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    Hey all... I made it out the other day for a quick hunt before the sun burned off the clouds. I returned to an area I'd been before, and decided to hunt a hillside near "My First Dink Patch". This area has been hunted by many detectors over the years and it took over an hour before I found my first trash target. A little bit later, I found a target signal behind the trunk of a little bush. After some digging and some screwdriver/bedrock action, the target was out. Another little scrap of rusty metal. But wait, there's another target in the hole. Some more bedrock loosened up and scraped out, and this little guy came to the surface. A nice .58g specimen. I was using the 5000 with the 11" mono commander. Fine gold, gain 9, stab 9, very slow.... I knew the ground would be wet, so the EVO stayed home. I doubt it was more than three inches deep. Even when it was in the scoop, it wasn't very loud. Luke
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    So I takes my girlfriend out to teach her to metal detect for gold nuggets and set her up with the GM 1000 and gave her some quick training.... We hunted a few hours near Lynx Creek, AZ and I was skunked by the time the heat and bugs ran us off. Tammy on the other hand scored her very first gold nugget....
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    I pride myself as a long time GB2 aficionado. I've recovered at least two thousand nuggets with them over the years (I've owned five or six and still have three). So I know a thing or two about how to swing a GB2 -- about their virtues and their limitations. That gives me some perspective. So yesterday I took delivery of a Minelab Gold Monster and earlier today I gave it a field test here in Yucca Valley, California -- strictly a first time out of the box, "let's see what she can do" trial utilizing my standard poker chip test nuggets. I have used the following six test nuggets for over a decade. From the largest on down they consist of gold nuggets, flakes and specks ranging from .09g, .07g, .05g, .03g, .02g and finally the smallest piece of gold I've ever recovered with a GB2 --.002g. First I mounted the larger coil and ran through the targets. I was rather disappointed in that I was getting inconsistent responses. That possibly was due to contaminants in the sandy, claylike dirt we have in this part of the desert. Regardless of how I adjusted the settings I could not clearly hear responses from the smaller test targets. The larger the coil, of course, the greater the odds of swinging over multiple simultaneous targets and the greater the likelihood that the control box program will get "confused" by these multiple inputs. A decrease in responsiveness may be noticed. Possibly this is what the larger coil was having trouble with. After I switched to the smaller coil -- WOWIE ZOWIE!!! I was amazed that the GM 1000 was able to CLEARLY respond to even the .002g speck of gold, both in the deep and the shallow settings. I repeatedly moved the poker chips around and carefully scanned the dirt before laying them out. The GM 1000 continued to respond clearly and consistently. I also spread out an array of square nails and the hottest ironstones of various sizes that my GPZ 7000 can see from 12" to 18" deep. They all screamed in the all metal mode but were invisible and totally silent when I switched to the discrimination setting. In addition to the above noted performance plusses, I like the simplified styling of the hardware that enables relatively quick assembly and disassembly. I go places where backpacking is a necessity and this little detector will easily fit. I also like its light weight -- perhaps only a few ounces heavier than a GB2 -- hardly enough to really notice. I just hope this detector will pass the test of time in that our high desert sun takes a toll on plastic parts. But so far so good. The minuses begin with the clunky larger coil which did not seem to me to give much of a depth advantage and clearly does not perform as well on the smaller targets. Not a sufficient depth advantage, for me at least, because the primary reason I purchased the GM 1000 was as a supplement to my GPZ 7000. In other words, the Zed is my main nugget sweeper and it finds some pretty small pieces and punches down fairly deep in its own right. I mostly am concerned with finding what the Zed is missing or is overwhelmed by all the ironstone or Fe trash noises in certain areas. For users who hunt with only one detector and where budget is a major concern, I believe they will be well served with the smaller coil in a similar fashion that many a GB2 owner has come to learn. The other minuses include the GM 1000's "top heaviness" and the headphones. The detector just has a hard time remaining in an upright position. The headphones are uncomfortable and are too small, i.e., they do not block out external noises like a pair of Nugget Busters or other high end headphones. Additionally, they lack a curly cord. The straight wire connection tends to snag easily and will suddenly jerk the headphones right off my head because the wire has no "give" when force is applied during a snag. Finally, the minuscule headphone jack insert opening is not compatible with most high end headphones. All in all I am ready to actually hunt with it. Next week I will try to find some time for an excursion and will give an update. Stay tuned.
