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  2. Happy Birthday Homefire

    LOL, You guys are as bad as me. A dollar Short and a Day Late. LOL
  3. Happy Birthday Homefire

    See what happens when you don't get on the forums every day ... Happy Belated Birthday Homie!
  4. No more NFL

    Just a quick warning to those who prefer name calling on members of this forum for political differences ... That is one of the reasons threads like this get stopped and removed. It is OK to state an opinion ... be aware when you do so that you may find disagreement to your opinion as we are all different and come from various experiences and backgrounds ... It is NOT OK to resort to name calling or belittling anyone on this forum.
  5. help plz

    Not a meteorite guy so I am no help here.
  6. No more NFL

    My take, is that they are supporting the "BLM" (black lives matter) crew and want the police to stop shooting black street thugs.... I stopped watching pro sports back when they went on strike in (I think) the eighties....
  7. Today
  8. No more NFL

    I can't agree with you more. Both sides (Parties) and the Media had us by the nostrils long time ago, and it continues today. Here is a little sweetheart of a nugget to get us on the right track again......
  9. Cañón del Tesoro

    Great looking hard won gold...
  10. No more NFL

    Neither side is on our side and love to see folks argue who's jackass is the better Jackass. Give it a break guys as said above it is the government as a whole that can not get anything done not one man.....
  11. No more NFL

    Hey Home, That's what libs do...they reverse everything. Mirror image. And the last time I looked, the President's job isn't to improve the lives of Americans. His job is to protect our freedoms, so we can get on with the job of pursuing our individual happiness. For myself, I don't WANT the government helping me.....that never works out well for anybody. jim
  12. No more NFL

    Presidents do not Legislate. The Legislators Legislate, I/E the Congress. I've seen nothing this President has done to Divide this country. That's Exactly what the Fraudulent One did. That's Exactly what some LEGISLATOR are attempting to do. Stick to his job ? You mean like Do what ever is in his powers to Protect the Interest of We the People and Country? That is his job. This man has gotten more done in the Interest of the Country then any of the last three presidents combined in under one year. We the People Elected this man. We the People will retain him in office via Non Fraudulent Means un like the Democrat Aka Communist Party has been proven to do. Racial Opinions? Where did you come up with that one. Just What has the man ever done that is Racial in any fashion ? I've not seen it. It's like your seeing everything Mirror Image. Backwards.
  13. No more NFL

    I'm not the idiot in this case. You must be referring to that jackass in the white house. He's your president...not mine. Protesting has always been a right afforded to us in the constitution. So let them protest and let them suffer the consequences..if any...
  14. No more NFL

    If the players want to do it on their own time that's fine with me. Im sure the media will accommodate them. AzNuggetBob
  15. No more NFL

    I agree with you. The white house jackass should stick to his job and legislate to try and improve the lives of ordinary Americans. Not use his platform to voice divisive racial opinions that divide this country. He's supposed to be a uniter..not a divider. I'm embarrassed with the conduct of the white house jackass as many in this country are and the rest of the world is. I look forward to the day when the American public tells the white house jackass " You're FIRED".
  16. No more NFL

    If you where at your job regardless of what it is and you used it as a platform to voice your political opinions, how long would you last there? We are playing ball here people not staging a rally. AzNuggetBob
  17. Weird $tuff

    http://www.foxnews.com/auto/2017/09/25/ken-blocks-climbkhana-pikes-peak-is-race-to-clouds-like-never-before.html My shorts don't hold enough to ride with this guy!
  18. No more NFL

    I wonder what would happen to those same players if they turned their backs to the owner of the team when he was talking to them. Yes the head of the NFL is gutless but in my view the owners bear most of the blame for this disrespect. These are spoiled half men that haven't served their country in one respect or another. They were given college educations and make more money than the average Joe. Life has been handed to them on a silver platter and they mock the country that made it all possible. I don't think that Joe Blow likes it very much and Things are going to change when the team shops and sponsors start to loose money. Old Tom
  19. help plz

    any and all,comments welcome, tnx all
  20. help plz

    highly magnetic, very dense was cut and polished with a disc grinder. was found somewhat north of estherville iowa is southwest minnesota
  21. No more NFL

    Fact: The NFL has the Means and Ability to put a End to these Followers of Islams Show of Dominance and distaste towards our Government. Fact: The NFL like so many others these days are Paralyzed with Political Correctness. Fact: Political Correctness is FASCISM described as Politeness. Fact: By NOT putting a end to this open act of Sedition, the NFL are Accomplices of the Same. se·di·tion səˈdiSH(ə)n/ noun noun: sedition; plural noun: seditions conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.
  22. Equinox.....

    The reason Minelab introduced the Nox like they did is to "freeze" potential buyers of other detectors to wait for the Nox. They are predicting early spring as a release date. I believe it was a very effective move on their part. I think that the new Garrett AT Max release will suffer as will the high freq Deus coil release. E-TRAC, CTX, and GM won't be affected, I believe, as they do different tasks. Dean
  23. No more NFL

    Fact, you idiot, he is president. He doesn't " think himself a president". The spoiled NFL players do have the right to protest ...but not without consequences. The only right that they have is freedom from prosecution by the government. Not freedom from consequences from their employer, the fans, or the American people. I believe that the NFL will suffer for this BS and will, out of financial necessity, put a stop to it. Dean
  24. Topaz From Utah

    Roughly how 'big' is the topaz ? You know, relative to a common object. Just trying to get some perspective. Thanks.... Luke
  25. Heres a good picture of a topaz I collected in Utah. ..Sold
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