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    Despite forecasts of bad weather , boulder dash and I squeezed in a hunt last weekend. No ferrite rings, funky harness systems, GPS`s, Spot messenger`s, pin pointer`s, or guns involved. Just a traditional hunt, with interchangeable coils, and light weight old technology. High benches with cemented gravels have gold.....Boulder dash proves that here A nice 2 + grammer shown here stuck in those ancient rocks... It was a chilly weekend with a brief clear nightscape..... The goodies ! Over 22 grams of fine gold nuggets were found .... Enjoy ! Please give a thumbs up , as i`m in much need of some forum recognition
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    Hello All. I haven't posted in a while, but I like to wait and talk about the ones I find that have a story. This one is such a case. (If you don't like stories, just skip to the end) I was out with a friend looking for some new ground. After a little exploring, we stopped the truck and decided to do a walk-about. The objective was to explore the area for only an hour and meet back up at the truck to decide to keep exploring or move on. Basically, to see if we could find enough indicators worth our time. That was the plan anyways. So 35 minutes or so later, I am not seeing signs that other people found this area interesting (I subscribe strongly to Jim Straights Follow the Dry Washers), but there was nothing in this area. Very strange and discouraging. So now the devil is sitting on my shoulder's putting doubt in my head. There was also the fact that the washes were small but still had 3' minimum of overburden. No matter that the geology looked good. There was bloody red quartz with vuggs, iron stone, hot rocks. But for some reason I could not get motivated in an area when I didn't have proof others were interested. Alright, so on with the tale. Another 10 minutes later I'm on top of a ridge looking at the truck which is a dot in the distance. I yell out to my buddy because I wanted to leave, but he is in the zone a few hills over. In the meantime I am dreaming about a cold gatorade sitting in my truck and a box of cheap dollar store crackers that will drown out my cravings. The devil says Andyy, just walk the ridge, you'll be back in no time. (he did say Andyy by the way). But I had a plan and darn if I was going to stick to it. I had to test these washes and gullies. Down the side of the hill towards wash I go. I didn't get 15 feet down that hill when I got a screaming signal. Oh No ... it's got to be another hot rock. kick..kick..kick... still there and louder. Well shoot, I don't want waste my time digging another 22 shell! I've dug too darn many of those today. You're going to yell at me but I seriously turned away to leave it. And then I reminded myself of an earlier large find that I almost passed up and then didn't. Nope.. I am not going to leave until I know. So I knelt down and unearthed about a 1/4 oz slug of dirty hillside gold (as shown in the scoop) Well my mood changed, now. Me and my buddy scoured the area. I filled the gps grid on my GPZ and found nothing. So now I looked to the wash. Yes, it is deep but now I know there is larger gold here. That just changed the game. Down that wash I went maneuvering and kicking rocks. Sure as heck I eventually get a signal that trails off like a hot rock. I kick and it still sounds like a hot rock. I dig another 6 inches before I find that hot rock and there is another beautiful signal underneath it. A clearer sound. At about 16" I get nugget #2. Another roughly 1/4 oz. Stunned I just sat back and took a break to think about what might not have been. I came back again to this area with my other 2 friends I met on this trip. And not another piece of gold was found in these washes or the neighboring washes (not by GPZ or GPX5000). Only in the place I was at where only 15' away from that first nugget, I almost ditched my plan.
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    Hey all.... So I was able to sneak out and give my 'new souped up SDC' a run today. It's hard for me to imagine that changing the batteries could make the detector work better, but it seemed to be the case. I went to two separate spots that I've been skunked the last few times. I guess there was still a few left.... Luke
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    Reading Luke’s story yesterday about his mods to the SDC batteries and seeing the gold he found after really brought back some great SDC memories for me. I’ve read quite a few positive posts about the SDC and also an equal number of critical posts about it, both here on Bill's forum and on other forums/sites. IMHO it's an outstanding detector and I often miss having an SDC in the detector arsenal. So, I’m sharing a couple of pics of some of the dinks, ouncers, and other sizes of nuggets that I found with my SDC. I was very fortunate to be able to travel with it across the USA. Enjoy Top pic. Two nice specimens, 1.89 ounces (left) and 2.75 ounces (right). Two sub 1/10th of a gram pieces below. An assortment of nuggets that the SDC talked out of the ground from various places.
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    Here are 17.38g of SoCal high desert natural gold nuggets I recovered recently. Many folks say that happiness is having what you want. But to me true happiness is wanting what you have...and sharing it.
