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    Hey all... So I set out today with the intent of finding some gold with the Equinox 800 I picked up from Bill last month. I went back to the hillside patch known as "My First Dink Patch". Myself and several others have been over this ground a few times and I've really 'hit it hard' with the SDC. I figured it would be a good place to start, and also to see how the 800 handles the ground. Right off, I was finding birdshot that I missed with the SDC. The very smallest ones and they were all very old. After the third piece of lead, I started thinking it was just a matter of time until I turned up a little dink. After about an hour and a half, I got a loud 'mixed' signal right in the open part of the patch. The part that also serves as the path you walk through on the way across the hillside. The numbers were jumping all over and I didn't even have to scrape down to bedrock before the target was in the scoop. Not sure how I missed it before.... The smallest of the two was found later with the SDC, down in the bedrock, on the side of the wash after I decided to pick up an old pull tab. Pretty happy with the first 800 gold. It's a nice wiry piece and definitely one of a kind. Good Luck out there !! Luke
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    Here are 15 nuggets that I snagged from a club claim last week. This is a great time of the year in the high desert of SoCal.
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    Tough time in the hills yesterday.....Only one little 3 grain piece of gold and one 3 foot rattlesnake.... Hard to see..... Well here`s a better look...
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    A good friend of mine John Morley Sr of Joshua Tree Ca picked up this nice specimen today in Ca. I asked his permission to share and he ok’d it. He was swinging a GPX 4800. We’ve prospected together for quite a few years now and have been up and down the wash he was in. This is such an impressive find considering the location is a club claim and has been SCOURED. I’m super happy for him and his hard work and luck. 20+ grams as it sits.
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    Well after coming home with my tail between my legs from quartzsite, last weekend.... today i finally beat the skunk! Iv been working this area for a few weeks now and the chunks keep getting bigger and rougher... Seems like a good sign! just keep wondering just how far a nugget can travel (in the desert conditions) and still be all chunky and crystally lookin? All of the nuggets iv found in this area have been well worn and rounded, except for these which iv found further up the drainage. Not much but steep hillsides left at this point. The two skunk busters on the scale came out of the same hole.. love that! .
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    Got back in one piece from a great camp out up around LSD. Perfect detecting weather! Saw some cool things.....Wire/wood ladder for a mineshaft, doubledecker cacti, old handstack, 90+ miles of dirt road! Dad and James scored a couple of dinksters, I got skunked. Found some cool things though, 45 cal. and a 10 guage shotgun shell base in some tribs that I need to go back to. Got some more trash from them so they have not been hit Hard to find washes like that in the LSD area. Found a seed pod that had to make a bird out of Great food and friends. Had a blast. Tom H.
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    Got out yesterday for a bit and went into a small shallow wash that has produced a bunch of nuggets in the past and it is less than a half mile long out West a ways and got these 3 nuggets as well as losing my cell phone. So loading up early for a long drive back in there to see if I can find it Going to take a rake and shovel and peel some material off the top in a few areas to see what is hiding. We have pounded this area with both PI and VLF detector and the hot rocks are were just horrible and ground hot, until now.... Yep GM 1000.
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    The skunk is finally dead and my Gold Monster has finally proven itself! What's weird is that I had 7 pieces last night when I put them on the scale. I gently swished them around and let them soak for a bit in soapy water, and now there are 8 of them! .85g total weight, all found yesterday within a foot or so from each other (except two that were maybe 6" apart), on bedrock, within about 50' from the truck. The largest nug (top, left) has a little bit of quartz still attached to one side. Sorry about the crappy smart phone photo... I just had to share the good news. While I'm waiting for the Nikon macro lens I ordered to arrive I'll clean these nuggets up a little bit. I will try to get some decent images uploaded later this week.
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    Today I got out with the Nox 800 and I found a place that had some coins shining in the wind. There was also this 4.5g ring when I looked down at my target area under the coil. Mitchel
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    My name's Saul. I'm a grouchy old geezer, twice widowed, once divorced, who was raised in Prescott back when there weren't many of my folks in Arizona (I'm a Jew). I had an uncle and two great uncles who were prospectors in Nevada and Arizona, and they took turns using me as a rock-moving indentured servant, starting when I was about 6. (I never have figured out how they decided who got me on a particular weekend or a given summer – maybe I was the winnings in a series of low-stakes poker games, but regardless, I enjoyed tramping about in the desert, finding gold and tarantulas, and listening to the uncles, and my grandfather, at the campfires telling family history from the pre-America stages of our long exile). Later, I spent 20 years in Alaska, where I was an editor at a now-defunct Anchorage daily paper and later at a chain of village newspapers owned by one of the Native corporations. Up North, I also ran several of my own businesses while raising my kids as a single dad. I've owned several claims over the years – one in California that I gave to a younger brother as a wedding gift, and a couple below Hatcher Pass and another near Talkeetna in Alaska. Since 2002 I've lived in Idaho, New York and currently Missouri. These last two states, I've really missed the gold, so I'm preparing to move back to my childhood haunts around Prescott later this year. While plotting to make my next fortune I came across this forum. So here I am. By this time next year I'll be posting photos of my finds, unless I've gone so broke that I've pawned the computer. One never knows.