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    I made it ride in the back of the truck whilst GPX rode up front with me and the AC, I charged GPX first at night, then her, stood Zeddie in the corner at night whilst GPX got to lay on the couch... started watching Youtube MGTOW (Metaldetectorists Going Their Own Way) videos in her presense so she could hear and see, she eventually got the idea....... In all honesty, it came down to accepting that no matter what, she's a she, she loves to b*tch and moan when out, constantly wining at me, screaming and snarking and a pure hell to spend 8 hours listening to, unlike GPX who's relaxing and calming and we just walk along hand in hand enjoying our time together.......but I digress.... It took spending a month with her in Dry Patch (Rye Patch) torturing myself, lugging her overweight booty, noisy whiny winging self out to the gold fields to realize that as much as she does my head in to listen to for 8 hours.... like a true gold digger, once she sees some value... she'll scream "I WANT IT, I WANT IT, I WANT IT" way above her overall non stop on going babbling of noise..... Interpretation: I had to spend some time in the field to realise that the noise I was hearing were not signals and when I came over a true signal, I could have confidence it would catch me up and I'd dig it. It boiled down to being able to trust she'd tell me when to dig and my learning the ability to zone out her incessant complaining, I learned that part with my ex so it was easy. Note: She's still a whiny female dog at times and overall I prefer my GPX, if for no other reason than I'm sick of digging 1mm long pieces of rusty wire that sounded like I had hit my retirement nugget. That all being said, on my first day in Gold Basin yesterday, I got in late so only had a couple hours and she found me a cute little 1/2 grammer/6.6 grains (and about a pound of wire shavings and dozer chips), but I digress, being with her's still like spending 8 hours undergoing chinese water torture. While out, I was introduced to a new GPX5000 owner (I believe his name was Eldon) who had just purchased a detector from Bill (our gracious forum owner) and couldn't believe I'd found a piece so fast, so I gave it to him as a test nugget to help him learn his machine, the smile on his face was worth much more to me than the 1/2 gram in my poke. Jen
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    I was able to get out for a quick hunt this morning to cross some new washes off the map and also ended up fighting hordes of small gnats from the monsoons, as well as many much larger flying insects! Anyhow, as I'm exploring this general area one of the main indicators I look for is Hematite. When I find gold here I find lots of Hematite hotrocks and it gives a signal I am able to recognize with the GB2, when checking out this new spot today I was walking a hillside and found a hematite patch dropping into a wash. So I followed the wash downstream and after about a hundred feet I noticed a small collapsed handstack and a tossed pile of rocks on the other side of the wash. At that point I slowed way down and was able to come up with two small nuggets within 25' of each other. Keep your eyes peeled out there! It would be easy to walk past these rocks not knowing they were once stacked. But they were, from the detector to the top of the picture.
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    There are thousands of places that the old-timers located. Only some of these turned out to be economically viable -- especially a hundred or more years ago. But what was not once economically viable in a distant yesterday may become viable (or at least casually viable) at a future time as technology changes. I keep my eyes open for places where only minimal old-timer signs prevail. If the only signs are, for example, a few soldered cans amongst barely distinguishable surface diggins with maybe some 100+ year old dry washer tacks and small bore cartridge casings sprinkled here or there, then I slow down and spend some focussed time scanning to determine not only if gold is present, but its shape, size and distribution as well. I prefer to spend a few days trying to recover just a few flakes or nuggets from a low odds unclaimed area where I am the only one who seems to be aware of what potentially lies hidden in the dirt rather than repeatedly returning to a high odds place crawling with others. I've had a few small jackpot moments so far and sooner or later I hope to have my BIG jackpot moment and the self satisfaction that comes with following one's own compass rather than following in the footsteps of the herd. Not all research is accomplished by reading old records. Sometimes it takes boots on the ground and a practiced eye. As long as I am deriving pleasure from my largely solitary efforts, that is my reward. I like to play in the big desert sand box!
