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    Met up with Boulder dash for a 24 hour hunt. We detected at night for about 6 hours, during a very bright, near full moon. A few nuggets were recovered that night and the following day. After what seemed like miles of hiking equipment in, we dry washed a hillside looking for a source, and we are very, very close to locating it. Time ran out and it was time to get back to priorities. Heres the take .....Mine on the left and BD`s on the right. Thats 16 grams on the left and I think BD came out with 10 grams ? Heres a small area of placering that I worked on for a while.
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    I got the specie all cleaned up and took some macro shots of it. Just experimenting with different lighting/light box and such. If anyone has tips for taking close up pics of gold, please let me know. Im using a Sony NEX3 manual F stop at 22. Just would like the close ups clearer. Or, my camera just might not be able to do it. Open them all the way up to see the detail. Im surprised how much fine gold is in this piece and its intricate patterns. It also "ohms" out all the way around, so its all through the nugget. Definitely want to get back up to this spot and do some slower hill side hunting Tks Tom 3 Hours of Christmas Music _ Traditional Instrumental Christmas Songs Playlist _ Piano & Orchestra - YouTube.htm
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    Hey everyone... I was able to get out this morning for a great day in the desert to enjoy some good company and some awesome weather. Tom did the driving and I didn't pay much attention to where we ended up, but he seemed to know where we were and I got the feeling he'd been there a few times. We hiked like a thousand miles, and after 20 minutes or so, we were able to fire up the detectors and see who could beat the skunk first. Well I'd love to say it was me, but 10 minutes later, Tom was hollering, and he found a nice one in a shallow resting place. Now it was on... We had the whole day and I had to find at least one piece before we went home. I went up one gully and down another. Before I knew it, two hours had passed and I had circled around and was right upstream from where Tom found the first one. I knew he had gone downstream so I started heading up, back towards my backpack. Then I heard what I was looking for, the sweet mellow sound of gold. I found my nugget, 10 feet from where I put my backpack down when we first got there.... We detected for about 6 hours total and Tom scored a few more little guys like the one he found first. Maybe he'll post them up if he's not too embarrassed. Good times... Thanks to Tom for offering to drive today. Luke
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    Well it was another spectacular outing! LOTS of great food, nice days for detecting, cloudy and clear days. Gold was found I personally found some every day. Met new people and had fun catching up with old friends. There was more gold found but I was not able to get pics of everyones. Special thanks to Bill for putting these on and Kevin and another guy for dishing out the meat so everyone got plenty of the awesome brisket and pork. Thanks to Minelab Debbie for coming out and addressing the coil issue and doing a demo with the Equnox. I saw some cool wildlife and a spike or two point buck. Enjoy! Tom H.
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    I thought I'd share a few photo's of a spot (location) where I have been "Digg'n , undermining; and rolling boulders; as well as picking and shoveling overburden for a while now. I have been able to take home many nuggets from this area (most I have posted already), but it hasn't been easy. It has been very labor-intensive to say the least, and in most of the area I have had to dig down between 2 foot to 2 1/2 Foot just to get to bedrock. Most of the area has had very good indicators: a very pronounced inside bend approaching two huge bedrock outcroppings that extend across the wash from bank to bank, as well as much boulder blocking (just upstream) of the bedrock outcroppings. Most of the lone boulders that are pictured where too big for me to actually pick up, so I had to undermine them with a pick and shovel, detect that area, and then "gruntingly" roll them back into the area that I had already detected. The single nugget weighed in at .75 of-a-gram, and the other photo is just-a-few of the last nuggets that I was able to take home from there. Other than utilizing obvious indicators of gold, sometimes it take a bit more than just swinging a detector to actually get to the good stuff. Enjoy,...... Gary
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    Well, somehow I was able to take today off of work and spend it prospecting. I decided to head back to a new spot I find a little while back that I specked a couple of pieces at but didn't detect anything. I had the plan of being super thorough not leaving any stone unturned and spending most all of the day there. I ended up placering about a 15-20' length of very deep overburden, detected other portions of the wash and hit the hillsides for about an hour. I went for the extra effort because this spot had been drywashed a long time ago so I knew there would be something here if I gave it the time and of course the best piece ended up being under the deepest section of overburden. Right before I found that piece I was trying to dislodge a pointy schist boulder and the part I was pushing on broke off and I smashed my forearm against the fresh sharp schist rock. It punctured two holes through my skin and for the first time in a long time I had to break out the first aid supplies. Worst part was flipping the skin open to scrape out schist pebbles lodged in there and flush them clean. Lucky they were small holes so I'm kind of being a cry baby... With all the effort I only scraped up two detected piece's of gold and several small specked pieces. But you just never know it could have been far better or worse, I had a blast and didn't hardly think about work for a change. It was a good day! Diggin deep! The crescent nugget was at the coil here. Carnage... and aftermath. Battle wounds, good thing I heal quick! Good times!!