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    Greetings All, I took my Gold Monster 1000 for its weekly walk yesterday. Have been frustrated with it due to a seven week skunk. Wondering how much gold it (the Monster) has been missing. I went to an area that has small drainages and rivulets and in the past have found 2 little nuggets there with my trusty White's Gold Master 3. The ground has lots of hot rocks and differentiated soils which made my GM 3 very hard to keep ground balanced. I figured that this would be a perfect place to test the Monster's automatic ground balance abilities. After about an hour or so of hunting, I finally got my first positive (gold) target. First I lightly scrapped of the top stones, Target still there. Dug maybe an inch down and the target was out. Target being on the surface so it is probably a piece of bullet. Target in hand, it was sort of rounded and grayish in color. About the size of a modern day BB. Gave it a quick bath and no shinny yellow could be seen. Gave it the scratch test to reveal shiny silver of lead. Nada. Put it away in a small container and will deal with it later at home. The rest of the day yielded only trash and more frustration. At home I relayed to the wife that I still had that dreaded skunk. Later I decided to take a better look at the BB size target that I brought home. Using my 10X hand loop, I could only see grayish and white quartz so in the mortar and pestle it went. Dumping the contents into a dry gold finishing pan. Low and behold, a small, and I do mean small piece of gold appeared. Unbelievable. The only reason I am telling this story is that I still can't wrap my head around the fact that a metal detector of any kind could find this miniscule piece of gold. Really impressed with the Gold Monster 1000. Oh yea, I was using the 10" coil and standard junk headphones. This is not a made up story or "Fake News" It really happened. Cheers, Bob
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    Hi everyone, hope your all getting out and enjoying the weather. Last weekend when we got back from detecting, i built the boys a display case for the speci gold they found last summer. It turned out pretty cool and they are happy with it. Also is a pic of the Shield nickel i found last weekend. Its a 1875 in pretty good shape. Cameron found 2 more silver spoon also. Other than that, not a huge find weekend but fun. Take care everyone. Dan
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    Went out with dad today to take the detectors for a walk. What a nice day for detecting! Cool, quite, just right. First area we went to looked good, but, nothing. Two pieces of trash. So, we decide to hit another wash close by that's been kind to us in the past. The gold doesn't start showing up until you a half mile up it and it is a iron stone factory! I decided this time to go extremely slow, and listen for any slight warble. Covered 60 yards in 2 hrs, dug 800 ironstones, but! I did get three little guys Will have to go up and finish the other half mile of wash......that should keep me busy for a bit. Tom H. pi.exe
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    Got the big o`l skunk last weekend hunting for new patches, so I thought i`d share a couple that I detected a while back. Under a full moon in Peoples Valley ... And here`s a nice half ounce piece accompanied by a one + ounce slab of gold ! Enjoy !
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    Got a couple hours in yesterday after the rain showers and found a few ugly ones..... 1/4 oz total
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    Its Gold !! Took the Gold Bug II out today , to a favorite little junk filled wash that just keeps on giving 1.4 Grams of these pretty little isometric beauties ...
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    I went out the other day to a new spot I never visited before in the high desert of SoCal. WHAM! You never know what's lurking below but it helps to have a GPZ-7000...
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    What a beautiful day to hike a few miles in gold country The pre-dawn temps felt like they were in the 30’s and somehow that good crispy chill always makes your coffee taste better. I recently replaced the handle on my Apex pick and am very glad to have it done as the GPZ really hits some deep targets. Crazy how the Z can find both small and large nuggets at depth for the size. I don’t necessarily advocate for buying the latest and greatest technology but learning the Z (zvt) is certainly proving to be a lot of fun after many years of using vlf and pi detectors. There is the expected trash in this area and some very nice gold for anyone willing to work through the trash to find it. What you see is just a fraction of the bullets, must have been a shooting gallery Even found and iron toe There were some detector digs in the area where the nuggets were found that appear to be fairly recent. My guess is weekend warriors missed them Everyone misses gold now and then, no exceptions Maybe the Javelinas found some gold too after they had a snack 6.1 grams in the poke Life is good
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    Of copper Lo and behold, my propensity for finding strange things that aren't gold, continues! Drove Patches into a new area loaded with OLD mining activity. Found some small lodes on the hillsides that were scratched off and the wash was dug out. Figuring they must have been finding some color to move that much dirt. We decided to spend a couple of hours digging crap in hopes of finding a leftover nugget or two. Did find some interesting stuff, but no gold. The copper slug and an old Cutex lipstick tube were the prizes of the day. I didn't have any pool acid to clean the copper, so I hit it with my soda blaster. It appears to be slop from pouring hot copper from the smelter into a mold. One side is flat like it landed on a steel table.