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    Man I have to tell you that all this rain here and other disasters like fire have really changed the landscape in many areas I hunt. I am truly amazed and how much material has been moved, moved around, or is newly exposed by fire waiting for my metal detectors. Plus not only is allot of earth changes there have also over the last couple years been changes in detecting technology! Like being able to hunt freshly burned areas without dealing with charcoal driving the detector crazy. A couple areas I hunt quite often have had so much rain in a short time that washes are almost unrecognizable the material has been moved around so much and add to that the erosion on hillsides has also been huge in some areas allowing us to hear a few inches deeper in some areas. My too do list is long this season and I am excited with a hand full of new toys and a bad case of cabin fever, I am excited about this year
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    Here are a couple of my favorite dink finds from a couple years back, gold is amazing....
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    Deep red Cuprite from South West Mine, Bisbee, Cochise Co
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    Hot, gnats, sweating, but had a great time and managed 3 dinks..... one so small I could hardly see it without my glasses out in the field Working shallow ground with GM 1000 in shallow discrimination mode. Lots of Grey Basalt and other hot rocks that are pretty much ignored except for the initial beep before being ignored by the detector.
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    Hi all, The boys and a friend of mine headed out to do a night hunt last night. No gold AGAIN but we did find a sweet coin and relic spot I've been researching. Cameron my oldest found the first coin of the night and his first coin for some time now. It's a 1867 Shield Nickel in pretty good shape. Then I ended up finding the 1876 Seated Quarter and a Chinese coin. The quarter is in really good shape but the pics don't show it real well. We also found some awesome buttons. My little guy found the big button with the hog on it. He started laughing histericly when he seen what it was. Apparently 8 year olds find a pig on a button funny lol. Other than that, I found my first skeleton key and first intact pocket watch frame. It still opens too. And a realy cool gold gilded feather or leaf that i hit with my pick and broke. My buddy found a really cool mini hammer and what looks to be a mini flathead screwdriver. And several buttons. It was a long but fun night. Take care everyone. Dan
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    Hi Mike and All, no issues from the large coil and it is the one I have been using and going to put the small one on this morning to check it out. Yes I will also talk to Minelab today about it as well and will let you know their response.
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    Well, I got out to GB today and got me some classified dirt for my Mountain Goat when it gets here . Then I looked around at the drainage in some small washes. Broke out the new GM and had at it. Nothing new to tell, same story , no gold but you should see me hunt for bird shot. I found 3 pieces of lead bird shot in 3 different places , I had to work for every one of them , but I got 'em. There was other hits but they all showed ferrous so I did not dig , one bird shot was about 2 inches from a ferrous target . I would get a double sound in all metal then I turned on Disc. only got the Ferrous hit so I dug. the it took several minutes to find it. Kept moving it around , would scoop just over it. That's my trip for today......working hard to make GB lead free .
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    Had a Hoot this morning. Noticed some Roaches in the kitchen last week so I put out Mouse Sticky Traps we had left over baited with a bit of meat. I hate using them for the mice . Can't handle looking them in the eyes all glued up still alive. We use good ol Victors for them. One Snap, On Kill ! Any Hooo All Hell Broke Loose in the kitchen this morning. I hear this THUMPING Bouncing kinda noise and go in to see what ta ell was going on. We get Rock Squirrels making there way into the house quite often. They come in and rob the dog food all the time. Here's this Big Butt Rock Squirrel Flailing around with a Sticky Trap stuck to it's back foot. Having Fits it was. Noticing Me Noticing Him/Her it really freaked out and went to crazy town. Looked like that Tasmanian Devil doing the Whirlwind thing in the Cartoon for a minute. Freed it's self and Streaked behind the freezer out a hole in the wall. Want to bet it comes back ?
