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    Hey all !! I just thought I would make a post and show some gold that I found over the last couple years. It's not all of it and some was bigger, but this is 'average gold'. I say that because if you are looking for gold with a detector, this is the size that you may find, on average. At least that's how it's been for me. I'll post two pics. The lighting was different and brings out more character. So here's some eye candy to raise everyone's fever a notch or two. 20 grams of Central Arizona gold. Enjoy !! Luke
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    Well now,... "That was fun!!" I was out today sort of early doing some detecting and trying to stay out for atleast an hour or-so, and yet beat the summer heat and humidity back as well (so much for that). I was detecting up a wash that had been thrashed pretty good by the last couple of monsoon rainstorms. The floolding water had opened up a section of bedrock and exposed it from bank to bank for a width of about 8 ft. Or-so; the center of which had been scoured thus-leaving a "V"-shape. (The whole exposed section was about 15 ft. Long). There was still water flowing at a trickling-pace, and most of the lowest areas had pooled-up holding water. I had just detected the exposed bedrock up against the left-side bank and was about to swing the coil across and over to the right side exposed area when my eye caught the slight coloration of something (sort of blurred) lite-yellowish down under the water in this open ("V"'d) pool. I had to take a double-take thinking it might just be a light-yellowish-colored rock (as I have found a few times in the past). It really wasn't bright, yellowish, and metalic-looking, so I wasn't really sure if it was a nugget or not at first. I didn't even bother to swing my coil over it;... I just stooped down and plucked it out of the water to take a look. It was just then that I realized that it was indeed a nugget that was just laying there under 4" of water in a wide-open "V"-shaped crag !!!! I can't say that I have come across a nugget that way before, so I guess there's a first time for everything. All I had with me was my cheep Tracphone, so the first few photos are of it ( probably blurred) "in-situ". They are probably not too good, but they should be good enough to see what the conditions were like. The last few photos are of it after I cleaned it up at home with a different camera. I also found a small "dink" just upstream (photo'd). The big nugget weighed in at 1.15 Grams, and the combined weight of the two came to 1.22 Grams. "Come-on Monsoon Rains,...come in hard and heavy some more!!!" Gary
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    Remember Guys and Gals we now have allot of children using this forum from grade school up and I know of 4 teachers that also reference our forum in classrooms. So we have a responsibility to keep in mind that our posts must reflect responsibility and be family friendly. I am very serious about this as I got an email asking if our forum was OK for kids and I said yes and it has always been so... To comment harshly, sexually, mockingly, or insultingly in our posts is just wrong and against what we stand for and is seen by folks the world over and everyone is welcome here.... So please keep it clean and friendly my friends as we usually do and I only made this post because school is back in session and kids are here with us trying to learn what we do. Let's be a good example OK?
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    With forecasted temps of 104 , boulder dash and I decided to get in a day off roading and detecting down in the desert. When we arrived on scene, it was clear we were not the only ones in the area... That footprint was the same length as my boot ~ 12" This little guy was hanging around the area too... It was a very tough full day of hiking & beeping a large area. Boulder dash wound up with a half gram extremely coarse piece of gold. I managed a skunk This nice piece could be a potential leader nugget, for a future patch. Good Times !
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    My sons 4 now and at this point he has more exposure to meteorites than most children. This is him and I with our slices of Brahin pallasites. The reason I got the two is because my sons heritage and lineage is directly from Belarus. I knew it was a important meteorite to acquire sooner than later for that reason and also the location of the fall is located in a area heavily and directly contaminated by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster locally 80% of the fallout is said to have fallen in the Gomel vicinity making it a dangerous task excavating the stones beneath the contaminated soils. I'm sure people still do it but I'm sure it is strongly advised against. Anyways my words of encouragement for the day, start them while there young maybe they will have a career mining asteroids someday!!