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    What a beautiful day to be out My friend Las and I were working an area where we (and our friend Dennis) have talked some gold out of the ground before. I decided to swing a hill that we had yet to cover. Have to take your time and do it right As I made my way up the hill about 15 feet I heard a screamer of a signal. Digging down a few inches I took a scoop of dirt and ran the coil over it. As I looked in the scoop the glint of gold caught my eye. A very nice piece of a small stringer was sitting right on top. 12.8 grams total. Nice and coarse. The close up are the best pics I’ve been able to take with my daughter's camera yet. Mine broke a while back and I’ve been putting off buying one until she insists There’s more to the story, but we’ll leave it at that. Ate some grub and headed home. It’s out there Life is good
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    Last Sunday , I decided to visit this gully after seeing the equipment left behind. I also wanted to do some detecting! You see, Boulderdash and I have both worked the heck out of this ravine in the past, and still continue to do so from time to time, though 90% of the 1000 foot ravine has been drywashed. Rod is also well aware that we had worked it. That equipment is not ours and the responsible party still is around but did not have a way to access the stuff.. It also used to be covered with a tarp, which is long since decomposed with some remnants. Anyway, I took the initiative to clean it up even though it is not mine. After several trips, and a few trash bags I managed to get the pile of items loaded up and hauled out of there. A few deteriorated buckets remain, and I will get them next time I go detecting over there. There is a neatly stacked group of buckets there that do belong to me which are still in good shape, and I will be using them soon. Problem solved, and the rest of the gold I got is in the "look what I found" thread Before.... After...
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    Here's another nugget from a very recent trip that a friend and I took We both scored nicely I'm not posting our total take, but you'll appreciate this beauty. Found just a few inches deep with the GPZ, it was a screamer Only a gram and flat. Dropped it in my salad Life is good
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    Today we decided to visit an area that we've poked around in over the years and were surprised to see a little patch of snow on the shadowy side of a hill. 6.6 grams of nuggets in the poke. My daughter got lucky and scored a quartz specimen by sight. Dang this kid is good The specie only has tiny gold but still a cool find. Topped the evening off with dinner at Arrowhead Bar & Grill in Congress. Good times Life is good
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    What a tough weekend hunting for new patches. I don`t think I could hike another ten feet Found a couple though Just shy of a gram
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    Heres a close-up of one with cool patterns
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    Well, met up with Dave and James to do some exploring. Did some detecting but we all came up with a skunk. There was a couple of mines in the area and we found some neat old junk to bring home There was a snake skin in the wall of one mine and for the life of me I cannot figure out how those pack rats can move cholla cactus to cover the floor 6 inches deep. I just look at cholla and get stuck by it???? Tom
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    Cooper Well it seems everybody likes looking at nuggets. so here ya go. Here is a photo of my daughter a few years ago. She loved playing with some of the larger nuggets I've found. this was from one patch. she called them her purdy rocks. At the time I never bothered to photograph the smaller ones. I usually just melted them down for jewelry. I hear people say, ya you found them back in the 80's or 90's when gold was easy to find, you got all the easy gold. We used to say the same thing about what the old timers found and left back in the 1800's. I'm just glad most of them had little knowledge of geology or metal detectors. There out there. Do your research and follow some of my tips and rules and you can find them too. AzNuggetBob
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    Went out Thursday. Got a nice little target, but I hardly could tell what it was until I got it home and cleaned it up. About the size of a small pea. GPZ7000 is insane that it can find little disseminated specimens like this. Found one more nice little nugget after this mystery piece. Doc
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    I have a couple pics I can share from just last year in a place I call 'Little Gulch'. When I take my daughter out, she usually plays nearby and when I find something to dig I call her over and put the headphones on her and she helps me find the target. The day of the pictures we found two nuggets so it was a great day in addition to being out there with her. Luke
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    I got out to "no" gold basin looking for some gold but found some nice meteorites instead. A few of these fit together. All found on two different hill sides only two were surface finds the rest were pretty deep. All found with my 7k. Total just over 600 grams. The biggest is 275 grams and with it's fitting pieces is 390.
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    All natural, preservative free, free range goodness... Found by a friend yesterday.
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    Joined Bunk for the day since he just got a Gold Monster and wanted to take it for a walk. He wanted to try it out for specimen hunting. Everyone was blown away by it on this specimen where the gold was barely visible which made the Monster scream loud and clear. The SDC 2300 and the GPX 5K couldn’t not even hear it. One of the fellas was so blown away he's going drop $700 to buy a Gold Monster ASAP!!