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    Not boots but you get the idea!!
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    I was down by the river in Bullhead AZ and found a Mexican coin today....not worth much , but still a find . also found a key and several other coins.
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    Please pardon a newbie stepping right up with advice. I've been reading the forums for a while, and noticed that there's a member named Adam who moves and stacks mountains of rocks and boulders using a device he calls a Boulder Dash. This Adam fellow claims that his Boulder Dash contraption runs on water, all day on only three gallons. Although I'm not certain whether or not it can be carried via backpack, it does seem to have a reputation for reliability and functionality. If I needed to move a lot of rocks, I'd look into renting a Boulder Dash by the day. Happy hunting -- Saul
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    Took the SDC 2300 out for a day trip on a nugget patch that supposedly already gave up its bounty. Found these little pickers hiding in the desert pavement. My dad was using his new Gold Monster on the same patch and has been skunked several times now...any advice on getting the GM tuned up? He was very successful with his Tesoro, but we can’t seem to dial in the monster yet. Cheers!
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    Northern California Man Discovers Massive Gold Nugget on Easter Sunday.A lucky metal detectorist is feeling really good this week after finding a gold nugget of a lifetime. The undisclosed person struck a strong signal with his metal detector and hoisted a back breaking nugget from the earth. Estimated to be worth over $300,000 and could fetch more at auction.
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    Coworker was able to put it together in a few minutes. Guess I am not a puzzle guy.
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    Sorry for the bad photo my camera on my phone is a little cracked but heres a couple bits of Wyoming gold hoping to add some more nuggets to the collection this year but we will see. The biggest is 1.67oz....
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    I told Bill I would share my experiences with the Equinox I picked up a couple of weeks ago. My first search was in town at a field they and an event 2 months ago. There I found quite a bit of trash, (Pull tabs, copper tube, foil,lead, all the normal stuff) But I was trying to get to know the machine before traveling 2 hours to search for Gold. Saturday was my first trip to an area I have been to many times and used many detectors. Traveling in the wash of course I found the normal stuff, nails and other iron, which I found gives off a negative number, lead was at an 11. I found a positive number at 1 and dug it up to find a gum wrapper. (this machine will not fool me again) After walking about an hour I got a signal that almost blew my headphones off, a solid 17, so I dug. at 6inches I moved the equinox over the hole again, the target was still there, 12 inches- still there- 24 inches- still there. At 36 inches I heard a clang as my pick hit the target. (all I had was a small pick and plastic spoon.) as I cleared out the hole I had found a water pipe that was used for hydraulic mining in the 1800's. Ticked off I filled in my hole. 100 yards later I found a hole (Picture) where someone else had found a piece of pipe also. An hour or so later after hearing several 1's but not digging, I decided to head back. I looked up the side of the hill to find a cattle trail, and what the heck, I decided to follow it. All I could say is wow, the area opened up to what looks like Virgin ground, cobble every where, but no metal detector holes, no drywashing piles, just cow pies and old cans.By now the sky was getting dark, the wind was blowing 30-40 mph, and I could not hear squat on the headphones, but the detector showed a 1, so I dug. (.2g) now I am pissed that I did not dig the other targets, Had to leave it was a long way back to the SxS. Started raining when I got there. I will return. Bob
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    Welcome to the forum Saul! I agree your advice is some of the best posted by a newbie or old timer for that matter! Unfortunately these Boulder Dash devices are very much in demand and very, very hard to aquire, from what I have heard they are back ordered and the wait maybe years to get one. From what I have read these devices do have a automatic mode and once set it will work endlessly without anymore attention and actually very hard to stop once set to this setting, if anyone is lucky enough to aquire one I would advise to make sure you have it well secured when left unattended so it's not stolen, I would recommend a couple of very heavy logging chains with multiple locks, don't worry though these security measures will not imped it's working ability it will still work properly even with these measures installed. Edit: I forgot to add it's rumored that if you run out of the required water to operate this device beer can be substituted and production will actually increase at the beginning but after a period of time you will experience minor production decline.
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    Actual nugget under x30. Was too pretty to pass up an opportunity to post.
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    What's all the Fuss ? Their here all the time in New Mexico. Hell Bert stops in for a Beer now and then.
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    Well the 'fat-lady-sang' tonight!!! Its a done deal... 16 Eurasian doves down - yielded 32+ breast/bacon-jalapeno wraps and you can get two bites off one wrap when you cut them half. Topped it off with mixed veggies and seasoned potato wedges. Delicious... Delicious...Delicious
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    I've held both daggers. The meteorite one has a quartz crystal pommel with two opposing through pins. The other dagger is all gold with some cloisonne on the handle. The blade is a peculiar gold alloy formulated to hold an edge. Better picture of the all gold dagger with it's gold sheath: The obverse of the sheath on the gold one is decorated with various animals attacking other animals. Nice stuff.