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    Last year I decided to get another boat to round out my armada. I was looking for something in the destroyer class. I found this skiff for a song and it is awesome. I call it El Gancho. It is a 15.5 foot Orlando Clipper with a 9.9 hp outboard. I thought this long skinny boat would be a turd with the tiny engine but it FLYS across the water at about 24 mph! Way faster than I want to run it. It has a larger carb and valve setup that essentially makes it a 15 hp. engine. On smooth water with the top down it will (almost) run side by side with my old 24 foot Sea Ray with twin sixes. Here it is the first time we took it out.... I put a real top on it and we are fishing it hard. It is super easy to maneuver and fish from. Check out how narrow the beam is - 52"! This is my boreal hyena. His name is Chavo. He loves his new little skiff and is always ready to fish. If you touch those fish you will draw back a stump. Notice those nice flat decks. This boat is made from super thick aluminum sheet with no bends. There is a thick cast keel and chines riveted on the outside of the hull leaving the deck smooth with nice corners. It is great to stand and fish and makes a great bowfishing platform. We spend hours bowfishing frogs and carp from this boat at night. We like to run jugs while we bowfish. We have not caught any huge catfish lately but we catch plenty of good eaters. Here is my toddler with a catfish nugget. The hyena has been sedated for safety reasons. My momma likes this little boat too. It is easy for her to get in and out of. It is stable so it does not tip when she is climbing in and comfortable enough to fish for a few hours. Here she is with a huge catch. She is 91 years old and has been fishing this lake since she was a small child. I started fishing with her here when I was an infant. My son caught his first fish here over 30 years ago. The three of us are still hauling them over the side! The mountains in the background are the Sierra Caballo. Gold as big as your thumbs. The placer comes right down to the waters edge. If you can keep one eye in the pan and one on the pole you can fish and prospect at the same time. It also pays to keep a rifle handy in case a javelina or a big buck walks by while you are prosfishing ( or fishpecting ). You need to be able to multi task in this country or you will miss out on stuff.
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    Well we got our second down burst and storm from the East this year and when they come from that way we can really get nailed and we did. Huge amounts of rain in a shot time, like I mean an inch in 15 minutes. Peeled the roofing up on the new awning (roof) the insurance company paid for from last year and generally made a huge mess. But all that water likely changed the landscape at LSD so as soon as there is enough light I am out for nuggets.... Well crumb chasing.... Got 3 yesterday. Should be fun, buggy, muddy, and hopefully tag a wild free ranging dink....
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    Well I have been selling on Ebay a long time. I have a 100% feedback rating but I learn something new every day. I know a lot of you guys sell on Ebay as well, or purchase. I have just lost a lot of money and time trying to recover a brand new Equinox 800 I sold on Ebay, worth $900, all because I dutifully uploaded tracking information. After selling the Equinox, I packaged it and shipped it. Buyer notifies me she didn't buy the item. I get her contact information and call her. All the address information is correct but she says she has no idea of how the item got ordered through Ebay and paid for with her Pay Pal account. I told her just refuse the package when it arrives, when I get it back I will refund her money. I told her to contact Ebay and Pay Pal. I followed up our telephone conversation with a message through Ebay to document the conversation. (I honestly thought her husband probably bought it and didn't tell her, and she would probably get back in touch with me and tell me her husband confessed to buying the detector and all was fine.) On the day the package was to arrive I checked tracking to make sure the buyer had refused the package and that it was on it's way back to me. Instead I find that the package had been intercepted and re-routed to New Jersey and was due for delivery on that very day. Now I get the postal inspectors involved. They tell me that the package has been delivered to a Russian Freight forwarding company that has been known to be used by hackers and scammers. Long story short, the postal inspectors tell me that anyone who hacks an ebay account and paypal account and makes an unauthorized purchase obviously has access to all of the account information. So they know the account holders name, address and when the seller dutifully uploads the tracking information, that is all they need to redirect a package to anywhere they want to. The only way to stop it, is to not upload tracking information. SELLER BEWARE! Paypal seller protection DOES NOT protect you if the package is redirected, so you are just out of luck. I happened to have had a great postal inspector, who went above and beyond to recover my merchandise. The merchandise had been repackaged and was getting ready to be shipped to Russia. Inside the box was not only my merchandise valued at $900 but also a watch valued at $1000, which I knew nothing about. Obviously the hacker was scamming several items then having the forwarder consolidate the stolen merchandise into one box to be sent to them in Russia. I told the postal inspector to seize the watch, and my Equinox 800 is on the way back to me. Take this information and do with it what you will, but protect yourself. I would recommend that if you are a seller, never upload tracking information. If you are a buyer, tell the seller not to upload tracking information.