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    Very nice this morning, but got hot pretty quick once the clouds burned off, but managed a 1/3 gram nugget before I skedaddled for home and cool air.
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    Hey Bill - Its around 90 or so in the middle of the day where I am hunting and plenty of shade. Drops down to the low 50s at night..... Got out the other day and was hunting an obscure spot - one which was discovered more than 100 years ago, but never really worked. Hard to find because there are no actual workings to be seen. There are no dig holes anywhere because its off the well beaten path.... First time I went out there a few years back I got only trash, but yesterday found two nuggets about 30 feet apart. Only half a gram total for the two, but I now have a spot no one knows about which is producing at least a few nuggets. Who knows where that will lead!
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    Yep they would, but this is all new technology and works very differently than the VLF detectors of the past including no threshold which used to be what I called the "voice" of your detector since we carefully listened for variations in the threshold to indicate faint targets. I have always preached to dig all targets and do with all my other detectors, right now I am testing a new machines abilities and so far this detector is dead on. I am using all metal right now and when getting a target use discriminate to first check before digging checking accuracy. Now the biggest part of this is that in places no VLF can work efficiently I can switch over to the shallow mode and hunt the area with few issues. This detector has only 2 modes and one is deep all metal, the other shallow with discrimination and it can not be adjusted though sensitivity can. As I said it is a new step in VLF technology and you can say it's about selling detectors if you want, but I have never been one to BS anyone to sell detectors. I think perhaps you should try one and see what it does and how it works before doubting. As technology advances so do detectors and this VLF with it's 24 bit processor is very different than the 40 year old technology in many of the gold nugget VLF units on the market. I have while testing tried every way I know to fool the Gold Monster in shallow mode and have not been able to yet, but I am still getting to know this detector and reporting my findings as I go.... So far it does as Minelab says and I am impressed with it and have 5 nuggets in my poke, well one is so small it is barely a picker. Only thing about this detector I wasn't fond of was the shaft assembly and changed mine, other than that it is a killer detector that I very much enjoy using and can use in ground not workable a VLF previously. As I said this is a very different technology and can not be compared to other VLF gold machines out there as it is like comparing apples and oranges, they are both round, but very different. It is the way often when new technology and the same sort of thing was said as folks tried to wrap their heads around the GPZ 7000 being so different with it's ZVT technology from the PI.... Cheers and I am going hunting....
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    A desperate looking woman stood poised on the edge of a high bridge, about to jump off. Kenny was wandering by, stopped and said, "Look, since you'll be dead in a few minutes, and it won't matter to you, how about a quickie before you go?" She screamed, "NO! Bug off you filthy old bastard!" He shrugged and turned away saying, "Okay then, I'll just go and wait at the bottom." She didn't jump. Object lesson: Suicide counseling really does work!
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    Terry I did receive the dime. What a stand up guy you are. Guys not only did Terry send the dime with the info where it was found. He sent an 1908 Indian Head penny . Thank you Terry Soloman Lon
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    I got an email from Jim about a week ago. A professor he had at the University of Nevada but I only knew of (he was still there when I started) had passed away at more than 100 years of age and Jim let me know. He was a young buck when Jim was there and the old guard when I was there (with almost 30 years in between). Anyway, Jim is OK. Chris
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    Hey all: Met up with some of the guys and gals and did a camp out the last 4 days up at Mayer. Weather was good, sometimes......rainy others and HUMID other times Thats the way it goes this time of the year up there. Ate like little piglets. Had good times around the fire, and almost everyone found some gold! I found one around 9 on Sunday. Whew! the 11th hr nugget!........it was only the size of a pinhead and about an inch deep with the gold monster. Up until that time I was just finding bird shot. Well, unfortunately, with it being so small I guess I decided to do a catch and release on it because when I got home to take a pic of it......it wasn't in the bottle So Luke or Dean, right at the beginning of that inside bend bench where you two got some there is a macro nug waiting. Guess with gloves on and sweat in my eyes I thought I got it in the bottle when I showed Luke. Really great time though. Tom H.
