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  2. I don't know if it was intentionally abandoned or accidentally left behind... Just send me a private message through the forum no later than December 19, 2017, and include a description of the type and color of chair you're missing. If the description matches the one I found and you want it back, let's figure out a way to make that happen. Thanks! Lisa
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  4. Need a Goldmaster coil

    Thank you very much for the Good suggestion. Took the cover off and wiped off the coil, left cover off and still having the same issues. I set it up as per instructions in manual and then turn it on. The threshold is All the way Off and it is making a loud threshold noise. Will only stop if i turn the V-sat on and about half way up. Then i can set the threshold but as soon as i start ground balance it tunes the threshold out and goes silent. Any other ideas??
  5. I actually thought it would be around 2.5 to 3 grams. Sort of surprised to see it weighed as much as it did. Doc
  6. minelab xt 18000

    here ya go....its a very clean machine...low hours
  7. Need a Goldmaster coil

    Not being a smarty a$$ but if it has a coil cover check to make sure there is nothing under the cover....get a piece of trash in there and it will mess you up. Just a suggestion.
  8. Great outing , nice to see you again Doc and thanks for the great advice on my GPX.
  9. Always good getting together with you Doc! I would have guessed and told you a number larger than what that nugget weighed out at. I would have swore closer to 5 or 6 grams ... Nice find!
  10. Our fearless leader, a star is born.

    And now THANKS to the Minelab GM1000 aka Gold Monster aka Monster ... some of that info on the video is ancient history ... unless you don't have a GM1000 detector. Why? The GM1000 does not have a threshold! OOPS! Now WHAT!. Ask for a demonstration from Bill in and around LSD/Morristown or me in and around Prescott or Mayer. This is truly new technology ... and it is amazing what a 24 bit processor will do.
  11. Need a Goldmaster coil

    Anyone have a reasonably priced coil for a Whites Goldmaster series? I recently bought a V-sat and it appears the coil is bad. Detector makes loud threshold noise even with the threshold turned all the way off. That, or it makes No sound at all. I figure the coil is the easiest place to start. Would like a 4"x6" Shooter but a stock 6"x10" will do if the price is right. If you have one you can e-mail me at Hondolane1953@hotmail.com Thanks
  12. Another great get together. Bigger than ever. Plenty of delicious food, gold was found. New friendships made and old friendships renewed. Great turn out for the two training sessions on the Gold Monster 1000 that Bill Southern, Mike Furness, Kevin Hoagland, Debbie Smikoski from Minelab, and myself put on. One thing is for sure the Gold Monster is a hit. When you have some of these legendary Fisher Gold Bug users, that are scoring 20 to 30 pieces, sell their Gold Bug after using the Gold Monster 1000, that says something. Here's some pictures. Nugget was 3.2 grams. Only got the one, but that was the one I was looking for. :-) Great to have seen everyone again. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Doc
  13. Got the "Nugget" to watch tonight. Not a 200 pounder but had fun finding it yesterday.
  14. Nov outing with pictures!

    Joe Noshoulders never hibernates at LSD or Red Basin... Cheers, Unc
  15. Hello

    Welcome to the forum Jack! ... Bill is half right about gold in LSD ... none left there behind him ... make a path somewhere in front of him!
  16. New Member??

    Welcome Doug ... Don't such a stranger in the future ... feel free to add your vast knowledge to the group ... we can all learn a little more from each other!
  17. Nov outing with pictures!

    Great photos bring back many memories of like times , thanks much-John
  18. Nuggetshooter Outing Video

    Looks like a good time was had by all-John
  19. Nugget Shooter Shirt

    Standing ,eee r Sitting Buy, in standby mode standing buy. Antennas Up.
  20. Sweet silver, a Buff, and Wheats - that is a great day of coinshooting!
  21. Another Friday, Another 5-nuggets

    By my lights that was a very nice return in exchange for the amount of labor invested. The line between prospecting and mining activities is blurry. A willingness to dig, probe and sample often can make the difference between wearing a smile or skunk stripes at the end of the day. Good job!
  22. Good Stuff for sure. I hit the old Camp Cody just at the edge of town here once in a while. I don't do nearly that good.
  23. Cool man! Looks like a good time.
  24. Very nice gold Sounds like you worked for it Friday was a perfect day....cloudy and cool. Tom H.
  25. What's the Deal ?

    4,440 here at the Fort. just about twice what Tucson is.
  26. Twisting Up DIY Coils ?

    LOL, Not really . Now it's become my NEMESIS ! I do battle with the thing at least a hour a day. Then I lick my wounds and go at it from another direction. I figured it has a soft spot some place.
  27. Nuggetshooter Outing Video

    Two Thumbs WAY Up!
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