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    Ok.....I got a few It was a great time out today. We concentrated on some tribs in the upper end of a wash that was very kind to Dad and I in the past. Have to admit, its the fastest first nugget Ive ever found. I moved downstream and Luke moved up. Go figure, I got 2 more 2+ grammers as I was making my way to another trib that has never given me anything. I found the little guy in the same hole as one of the 2 grammers at about a foot deep. Would not have heard it if it wasn't for the bigger guy. Go up the trib that's never given up anything and im about 100 yards from the top and about to turn around to hunt another area. Forced myself to keep going as I was already way up the mountain. Got to about 20 yards from the top and I find the 3.8 gram specie! YAH!! Glad I kept going. The first fat one was a reverse signal.............so, dig em all. Good Lord really blessed me today. Got over 1/3 of a oz. Been a long time since Ive had a day like today. Tom H.
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    Was out yesterday to a spot I found some various gold bits and decided to pull back some overburden to get down to some fresh bedrock (thanks for the inspiration Adam) and found a couple of dinks to start the day with. I got tired of all the hard work and decided to head upstream to seek out some exposed bedrock. I walked past a few spots Id detected last year (found nothing before) and spent the next couple hrs being impatient and of course not finding anything but rusty bits. I was getting tired and decided to head back to the truck and maybe go check out another local. Well, on my way back I walked over a small patch of bedrock that id detected before with no luck and just stopped. I looked at a small crack and for some reason (intuition??) said what the heck and and decided to go over it again. Instantly I got a super loud couple of targets in one coil pass. I figured id just go ahead and get that pesky junk out of the way and keep going. Probably three targets there, all inverted signals. Junk for sure....... yeah well I was shocked when under and inch of sand stuck in the crack, out pops this beauty! about 10" away was the 2x2" chunk of rusty iron that was the source of the big trashy signal. Yep, I think that kept me and whoever else went over that same bedrock from digging the signals next to it! lesson learned.... dig it all!
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    Heres just a little gold that boulder dash and I have found on a couple trips.....Enjoy ! 20 Grams below 8 grams below
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    Hello Everyone! My name is Moody and I just recently joined this forum. Before that, I spent a couple weeks reading through old posts and learning about detecting. There is so much valuable information being shared here and it's been really helpful to me. I decided it was time to join and start contributing myself. I bought a Gold Bug 2 and started reading everything I could about the detector. I searched through this forum and paid close attention to those mentioning the GB2. I watched the videos on the "I Brake For Bedrock" YouTube channel and learned a ton. After scoring a nice off-road vehicle to help me get around in the goldfields, I was ready to get out! I did some research and found an area that was known to produce gold in the past, so I decided to start there. After hiking for a while, I found a spot that looked like it could be good. I detected the area, but was only finding fragments of wire and hot rocks. I came back to the spot a couple days later equipped with a shovel and did some digging. I was able to remove some overburden and get close to the bedrock. Later that afternoon, I was carefully going over my area and got a good sounding zip zip. I ran my green scoop over the GB2 until there was only a tiny bit of material left. I used my finger to see what was left in the scoop (eyes looking for a piece of wire), when all of the sudden, I see GOLD! I couldn't believe my eyes! After doing a happy dance, I sat there and really soaked up the moment. This was a huge achievement for me and it felt incredible! Not much longer after that, I got back to detecting and was able to recover another tiny speck. It's such a great feeling to know that I can detect these tiny pieces. It was an incredible afternoon that I will never forget! Thanks to everyone who posts and shares information on this forum! I look forward to being a contributing member here =).