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    Hypothetically... In an alternate universe... When Minelab called and said... "Hey Luke, do you have any ideas how we could redesign the 5" coil to help reduce false noises generated by movement of the strain relief?" I'll just say... That if the shaft mount was threaded on the opposite side..... Then the 'bolt' could mount from the left. Then the strain relief could be moved down, toward the back of the coil, so it doesn't have to cross over the middle of the coil on it's way up the shaft.... ...or something like that. Luke
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    What?!?!?!.... You dropped your 'nugget'. You had it after we got back to camp..... Since Tom can't show a picture of his find, I'll describe it. Just imagine a little #7 birdshot sized piece of gold. Now you'll have to use the discrimination features of the Monster to find it there at the camp spot. It was great to meet up with The Toms for their annual "Beat the Heat" campout. It's always an honor. I also scored a couple of 11th hour nuggets. I gave it a good effort for most of Saturday and was going to call it quits for the day. I was walking back to the truck, detector off, when I spied some recently exposed bedrock I hadn't seen earlier. Since I was spent, and the gully was trashy being right next to the road, I bypassed the first 10 blasting sounds without digging. When I turned the corner I saw the newly scrubbed bedrock and decided to slow down a bit. The first mellow signal was my first ever sunbaker. I scored the second nugget a couple feet away a few minutes later. It's super awesome when being skunked instantly turns out to be not the case at all. There were several other notable forum members present at the campout, but I'll let them speak up, in case they were 'playing hooky'. Luke
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    I carry carpet strips to lay down for traction. Just 2' wide x 6' long and sure have helped out myself and quite a few folks over the years. Use them to keep dirt out of the tent and back of the truck plus stripping out of my wetsuit. I try to multi purpose as much as possible. John John
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    LOL, Go no place without three days of basic needs. Triple up on the water. Had to do the Bivouac more times then I wanted just to wait until light to figure out how to heck to UN DO what I done did. Worst thing that ever happened was blow a timing belt . That one required a LONG AZZ WALK to catch a ride to town and get a belt. LOL, Had all the tools for the job. I had a spare just about everything but a timing belt. Fuel Pump , Water Pump, Hoses, all OTHER BELTS and even a alternator. LOL Any other time I rendered my self STUCK just took lots of time to UN DO. Yep, if your going to get stuck at least be comfortably STUCK . No matter how new or well maintained your ride is your going to get STUCK some time if you get out often enough. So just Except it and be prepared.
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    Got out to Gold Basin recently, and did a morning hunt before the heat to try n get rid of some of the Summer gold addiction. A lot of water from the storms have exposed some nice washes, and I Ended up with a little over 16 grams of Specimen gold with ironstone..... ( Anyone have some Hydrofluoric Acid I could buy ???? ) I dont get to much of this ironstone mixed in with gold out there, mostly quartz, but hit a nice little patch of it. 2 meteorites to the right of the penny. The bees out in Gold Basin are out in full effect landing on you, wanting water, thirsty little guys. Sometimes I place a gold pan out with water, and when I come back from detecting, the whole pan is usually full of bees drinking. Stay Cool out there.....
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    I've been tempted to get a little Yamaha TW200 (with those Big Wheel tires) to truck around the washes. (4 wheelers are a little wide) I truly think that once you've gathered gold from a few different gold areas and developed good technique (as Luke discussed), then you've got to cover a lot of ground. Not just any ground but point of interest areas found through geological maps, google earth .. etc. I love finding gold others have missed, but I go FREAK'N NUTS when I find AREAS others have missed. That is truly the Gravy in my book.
