in the deserts to find gold, it's right in your back yard. Dave
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    I personally would recommend the gold bug 2, over the pro. It's also very lightweight.
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    I believe the Gold Bug Pro has two screws that need to be removed to detach the head/meter. They are Philips head screws. As I found out, it is easier to just tack weld a tab on them for easy removal. Other than that, breaks down into 3 pieces.
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    wow very nice find and plenty of gold.....
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    Nice one Mitchel. Sounds like we've all been buried in rain, lately. But at least you're cash'n in. At first I thought you were using your 7000 (tough in salts?) and then realized you switched attack weapons.
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    A penny for your ring (thoughts) !! Congrats.
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    Besides being a heckuva nice thing to do, with the exception of thirty-some additional years of deterioration to the original film, today's in-computer software-generated film-to-DVD frame-by-frame copies totally blow away the film-to-VHS copies that started getting done in the mid-latter '80s when that method and video tape were 'state of the art'.. The '80s method was a straight-up copy / transfer; you got it back warts and all, of which there were more than a couple, and it wasn't inexpensive either.. A major problem was getting the 16, 18 & 30 fps film to synch with VHS 24 fps.. I was able to easily eBay every ELMO 16-CL projector (I think that was the one) I could get my hands on in the late '90s at the school board 'obsolete' sales because it had a 5-blade shutter instead of the much more common 3-blade, since with some conversion work it could be made to nearly or completely eliminate shadows and artifacts across that entire fps spectrum.. But that's as good as it got.. Today someone running a good digital transfer operation will not only get your DVD copy back to you dust bunny free but will also return your original film with new splices and spun up on a fresh reel for about the same $$s as that VHS copy of yore.. Sure, there's a premium for working with marginalized originals, but you'll get a clean copy from film you wouldn't even consider trying to run through a projector -- which was the only option back in the day.. Anyhowww, just sayin' -- good thing you're doing there, HJ.. Swamp
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    She speaks..! Swamp Psssst: We all knew you'd just been waiting for the right event to apply your initial comment.. Nice choice, this..
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    Everyone has a plastic bag of old Gicky Nylon Bolts for toilets stashed some place. Don't they ? I mean they do work for detector clevises too.
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    That's why we never throw away stuff like old toliet seats!!
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    Fantastic museum downtown a few blocks away also. I've given them a few objects and just got a 1950s trip down the 49r trail from film to dvd to send them also. Amazing July 4th parade from 56 was a hoot as so much was different then. Sicken than a dog, sure would be nice to revist my childhood stomping grounds. thanx for the headsup as GREAT folks-John
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    Don't really like the idea of bring paid to stake a claim like that. Seems to be just helping people place paper claims by putting stakes in the ground for them. Took me six or seven hours to stake two 20 acre adjacent placer claims. Most of that was driving 90 minutes to the site and 90 minutes back and then walking to the two sets of four corners and digging the stake into the ground and then stacking the rocks, Also spent about $25 in gas. With someone spending all day to put the four corners up, I'll bet there is no onsite prospecting done. I also bet you'd be staking their tier 3 E-Bay claims that would be heavy in saying catch phrases like "in the famous XXXX mining district..."; "Just 1 mile south of the XXXX mine that produced XXXX ounces of gold"; "15 ounce nugget detected nearby"; "Are ready for the apocalypse: you have food, water, shelter, but what would you use for currency? Now you can get your own valuable minerals..."; "Local minerals are silver, gold, copper, zink....". All the typical E-Bay sayings that lack anything specific on the claim you're putting all your money in. Just as some of the land is starting to open up, don't really need it getting claimed in that fashion and I don't want to contribute to what I consider an E-Bay scam.
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    Paper Hangers. Who signs off on the discovery , assessment and improvements not ever being there ? Sound like bad Ju Ju to me. LoL, no money to be made if it was proper. You would have to have other things to do in the area to even consider it. HF
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    Here in New Mexico we would call those Lumpers .. Nice Gold Sir.
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    Emmmm Now it looks like bubbles in mud that filled with silicates to me. Still Cool.
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    It was the 2300, Mike. But this experience and being able to involve my wife in it, laid the groundwork for getting the 5000. After she found her first nugget, she was over there, swinging away.... Then she blurts out, " I can see why you would want to do this all day long..." Bingo !! Hook, line, and sinker !! Luke
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    Here's that macro shot. Beautiful!
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    Hi Bill ... Max and I are planning to be there. Besides Max would be upset if I didn't go and take him ... he hasn't raided a grill lately! LOL! I'll plan on bring some more of my Chili ... seems to go over fairly well ... going to put just a tad more heat to it this time though. Last batch was a bit bland! Mike F
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    Got out today with Dad,Dave and James to go over James wash and hit some others. James had to leave this one in a hurry last week as we were blowing the horn for him to come back in. Dave and James went and hit the upper end and let Dad hit the lower end that James scooted over real fast. I hit another parallel wash and came up empty handed. James was able to get three more out of it and when we met he wanted me to go over the lower end with my 13x17 evolution coil. They actually were just whispers to start with. Some on the side and some in the gut. I got 4 at 3.5 grams They were all around 8 inches deep. Big one was a bit deeper. This gold is really pretty, nice and bright for some reason. Great day out with friends and the good Lord blessed us with gold AGAIN! Tom H.