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    Some random photos from the outing. Cheers!! Mike
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    Was indeed a great and epic outing and I want to thank all of you for your help and support. Really cool to have Kevin, Doc, Mike, and Debbie there and we managed to train almost 50 people on the Gold Monster 1000 and Minelab addressed and solved the coil issue for those that came on the spot. The food was great I I met allot of new friends, but I am plumb worn to a frazzle.....
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    "Yep", as of today, there are 5-fewer nuggets down in that desert. The 5-on-the-bottom of the coin are from today's finds: (1.48 Grams). The weather down there was Great, and I just love the sound of each signal being a nugget,...."no trash". They may not be nugget-slugs, nor lunkers, but finding 10 of them in two days is still Fun. Gary
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    I took a friend of mine out for his first exposure to Gold Prospecting. His name is Nate, he is a Nevada Highway Trooper, and my neighbor. As I also was a police officer the two of us hit it off immediately when we met 8 years ago. He is the range master for the entire State of Nevada Highway Patrol. He's a huge hunter, deer, elk, antelope, etc. So he loves the out doors. So I had promised I would take him out gold prospecting. I was letting him use the Gold Monster 1000. After a couple of hours of explaining geology to him, and some quick explanation of the GM1000 and the differences between VLF, pulse induction etc. off we went. I was scaring up targets with the GPZ and then calling him over and letting him dig the target; hoping he would find a little nugget. Well he soon got tired of having to walk all the way over to me to dig tin foil and specks of aluminum and lead. So I let him do his thing. He was quite diligent and thorough in his approach. He was digging plenty of trash on his own. We were working a gully where I had taken out about 19 nuggets and I was sure there were a couple of dinks still hiding there . No luck. It was getting around 2:30 and we had agreed we would head back home around 3:00 pm. So I am just sort of wandering around about 20 feet up the hill from the gully when I come upon a little flat area, that would be a perfect resting place for a nugget. So I get a little target sound. I am convinced it is probably a piece of trash. I can see Nate he is only 20 yards away. So rather than make him walk over, I figure I will kick some dirt off of it first and see if it moves, (meaning it's shallow and probably trash) or if it is deeper, in that case maybe being a better chance it is gold, I will call Nate over to dig it. So I kick about two inches of dirt away, and sure enough the target moves. So I assume it's trash. I go ahead and isolate the target anyway, just so I won't have to deal with a little piece of lead the next time I am out there, and what do you know. It's a little nugget. I called Nate over and asked him if he could see the nugget in the plastic scoop full of about 8 like size pieces of rock. He couldn't see it. You know how nuggets come out of the ground, usually they are indiscernible until you put a little water on them. So I told him go ahead and just dribble a little water into the scoop. He did and the nugget immediately revealed itself. "Holy cow, that is so cool." So I gave the nugget to Nate as a remembrance of his first gold prospecting outing and so he would have a test nugget. He seemed over the moon about this little piece of gold. I know he would have rather been able to find it himself, but I was sort of shocked that even I found it. Seemed like it was going to be one of those "slim pickin's" days. However, he really enjoyed himself and it was a beautiful day and we found a nugget; so how can you complain? I get a great thrill out of introducing people to this fantastic hobby of ours. BTW, I have found with the GM1000, being it is as sensitive as it is, it is sometimes hard to use your hand to sweep a little pile of dirt over the coil, because the coil actually reacts to your hand. I have found using two scoops to half the dirt with is very helpful. That way you are keeping your hand away from the coil and only using scoops. You'll notice Nate has two scoops laying on the ground next to him. He found it less frustrating to use two scoops. Doc
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    When all is said and done, it's a little piece of yellow metal. Certainly not more valuable than a friendship. I can always find more gold, friends are much more rare. Besides, next time a State Trooper stops me I am going to drop his name like a hot horseshoe. Doc
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    Bill's Outing before last I got skunked. But the first time, and then of course this last time I scored nice nuggets. As you saw the last one was a pendant type weighing 3.2 grams, but the first one I got from the same wash was 3.6 grams. All in all not bad considering that is not my normal stomping grounds. Fortunately Bill had asked some of his mates to let me tag along on the first excursion and show me the ropes. I dug the first nugget out to show it side by side with the current one. I don't think this will be my last trip down to San Domingo. The place has been good to me. Doc