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    There are quite a few areas near Kingman that have decent gold that didn't make the books Rick, but can be found mentioned in articles and online. But when limited to day trips exploring can indeed be difficult as I stay out days at a time often when following a new lead. Everyone has a method or area they like and none is wrong, but for me I like exploring for areas off the beaten path that can often pay very well, then ya got to keep quiet and work it. For me crumb chasing in old patches is still fun and when hot out it is what I do mostly, but I much prefer getting into those long forgotten areas and finding multiple nuggets. Those areas are STILL OUT THERE and there are more left than most think. This is why I say research is so important and why I spend the long hot summer setting up my Fall to Spring hunting areas in advance. Yes indeed I spend allot of time not finding gold as well, but heck I can do that at Gold Basin, LSD, or...... Anyway. I have found allot of nuggets where there has been no recorded gold production and the government only listed areas that were economically important and produced an average of 5000.00 worth of gold at 20.00 an ounce, think about that for a minute. There are hundreds of small discovery's across the Southwest never recorded and ripe for detecting that one has to do some serious study to find, but the reward can be substantial for a person with a metal detector.
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    Dig trash..... Even if your new detector says it's ferrous. Especially if you've found a spot where others have detected and continued to return. There is a reason they return. If you find trash in areas like this, you can be certain that the previous people did not get all the gold. Trash is generally loud and gold is not (most times). Once you get the loud sounds out of the way, it can be easier to hear the softer sounds of gold. Plus, trash will mask a nugget and make it impossible for the detector to hear a lot of times. Not too long ago, I found a .4g nugget under a decaying tin can that I (and others) had walked past dozens of times. For whatever reason, I decided to move the can. On the third piece of rusty tin being recovered, there was a softer target sound in the bottom of the hole. It was a nugget that I had walked past for over two years. If you're going to a club claim, there was and still is, gold there. Are you likely to find a lunker sitting pretty and easy to hear right on the surface? Probably not. But I have walked into spots on club claims that were obvious that recent mining activity had taken place there. In the past, I had been discouraged and thought that the previous miners (detectorists) got it all. Now I know that is just not true. Generally the more work done in an area in the past, the more gold was found there. NO ONE GETS IT ALL. I have proved this to myself many, many times now. Make sure you are getting the coil into places that others have not. People will generally follow the path of least resistance. Recognize this, and make your own path. Get under bushes, roll rocks, scrape away leaf litter with your foot. If an area looks torn up from previous miners. Take a minute and observe where it hasn't been disturbed and search in those places. Don't just walk through the middle, swing the detector a few times and say.... "I knew there was no gold there". I was guilty of this and I was wrong. Last thing..... PERSIST. There always comes a point where a few hours have passed and you've got a handful of trash, and you're starting to smell a skunk. Sometimes, you've got other engagements and just have to go. If that's the case, come back another time and pick up where you left off. But if you can stay, keep at it. I can think of many times when I was ready to call it a day. Forty minutes later, I'm holding the skunk buster in my hand and going home with a smile on my face. Good Luck !! Luke (here's the nugget I found under that tin can)
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    So after watching this video, I went out and dug a couple of holes dropped in some iron sands and hot rocks along with a 1.5 gram and a 10gram at the same depths and got the same results, then I remembered to turn the detector on. I tried everything they did and could not replicate their results. No matter what I did (even swinging the coil faster) I heard both targets with no issues. Kept digging on the 10 grammer until I was about 9 inches before I lost it as a grreat continuous signal. even though I would dig it no matter what as a repeatable.