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    Here is a little eye candy. I've been talking about this nugget but haven't put up a photo. anyway here it is. The cross nugget. There is a story behind it as well. I found it up at jimmy Malone's claims in Nv. at the time I was working with him on his claims operating a loader feeding the wash plant. one day we were done for the day so I stroll over to where Jimmy was sitting in his lounge chair, drink in one hand just watching us shut down the plant. The ground he was sitting on is ground that we had already worked. we scraped it down to decomposed schisty looking bedrock. took about 12' off the top with a dozer. so just for grins I picked up his metal detector a Minelab, cranked it up and started swingin. Jimmy yells your not got to find anything in here we scraped it off pretty good. a few swings later I get this real light signal. Im thinking probably just hot ground at first. so I check the detector settings, re-swing, its there. I grab Jimmy's little cheesy pick and I'm pounding out this hard clay like ground. I get down 10-12" and the signal is getting better and I'm pretty sure its not hot ground. but Im also thinking I may be going deep on this sucker. So I tell jimmy I'm going up to get a real pick. I put down the detector and I head about a hundred yards up to his cabin to get my pick. The crater maker. So I walk back down the hill and I'm looking at Jimmy and another guy that worked with us and they are sitting there giggling? so I pick up the detector and check the hole to get an idea of where the nugget is and I start pulling loose stuff out of the hole and I take a few more swipes with my pick, I pull out more of the loose stuff, check it and its in the pile now. I kneel down to sort it out and I look over at them grinning and the look on their face changed real quick when I held up this nugget. They jumped up and said your kidding me! no I said, here it is and I handed it to Jimmy. Jimmy reached into his shirt pocket and showed me another nugget about the same size and laughing said we dug this out of the hole while you went to get your pick! Never a dull moment mining with Jim. RIP Jimmy. Another twofer hole. always check your holes. I got to keep this one Jimmy kept the other one. The nugget weighs a little over 1/2 oz. and if you look close you can see its also dendritic. Take care out there, AzNuggetBob
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    Last night I decided to use the 6" coil on the beach after my first usage in the desert on Saturday morning. Wow, was I surprised. I thought I'd go out for a short hunt at about 11:30 PM and be back in a couple of hours. It turned out to be a lot more fun than that. As soon as I got to the beach I knew the conditions were pretty good but this 6" coil has been burning a hole in my floor since I used it on Saturday looking for nuggets. I gave it one day of rest and then I had to go use it on the beach. My first target was a dime. It sounded good and it was down about 3 inches. Not bad I thought for the little coil and then I came across a lot of pennies. Often times I won't dig them but I wanted to know how deep the coil could see them so dig, dig, dig. I was finding pennies at 6-7 inches with no problem. I know because the diameter of my sand scoop is 6 inches like the coil. After many pennies I wanted to get to a different part of the beach so I skipped them for a bit. When I got to where I wanted to be someone was up on the blanket line with their detector. I hunted along the wet sand in Beach 1 all out (25). I started finding some quarters. I worked my way down the beach and I looked up and saw a guy 25-30 yards ahead of me coming in my direction. (I ignore this guy because he doesn't fill his holes.) I turn back away from him to work my little section and I get an 8 signal. I dig down about 7 inches and I see the rose colored ring in the scoop. ( I don't know what is in this ring.) The other guy has just walked past me so I drop it in my pouch so he can't see it. I swing around the find area and about 20 feet away I get a 3 ... it is the Michael Kors belt buckle ring. (Fun to find but not worth much.) All along I'm finding more quarters and the $1 coin. I walk down to a beach I call Ring Beach but nothing to be found. On the way back I hunt a newly exposed area near where I found the two rings. I get a signal that jumps between 12 and 14 but never staying on 13. It turns out to be a 14/20 Toe Ring. So, now I have 3 rings with the smallest coil I've ever used on the beach. Something is going right. Along the way I find a fine chain. There were a couple of the quarters I dug that had to be 9 inches deep. It was a fun first time on the beach with the 6 inch coil but it won't be the last time. Mitchel
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    Had a really great 4 days back in the hills looking for gold. Met up with some great friends around Dewey/Humboldt area. There is a lot of gold in this spot but unfortunately.....none of us could seem to get our detectors over it??? Oh well. That is why its called prospecting and not picking up gold We had a blast. Thurs night the rain dumped on us. It got down to about 70F and we all just sat under our canopies soaking it in feeling sorry for the folks in the city. Pretty cool to see normally dry washes flowing. Next two days were kind of muggy though BLAH.... The hand stack in the pic was 3 feet high and about 20 ft long. Someone put a heck of a lot of work in that area..Ate a lot of good food, made new friends and reminisced a lot. The view was AWESOME from camp. Just had a really good time out of the PHX furnace.My cool find was a old shot gun shell base made from 1860-1930s Enjoy!!!!
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    Melted lumber is always the best lumber. I had always found it easier to transport from the forest by melting it first and, then, tossing it into the back of a pick up truck in five gallon buckets. When I got home I would pour it into some old clean rain gutters I had never installed. I learned through experience to get the best quality wood was to cool them down slowly until they harden. It helps to put a very light coat of pine oil on the gutters first so that they don't stick. and slide right off. I had to be careful not to pour it too deep in the trough or the wood would be too thick. The shape of the rain gutters made them form beautiful planks. I got to build my back patio out of them. It was one of the best projects I had ever done. Cheers! billpeters
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    I also spent 2 full days hitting new ground and managed to see zero gold. Detecting is hard....