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    I was down in the lower desert today, and what a Beautiful day it was down there. It "may-have reached 73 as a high" with cloudy skies, a nice light wind, and no one around,....'WOW' !! I was digging just upstream of two different (massive) exposed bedrock outcrops that stretched from bank to bank. The boulders, rocks and overburden where piled-up just behind (upstream) each outcrop. The exposed bedrock outcrop had stopped all this overburden in a jumble of boulders and rocks. Using my pick and shovel I dug down right at 2 to 2-1/2 foot to finally get to bedrock; this after physically removing the large boulders, rocks, etc. out of the way. Some of the boulders where so large and too heavy to move, so I first dug under them (undermining them) detected the area, and then "gruntingly" helped them to slide down in the hole that I had just dug. One location was on an inside bend that led up to the bedrock outcrop where it dropped about 5-foot down like a waterfall. Anyway I managed to dig up these 5-nuggets (between the two spots) having a total weight of 3.04 Grams. The largest nugget weighed in at: 2.01 Grams. Anytime I can find a 1gram + nugget in a day, I am stoked Gary
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    I had a great time at the OUTIING , the training was awesome, I learned a lot. even learned wheat I was doing wrong with my Monster. The food was plenty and GREAT . My hat of off to those who cooked the meat and the other many dishes..... My CONGRATS to all who found gold, I did not find any , but I think I have a better chance with the new Knowledge. Met lot of folks, can't remember most of the names....But I did learn the dogs names . . To Those that missed this outing , YOU MISSED A GREAT ONE. BIG THANKS to Bill , Debbie, Kevin , Doc and Mike for all the instructions and advice. Again WOW , what a great time. Made it home all safe and sound....now to rest . .
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    Decided to get out of Prescott Valley and hunt an area down in the lower desert today. The day was beautiful; only got to about 75 at a high,...just the way I like it down there. I took my GPZ-7000 figuring that I would "clean the lead out of the wash" (as I have been doing in many other washes (so frequently) with this detector). Although I did indeed find many lead targets (see photo #3) today as well, I was also able to end the day with 5-nuggets having a combined weight of 1.29 Grams. Up-till-today I really questioned the claims that this detector (with the 14" coil) would be able to eek-out very small nuggets at depth. Well, it proved itself today with 4 of the 5 nuggets each being down about a foot in bedrock cracks with rocks and overburden on top. Although this coil is hard to pinpoint with, once a target is found, it's well worth the dig. I got one nugget out of a deep hole (had to use my pin pointer to finally find it) and started to get up and walk away; but decided to swing over the hole one last time (I usually do that anyway), and got another signal up against the bank,.....so I ended up with two nuggets out of the same hole. All 4-of-the-5 nuggets where in separate locations throughout the lengthy-wash. I think that I have "finally" figured-out some productive settings on this 7000; Soooooo, the small stuff is no longer safe in their hiding places. Gary
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    Went to my favorite place to hunt coins today, used the MXT and pin pointed with the PRO FIND 35.....all Non-magnetic finds. 2 keys , a zipper pull , 1 quarter , 2 dimes , 5 nickels , and 10 pennies.....was not out long. The Pro Find helped a lot finding my target in the sand......The PRO FIND 35....It's a KEEPER. It did talk to my MXT.
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    I am new at detecting and I feel like I just stuck a needle in my arm. I live in the hualapai mountain been to gold basin twice and the wife and I are going to Quartzsite for a week. Bought our first two detectors about a month ago (Whites gmt/mxt) and should get my Garrett atx delivered tomorrow! Haven't found a nugget yet but when I do my wife might find me sleeping under a bush in a wash somewhere not wanting to leave. Retired and found a new hobby that I really 'dig'.
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    This could be what North Korea looks like if Kim doesn't get his sh*t together.
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    Not that kind of shooting....target shooting I admit, I turned into one of the people I have cussed over the last 6 yrs of detecting. Went out with Dad, my nephew and his dad to practice. First time ive fired the 9mm in about 5 yrs. Im happy to admit! I can hit crap! We went to a designated area off of Table mesa road, so I dont feel too bad about putting more lead in the ground. Good time out. Tom H.