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    Yo All...I noticed a disturbance in our indoor pool yesterday late and checked it out to find a 5 ft. bull snake taking a swim but unable to get out ... Bro and I started trying to save him/her but it retreated into the pump filter intake ... We took off the lid and got it out but, man, it was not grateful...It maintained a solid hiss that sounded like a very loud rattler and it struck at us over and over ... Anyhow, Bro finally got him in the net and released in the back yard where it can continue feasting on rattlers, rats, etc... Cool snake Cheers, Unc
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    Unique combination of Calcite, Quartz and Chalcopyrite From Boldut Mine, Romania
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    You're right, Mike, about the GB2 being hard for a newbie to learn, but it really is a sweet machine once you've put in the time (lots of time) on learning it ... Took me 7 years and moving to AZ for me to find my first detected nugget even though I had found pounds of gold dredging and prospecting in NorCal for more than 23 years...My first was over 2 Dwt from LSD (see pic) and I've never looked back since then (although I guess I just did)... I've been using it for 23 years now, it's all beat to hell but still works like a magician's wand ... Now, with all that experience under my belt I can audibly I.D. the target...Even the difference between lead shot and gold...Don't discount GB2 over the latest greatest ...GB2 Rocks! Cheers, Unc
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    CONTEST ENDED AS OF 8-15-17 8:00 am TOTAL IN JAR is 31.11 OK Terry's contest went so well we are going to do another and you folks on Face Book, Twitter, etc. share! New membership drive and contest and goes like Terry's guess the exact amount of change in this 1 pint canning jar to win GOLD & SILVER, prize is shown in photo.... This contest will run until August 15th and the winner will be the one closest without going over.... Have Fun and please share! All money in the jar go to maintaining our community. And here is the prize a silver quarter and nice little gold specimen, both found by yours truly. Simple as that and when ya post this elsewhere remind them they must sign up to win.
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    I know that our official gold prospecting season hasn't begun as yet, but thought I would go out and "eye ball" a wash today that had had some pretty good monsoon rains hammering it last month. I didn't take my detector, nor any of my other prospecting goodies this time. Just mainly walked the wash checking out the exposed bedrock sections. I thought I would do an update on my "naked-eye"-gold-recognition capabilities, and as such, positioned myself on my hands and knees eyeballing the cracks and crevices of the exposed bedrock. I was out there for a few minutes doing this, and was only able to find this one, so I guess I can say: eye to gold recognition----CHECK and GOOD!!! I hadn't brought any kind of container with me, so I had to use a plastic credit card folder that was in my wallet to hold this "Massive-nugget" until I got it home,--improvise. I'd say that it is a bit smaller than the head of a safety pin. Gary
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    H2 Most of the Patagonias are claimed by the Siver Zinc exploration going on. There are historical placers down there (Harshaw, Patagonia, Mowry, Guajolote Flat, and Lochiel) Your best bet is to try on open ground west and south of Three R mine. I've found color in allot of washes in that area. DP
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    My pleasure! I was also able to send Bill a $20.00 donation, so I feel great! I have learned a lot about people, gold, Arizona, and prospecting here on NuggetShooter over the last decade. I'm also happy I've had the chance to meet Bill. You will all understand what I mean when I say that when you meet someone who is genuine - you know it. Bill Southern is the real deal.
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    Just another point or two on "boots on the ground field research": Once I locate a pocket or a patch, then I look for another. But this time I have some additional clues to go by (they differ from place to place). For example, are there any similarities in the type or types of prevalent foliage; are there similarities in the surface texture; are there more of the same type of cans or small bore casings; if ironstones were present at the initial site, did they have any peculiarities (such as weathered quartz intrusions or distinguishing textures that might signal at a new place that they calved off a continuation of the same underlying iron lode) and finally, can I discern any "imaginary lines" that connect the patches and may extrapolate out into a more distant area... After a few patches are located I begin watching for evidence of a much larger FIELD that extends way beyond the covey of little patches. Finding a field is great news because of the almost unlimited (during my lifetime at least) possibilities it presents. The ever present possibility of "lookie loos" means that night hunting may be preferred at certain times. But I try to note and remember the color/type of any vehicle that hangs around. They too may be attempting not to be noticed in unclaimed areas. Sometimes prey becomes the predator... Very old dig holes: The metal detectorists of 30 to 50 years ago left mostly shallow markings that still exist today in certain untrammeled sectors of the desert. Learn how to recognize them as they are a major clue as to what was going on way back then. Modern PI detectors can punch way deeper than they could...
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    Rick no reason to close your topic, it's a good topic, I have removed the 4 posts prior to your's from where the discussion started to go south! Just an FYI, only the staff here will determine when a topic has gone "Off Topic", so regular members need to not concern yourselves over such matters!!