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    Gold basin.....very hot rock. Found it this morning just threw it in my 'hot rock' pouch. Thought it was a big iron nugget of which I save all of them to throw in the flower bed at home. Got it home and was cleaning it up and the more I cleaned the more my heart started pounding. So I ground a window in it and shezzam it's a chondrite! Can't weigh it until I get a bigger scale but I'm guessing it's well over 1 pound. Thought I got skunked today.....not!
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    I have no interest in debating your political philosophy, any more than I would wish to argue the workings of the universe with a flat-Earther, or the source of gold with a believer in leprechauns. What I will do is challenge you when you promote Von Reitz, an author who writes of my people: “They regularly pretend to be Jews, and because they are ethnically Jewish they often "look like" the stereotypical Jew ---but they don't follow the religion of Judaism at all. No, their religion is the religion of Ancient Summer and Babylon, what we call Satanism, which they practice with all its hideous attributes of orgies and drugs and infanticide and child molestation and cannibalism and blood-drinking -- and then blame it on the actual Jews, who are trying to have a quiet Sabbath meal with their families, thank you very much.” [http://annavonreitz.com/antisemitism.pdf] (Emphasis mine – Saul) Von Reitz isn't being original. She certainly isn't showing any signs of intellect, but is just aping blood-libelous bullsh-t which was believed by most of Christian Europe during much of the past two millennia. Those exact false accusations were used for centuries to justify the longest-running attempt to break, ruin and eradicate a people in history, and to justify uncountable state- and church-sanctioned mass murders. Any yet, a moral and intellectual vacuum like Von Reitz continues to spew the same Dark Ages crap in the 21st century, and thousands of complete morons hungrily devour her every spittle-flecked word. How vacant-minded can people be? If I thought it would make any difference, I'd suggest that Von Reitz take a bath and attempt to wash away some of the sickness that consumes her, but no, it wouldn't help. That woman needs to pull her piehole out of her cornhole, as do the people who love her work. Why, Wet-drywasher, are you promoting that ignorant 12th century harpy's blog here, in a friendly forum intended to discuss gold prospecting? If you want to whine about the big, bad, mean policeman who tells you to wear a seat belt, go for it. If you want to withdraw from society using some bizarre politico-philisophical chain of unreasoning, I certainly won't try to talk you out of it. As a matter of fact, the entire “me tarzan native on native land word mean thing” shtick is kind of amusing, so keep at it. (However, I will say to those who complain about the U.S. being an oppressive society, they have no freaking clue what oppression really is, or what an unbelievably rare and beautiful gift it is to live in this nation, flaws and all.) But I absolutely won't sit quietly when you promote an author who spews the same hatred that cost the lives of 20 million (a conservative number) of my people over the past two thousand years, the same hatred that disemboweled our infants, that put us to the stake, that peeled us alive, that expelled us from place after place, that brought the Inquisitions down upon our heads and the ax upon our necks, that burned our synagogues and holy books, and that crucified many tens of thousands of us, and that in the past century gassed six million of us, murdering a third of our entire world population in six years, including family members of mine. When you promote an author who's trying to revive that ages-old hatred, I'll call you on it. I ask again, why are you promoting that woman's blog here? Are you ignorant of her beliefs, or are you in agreement with her? And why here, of all forums on the internet? Is gold that hard to find, that you have to display ignorance rather than nuggets? I'm finished with you. My apologies to Bill and his fine moderators for the lengthy, rule-breaking rant -- Saul
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    I have re-posted some of Bill's videos to my pages on Facebook, and Twitter. When I was starting my gold prospecting school and travel adventure business in Arizona, Bill had been a highly respected Arizona nuggetshooter for years already. Joining this forum, and listening to what Bill, Uncle Ron, Mike Furness, Calvin Bunker, Adam and others had to say, taught me a lot about gold prospecting with a metal detector. Bill's videos could be a very profitable packaged set, selling for good money on Amazon; his store; and Ebay. Instead, Bill is giving it away to us, and building his brand. My hat is off to you Mr. Southern, and thank you for all the valuable things you have taught me since I met you.
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    Well , went and picked up my new float tube...inflated and tested for leaks....ready for the lake. Was told that 2 guys fished in the place I like to fish and they was fishing from the bank and caught 15 stripers... Going out as soon as I can....fishing report to follow.