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    Seeing those pics of your daughter(s) and reading your posts about them is inspirational Bob I too raised my daughter around a campfire and with a love for the outdoors. She's found her fair share of gold over the years as well, traveling from Arizona to Alaska and many points in between. This country needs more kids geared toward living well. Following Dad in the gold fields Outside of Bumble Bee AZ Fortymile District, Jack Wade Flat, Alaska
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    Dan that's my favorite photo too. Thanks Old Tom. Cooper my daughters (4 of them) and I dont hunt much together anymore as I'm pretty much retired on nugget hunting and working on other projects. Well I said I would put up more on hunting private claims on a percentage deals. Not just with Jimmy but other claim owners too. Here is a photo of Jimmy and I. Jimmy is on the right. Jimmy owned the claims and we agreed I'd hunt them for 50%. These nuggets were all found on hillside claims. No wash they were just scattered along the whole ridge under a quartz vein pop. The patch ran for about fifty yards wide and a hundred yards long. I saw signs (drywash piles) and (test holes) and quartz float, blood red dirt ect. the old timers had found and worked some parts of it but just gave up on it. the total I found was just over a pound or 12 oz's. there is also a gold 5 dollar coin in the center of the nuggets but hard to see in this photo.I also found it up on the hillside that apparently the old timers lost. Ive got another photo of the coin Ill see if I can find it. Jimmy is holding the largest nugget I found, it was a little over an oz. He kept the large nugget, I kept the gold coin and we split the rest of the gold 50/50. Jimmy and I remained friends for years after that deal and hunted many other claims I pointed out (old patches I'd found in the past) or claims I had sold and he purchased or leased them in Az. and Nv. too. The Detectors I used where a modded Minelab PI 2100 with a custom made 14" mono coil and Fisher Gold Bug VLF with a factory 14" coil. spent a little over two weeks hunting it. More later. AzNuggetBob
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    Got out for a nice day hunt, to the Mohave Mountains Strewn Field, just south of Franconia. I ended up getting a little over 14 grams. These L6 meteorites found by Myke Steighler, still have a nice dark fusion crust, as this fall is not very old. It was nice seeing Jason (Jayray), Eric (Strapped), and Twink even showed up for a little while. Dave.
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    Sir you have become very good at this and loving the chance to tag along here at the forum. Jim Straight said something to me once and it was " Bill, we got something we need to share, you know what i mean?" I waited.... "finding gold is a skill learned much by having a mentor". Yes I said and waited..... "I write books, you have the internet and teaching or helping others go where we have been feels good" I again said yes..... Jim has a passion for helping and taught me much over the years, I honestly owe some of my success to him and many of the other old timers at detecting Arizona, like Nugget Bob.... Hehehe I know some stories of his exploits in the old days and dang he got some gold. Was in one of the first prospecting with a detector videos I ever saw tearing into old timer hand stack piles. But back in the late 80's and early 90's there was little help anywhere for folks wishing to find gold with a "witching stick" I watch many come and go here, but many have started out with us, stayed, then made us jealous of their finding skills There is some serious skill here in a list to long to write.... I love this place. Anyway to know that in some small way I was an inspiration my friend is cool beans to me, thanks....
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    Yo All... This is a near 40 minute long video my old partner, Glenn, did ... It's long, but watch it and you'll know about the real deal of gold mining... He started the Sterling Creek Mine right after our Double Eagle Mine got thrashed ... He's done well...Watch and learn :
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    Okay, fellow Monster users, I'm very happy to be able to report that Chet is a Wiring Wizard (at least in my book) and that the adapter he makes has solved the problems I had between my Sun Ray Gold Pro headphones and my Gold Monster with the other adapters I'd tried. Not only am I able to hear through them now, but the external speaker on the monster stays quiet and I'm able to use the independent volume controls on my headset. Thank you, Chet!! Lisa
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    I recently found an FN 57 and went way over budget, but I have no regrets at all. This pistol is amazing. I'm not really much of a gun guy, so I won't be able to tell you much about it. It's light, fast, and the damned thing hits what I want it to!! Visit YOUTUBE and you will find plenty of information and videos.
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    Out yesterday afternoon to do some training for 2 new customers and tagged the smallest yet with the Monster and it was even down about an inch, 5 inch coil and hunting in a drywasher fines pile. I think this is the smallest nugget I have ever detected that was actually in the dirt about an inch. Just a whisper until I removed a boot scrape then loud and clear. This detector is simply amazing...
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    Dont retire Bill! Its very tough. Forget what day it is, cant figure out where to go out and eat, what day will I go detecting, stuff like that. I wish I was back working.....NOT! Tom H.