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    Shep I am pretty new here I live off grid the area I hunt is pretty windy a lot of times and from my limited experience with the GM 1000 I have no issues with being able to hear the GM 1000 with out the head phones I also have pretty severe hearing loss and I run the GM 1000 with out the head phones I do use headphones with my XTERRA 705 but do not like to when I do use the headphones on the XTERRA i only have one ear covered as I do not like not being able to hear things sneaking up on me Also since purchasing the GM 1000 I have not dug one target that was ferrous so the discrimination to me works really good if the meter is reading non ferrous then it is non ferrous if it is reading ferrous I do not dig which I know might seem crazy to most but I am searching only for non ferrous targets one other thing I have dug some pretty large lead,brass and aluminum targets down to around 10 inches so for me the depth seems pretty good also the area I detect the ground changes quite a bit and what i mean by this is before purchasing the GM 1000 I hunted with the XTERRA 705 in prospecting mode with the GB TRACING on I have noticed the GB numbers change from the mid to high 40s to single digit numbers with in a 20 foot area with the 705 the lower the GB numbers the hotter the ground with the GM 1000 in the same areas it runs really quiet and stable with the XTERRA I would always check the ground balance even though I was running with the tracking on the GM 1000 you just have to trust that it is changing to the conditions you are hunting
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    Yep I have also used acid and very cool results, be sure not to use over 55% as it is very dangerous and if done in a closed shop with windows for vents those windows will be frosted, don't ask.....
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    theres lots of gold there you gotta look for it heres a half ounce that i found by the gpaa campground a few years ago & ive found a number of small ones recently keep looking there out there coil to the soil & under the bush
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    Wife got her insulin today from ChampVa terry, thanks for the offer. Grubstake
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    Halloween....you know...after that it start dropping off Tom H.
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    I wonder how much you have invested in equipment for bass fishing? That is, boat, rods, reels, etc., etc.. One would have to catch a lot of fish to pay for all that also. I know a guy that has invested $10,000.00 in a boat alone and doesn't count his fish at all. It's all about what you get individually out of the sport/hobby. Exercise, accomplishment, peace of mind, fraternity are some of the things that are byproducts of beeping that money can't buy. As far as the Bold Bug Pro goes, it's a good machine and I find a lot of gold with it and so do others I know. It doesn't match up with a PI but it is a lot of fun to use an very simple. I think that you would enjoy the Gold Monster if you took Bill up on his offer and tried it out, what do you have to loose? Old Tom
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    Nice-looking unit, but had a tough time getting it ground balanced. Finally figured out the Sensitivity (gain) pot was shot. Every time I touched it I got loud howls from the machine. The pot is soldered into the circuit board, so I needed that specific pot. Couldn't find one on the 'net, so called Whites, with the intention of buying one. tech said...no problem I'll put one in the mail. No charge! So I got it yesterday, and took things apart last night and got the new one installed. Took about 1 1/2 hours. had a tough time getting the old one out (5 pins). Then had to drill out the holes with a #59 drill to allow the new one to go in. The rest was easy. Now I've got a nice backup unit for the GMT, and for a buddy to use when I'm out and about. Whites never ceases to amaze me with their service. Jim
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    Sometimes you come home with your pockets empty, sometimes you come home smiling...
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    Some people say "Dig them all".To me, it's like saying "Gold is where you find it"! If you're just swinging everything and waiting around to find it, you're wasting a lot of time and effort. all I can say is good luck. "Consistently finding gold is where it's at", and even the best discriminating detector won't guarantee that. But I never discount new technology until its thoroughly tried and field tested. Will they ever make a detector that is 100% accurate in discrimination? maybe not, but If they can cut down on a number of holes you have to dig especially in a trashy area or loaded with hot rocks, I'm willing to let a few go, some are not. Some like to find the iron relics of the past even if its just bits and pieces, some don't. Don't forget about the meteorites. I won't. AzNuggetBob