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    Well fellow nuggetshooters, guess I am back. I have heard from several members on the forum and have been clued in that there is a lot more to the feud between two forum members here than appears on the surface. I over reacted which is the norm for me. I want to say upfront that I am not siding with anyone here. I come here as most do, to contribute and to learn. I never cared much for drama. I've had enough of that to last a couple of lifetimes. Lot of great people here with valuable knowledge to bring to the party and I appreciate that. I also agree with what Bill said in an earlier post saying not to bring your "bickering" (my word) to this forum. I couldn't agree more. So if I have offended anyone here, I apologize, that was not my intention. So if anything goes awry in the future I will pop open a 30 pack and chill for a while. Thanks for listening. Jim
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    Yep the feuds from other sites do not belong here if anyone notices any missing posts. This is not what we are about and I really don't care about drama from other sites.
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    Yep all tech and stuff like Skip said, but really we forgot to put a quarter in the meter.....
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    In the old days before small compressors and such I used to air up my spare to around 100 lbs. or more. I always and still do carry an air hose with a chuck on both ends to get from one tire to another. It got me out a couple of times and didn't have to change tires until a gas station was in sight. I remember young Tom saying "The tire is going flat daddy, aren't you going to change it"? I told him that we had plenty of air to get out to safety. I got the idea from when I worked on telephone cables that were under pressure to keep moisture from infiltrating the paper insulation on the wires. If there was a leak in the lead cable I would go out where the air pressure was the lowest and solder a Schrader valve on another cable that had good pressure. Then bolster the pressure on the defective one with a two chuck air hose to another Schrader valve on it. I would use an air flow valve meter to trace the air flow to the leak. Old Tom
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    What's a Pistol Permit ?
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    Heck, 4lo is when the fun begins! Turning around at that point is like puttin' it in and just wigglin' around a little...both parties walk away unsatisfied. In all seriousness though...what tire pressure do you run when offroad? High(street) tire pressure has many disadvantages. Accelerated tire damage and decreased performance as well as comfort. Try lowering your tire pressure if your not already doing it. I ran 8 in the rear and 10 in the fronts on my Jeep for desert travel. I ran 15-18 in my 3/4 ton GMC the other day and it was a marked improvement. Softer tires conform to the rocky terrain and they seem to last much longer with less tread damage.
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    I think you might be underestimating your f250, unless pinstriping is your concern most backroads around the yavapai schist can be done in any 2 wheel drive pickup. Might have to hoof it up the washes but that's part of the fun. I didn't have 4 wheel drive until recently and went all over that area. Now I have a yukon xl, it's 4x4 but I never use it. Just don't go when it's raining. Those roads are bumpy but generally not slick when dry.
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    Why run, this is your forum, stand and make it better. Things level out after a while, they come and they go. Old Tom
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    Here's a short video of the conditions of where I found that nugget. As I intended for it to go on my You Tube channel, it's a self promotion for Doc's Detecting. So if you don't like used car salesmen, don't watch this video.
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    Thank you for the pictures. Great photography. Caption for photo 1. "Then, while this gal was asleep, Al Franken put his hands on this lady's chest, just like this." You can see how disgusted Debbie was by this, and Kevin was appalled. Caption for photo 2. "If you want to stay on your cards and don't want the dealer to give you another card, wave your flat hand over the cards. If you want the dealer to hit you, motion towards yourself like you want him to deal you another card; but don't go over 21." Caption for Photo 3. "Whenever there is a black dog named Max lying on the ground on your right side the gold will be over here on the left." By the way, that ID around my neck says, "If this man is lost, deposit him in any mail box and postage will be paid by Minelab for his return to the facility from which he escaped."
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    I detected all day Friday got to camp at 1am said hi to a few people in the morning. Detected with some friends most of the day Saturday and started for home when dinner was served. Total weight was just shy of 4 grams. The second nugget down was found by my friends using my detector for the first time about 15 minutes after he started swinging. He is hooked now...
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    OK one more time here folks and I lay this to rest, there will be a Minelab representative at the upcoming outing this time to talk, show the Equinox, pro-pointers, and address problems on concerns. So if you would to like to talk to Debbie about an issue with your Gold Monster or any other detector this is your chance to do it directly. This includes you Mike C. since you are the most active in saying it is hush hush problem no one wants to admit etc. Simply come to the outing and show her your issue and share any ideas you may have to help fix it or contact Minelab to have your coil replaced if it is an internal problem as in a defective coil problem. Jabbing into other folks posts about it being ignored by Minelab solves nothing at all and is just false, have you called Minelab yet as suggested?..... Just trying to help. I have had only one customer say they thought their 5 inch was having problems and Tom H. will be talking to Deb about it at the outing. Debbie is a good friend and VERY knowledgeable when it comes to Minelab Detectors and I feel very lucky to have her attending the outing to help with training and show us some new Minelab products. Gonna be fun folks! Oh and educational....