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    Bob, I was catching up on probably the greatest thread I have seen in a long time, (even with an ever changing name) and noticed you mentioned Reserve. Reserve NM I presume. If that is the Reserve you are speaking of I had the good fortune of visiting there a couple of years ago to pick up a diesel powered Samurai from a very interesting wrench bender there.... My friend and I walked into the small cafe for breakfast and we were both amazed at the warm and friendly greetings we received from the locals.... A woman came by our table and filled up our coffee cups and when as we left I saw her outside and thanked her again, turns out she was not an employee but just a local being a kind soul.... The country is breathtakingly beautiful and the people we talked to were great..... I gotta go pop some more popcorn so I can continue the top notch banter here. Jeff
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    Sorry Bob. Yeah that's a really cool map. Great score, $5 is a really good price. How many colors does it have? What's the projection? About the thread subject - I was just following your lead in the meteorite forum. No sense in sticking to the subject if I have a good story to tell eh? Does the map have a fusion crust?
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    Will be leaving Thursday for the Toms camping trip..so needed being I have had cabin fever..Hope to find gold and will enjoy myself with great people..oh and 4 Chihuahuas!😃
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    Went to a club claim this morn, no gold but got a nice tone on this old coin. It was down 3 inches.
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    I appreciate the replies fellas. But there's certainly no need to 'bow' to me. I'm just a mere mortal. Truth is, I sold this gold a couple months back to fund another 'project'. If you look on the Gold Rush Nuggets website you can see them again. The angular piece just below Lincoln's right shoulder is also able to be seen on the GRN site so you know which group were mine. I probably spent too much time in the Meteor-maybe forum today and I thought I should get back to what brought me here in the first place. Things have been kinda 'slow' in the detecting for gold forum for the same reason every year. I thought I would try to help and 'kick things off' and get everybody excited about getting out in the coming months and finding some gold. So get out there and find some gold.
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    This is classic gold ore. The rock on the left represents where the vein becomes more solid and mineralized. It contains less gold and much more silver, copper and base metals. The gold is generally to the side of the vein against the country rock distributed in fine particles in the hematite. The rock on the right has more quartz and the quartz is filled with oxidized minerals. It has more gold. The gold is in the teeth of the quartz as well as against the country rock. There is more, coarser gold in this type of gossan than in the denser, darker one on the left. As a general rule the gold gives way to silver and copper as the vein has less iron and gives way to base metals. The gold generally sticks with the hematite and really oxidized zones. These samples both show visible gold and were within three feet of each other on the same vein as it pinched and swelled. The ore on the left was in the pinch and on the right in the swell. You can actually see a particle of gold in the ore on the left. It is on the bottom near the ball of my thumb. The photo came out nice and you can zoom it well enough to actually see visible color. I can not see any gold in the rock on the right but this section of the vein is always richer. In areas with free milling gold it is fairly easy to find ore that you can pan. Not to say gold could not be in any rock because I suppose it could be. But as far as crushing and testing rock I would advise to stick to mineralized zones where you can pick up oxidized hematite and quartz gossan. Hope this helps. Bob
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    BB, Please don't get me wrong. I admire your intellect and ability to craft the English language. Your space rock is impressive as well. I have no clue as to what kind of meteorite it is, but it looks much more like one than the OP's pictures above. I don't personally have much interest in looking for or collecting meteorites, which is why I rarely comment in this forum. I have learned quite a bit though. Enough to know when a specimen shows some characteristics or not. I also appreciate your willingness to take your time to try to educate the rest of us. That goes for the other 'experts' ( people with above average knowledge on this particular subject ) on this forum as well. My comment was made in reference to a previous thread where internet trolls were being discussed. They feed off of attention and I feel as if this one receives plenty. I sincerely hope he one day finds what he's looking for, whether he recognizes it or not. Most times though, I feel I could post better pictures of 'cool looking' rocks that seemed out of place from where they were found. The African continent is a huge place and certainly almost every type of geology can be found there. It is also the place where humans have inhabited for the longest time. I can easily imagine a scenario where a member of a nomadic tribe picked up and carried a 'cool looking' rock for a hundred miles or more before losing interest and tossing it along the trail. Not saying that this is the case every time, but just saying a rock is from space because is doesn't match the surrounding rocks is dumb. Furthermore, the OP comes to this forum continually asking for opinions and then disregards any opinion that doesn't match his own. Does he know or talk with any local 'experts'? Does he put any effort into the scientific process other than posting several bad pictures? It's lazy to say the least. I could go on and on, but I think I made my position known. Carry on. Much respect to those who continue to have the patience to attempt to teach someone who thinks he knows it all. Even though he keeps coming here for 'help'. Good Luck !! Luke
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    Hopefully the hobos got washed away!