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    Hey everyone, Made it out yesterday with my father in-law and my oldest boy. We started off at a gold spot that i found a nugget at before and just came up with a hardware store supply of nails and other stuff. Later we moved on to our relic spot, which i guess we should have started out at. My boy found a really cool skeleton key, a huge 2 piece button and he was able to eyefind a cool white ball, which he thought was a marble. I found a nice hunk of silver and 2 more pockets full of lead. My father-in-law found a lot of lead also, so not too much good stuff. Come to find out, what we thought was a marble is actually a ivory roulette wheel ball. Did some research and was pretty happy with that. All and all a pretty good day, it was cold and windy with snow coming in. So probably wont be out for a while. Take care everyone. Dan
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    Great hunting with you guys! I am looking forward to the next one. Here is the 14.3 gram Franconia stone I found the day prior.
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    Different spots, same trip. Speaking of that...Here's a cleaned up 3.62 ouncer from just a few feet away from the 2.75 ouncer This is source gold. There were two sources in the same area, feeding the same main wash. We cleaned house here, there's much more
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    http://www.azgs.az.gov/minerals_gold.shtml http://repository.azgs.az.gov/sites/default/files/dlio/files/2010/u14/OFR_85_01.pdf Have fun.....
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    Luke I can see your hunting skills are also getting better. Battery maybe? unless you where hunting with a weak old battery. Could it be its rained since you last hunted it, erosion, damp ground etc. lot of things to consider. I use all of these to my advantage on old patches. all I can say is, that placer patch isn't over until you hit bedrock. best of luck on more. AzNuggetBob
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    Thanks guys. Yeah, I'm running Li-ion batteries now. I ran the detector for 7.5 hours and the battery meter still says 'full'. The first nugget of the day was a .33g piece. When it was in the scoop the detector made the overload sound. I don't remember that happening before. Most of the finds today were just warbles to start with. It just seemed I was finding targets a tiny bit deeper than before. I've never found 7 in one day at the second spot. I broke my old record of 12 in one day with 13. Luke
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    I heard that less than half the mushrooms out there have ever been tested. They ran out of testers. Also heard about a guy who's 1st wife died from eating poison mushrooms. Same with his 2nd wife. His 3rd wife died because she wouldn't eat her mushrooms.
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    Not gold but as far as relics go. Here is a photo when I was swap meeting/selling some of my finds. note the miners candle holders on the right in the photo. the pointed ends where pounded into mine shaft rock cracks or timbers to support a candle for light in the mine. If you ever find one of these hang onto it. they are hand forged of iron or brass and they are not trash. they are very collectable and will never go down in value. many where marked on the side with the mine name on it. That makes them even more collectible. Ive sold them from hundreds of dollars to over a thousand. Just because its a little rusty doesn't mean its trash. AzNuggetBob
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    My good friend Las and I headed out early to see if we could talk some nuggets out of the ground. We decided to hunt a wash that was not too remote but one where we had both found some great gold in the past. We’ve pounded but not yet “finished” this wash so there was some opportunity left. Crawling through some thick brush I trashed the headphone cord on my GPZ headphones. Easy enough to fix and having the WM12 wireless external speaker saved me time from a mile and a half hike back to the quads to grab the backup pair. Thanks Minelab I ended up with 3.1 grams for the day and my friend got a couple of nice quartz species with his Gold Bug I decided to use the Ground Smoothing option of Locate Patch on this wash (used the default Off previously) and these signals really stood out. Don’t have any pics of his finds but do have a pic of him with one in the scoop. Here pics are of my nugs in-situ. Both found on a inside bend bench. 9.2 grams for my week so far and now the weekend is here - hmmm First nugget in-situ Second nugget in-situ Good friend scores a specie on the flats Dang headphone cord Bird's nest
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    Some images of the embedded bits using a cheap camera microscope app
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    Ok off the wall but Im looking thru some photo's I run across this. I'm up around old town Valentine, Az. sit'n in camp and this bull calf is walking by. ya I'm done for the day (coin huntin) I'm sitting in my lounge chair next to my camper-van. I'm tired out drinking a beer and this walks by? not kidding. that was the white fur on it's forehead. AzNuggetBob
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    I hiked into a remote wash yesterday and came across some old timer diggings. Solder dot cans and square nails abounded. The prize of the day was this. Only a foot down it made the gb2 scream like a little girl. I wondered why there would be a nozzle jet in the desert...but my question was answered when I stumbled across the remnants of an old dam in an upper wash. That nozzle is a bit small for hydraulic mining, but maybe they were cleaning bedrock with it?