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    OK folks, lots asking so here ya go, I use Apple, Oak, or Pecan (usually a mix) to smoke as the flavor is much better, woods like Mesquite and Hickory are too strong for my liking. Remember low and slow is the key here and I smoke at 200 to 225 degrees! Leave at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch of fat on the brisket and smoke fat side up to keep the beat moist and cross cut the fat about 1/2 inch deep. Use rub of your choice or make your own. Depending on brisket I smoke for up to 14 hours or until the inner temp is at 190 to 195 degrees F and I always keep a pan of water in the smoker to keep brisket moist. The MOST IMPORTANT PART is to let the meat sit after removed from smoker for 30 to 45 minutes wrapped in foil then towels and put into a camping type cooler to finish cooking and re absorb juices for a perfectly cooked and moist brisket.
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    Thank you Al! Talked to River, and he gave me some good information about do's don't during recuperation. He told me that basically he stayed drunk for 3 days after surgery on Royal Crown and Coca Cola and when he sobered up it didn't hurt anymore. Being I quit drinking when I was 34 years old, I don't think that's going to work for me. Doc
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    Down to bedrock clear across the wash from side to side, I also detect up the sidewalls a few feet. The crescent nugget was in the deepest section of overburden which was also the lowest section of bedrock, it was in a hole on the blow out side stuck in a crack, it got caught trying to "escape". I also didnt stop at the first picture, I cleared all that upstream overbudren right up to the outcropping of bedrock. If I take the time to placer you better believe I am going to bedrock.
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    That first picture is a rare shot! A gold monster sitting upright Tom H.
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    I like Adam. He knows stuff. He's been really great at sharing that knowledge for years. He is outspoken but usually it's to the readers benefit. Does he rub some people the wrong way? Hell ya but he's not the only one. I've been known to pizz off a few folks myself. I doubt anyone here but Skip has a clean record on that account. I think this forum is Bill's thing. If he wants to control anything that happens here that's his right and privilege. I'll back him on his decisions about who posts here and what they post even if I disagree with him. I was taught when you are in someone else's house you follow their rules or go elsewhere. I have no opinion on an invisible "feud". Maybe I missed some drama along the way but I could care less. I hate drama and BS so much I don't watch television. Sometimes ignorance is a good thing in a world of made up news and sensitive snow flakes. On topic. (Not sure just what the topic is?) Hunting season can be rough anywhere there are inconsiderate idiots. In my opinion this story smells funny. A pistol hunter shoots a woman walking in a field because he thought she was a deer? And he hasn't been charged? There is more to this story than that brief article shared. I have a friend (hillbilly) that fed his family with a .22 pistol for many years. He's an incredible shot, one of the best I've ever seen. He took deer on a regular basis with his 22 long pistol. That's not an easy thing to do but he never lost a deer he had shot. A responsible shooter even when he was out of season and using the only gun he had. He lived near where this happened. I'm no good with a pistol, grew up hunting with rifles and I can very reliably hit stuff with a rifle. A pistol? Deer? I've seen it done but never in a field at close range unless chumming or a great blind was employed. Anyone who can take a deer with a pistol was already close enough to know whether his target was a deer or a human. Or they are an irresponsible idiot. He wasn't charged? Luckily there is no gold in southern New York. Prospectors are safe from this particular hunter wherever they may be mining.
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    Remembering 4 years ago this weekend! Nothing has been done to the nugget. As far as I know there have not been any others found in that gully. I've been back with the Zed a couple of times without success. I have a video from that day I should post up. Maybe next year on the 5th Anniversary. Mitchel
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    NO SEX AFTER SURGERY A recent article in the San Francisco Examiner reported that Nancy Pelosi has sued Stanford Hospital, saying that "after her husband had surgery there, he lost all interest in sex." A hospital spokesman replied: " your husband was admitted for cataract surgery. All we did was correct his eyesight."
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    I had a 200 pounder once, but the line broke !
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    Gold smelter Achmed says "I kiln you.... you slagger..."