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  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.azcentral.com/amp/1033687001#ampshare=https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-environment/2018/01/19/pacu-fish-creepy-humanlike-teeth-taking-bite-out-arizonas-waterways/1033687001/
  3. Unexpected Locations

    Very cool Mitchel. Never heard your story but am glad that you decided to share it here.
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  5. New 2018 F150 V6 3.0L Diesel!!

    ... a bit???? You're not kidding... my Tundra with 4.7litre gets 13mpg on the highway if I'm lucky and if towing my travel trailer, lucky to see 9.5
  6. New 2018 F150 V6 3.0L Diesel!!

    Sadly, only in gas....
  7. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    I Got Curious and went hunting for it's use. As I suspected before it would seem they are just using the Ferrite as a Base Line Reference relating to Ground Conditions. More detail will be coming forward as it comes. LOL KBA_24-1 ZVT Technology.pdf
  8. New 2018 F150 V6 3.0L Diesel!!

    They are bringing the Ranger back too.
  9. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    That was the reasoning behind my question Mike. I know the 7000 is a whole different animal and thats why i was wondering what exactly the farrite was used for, then was just curious if it would work for other machines. Having only held a GPZ, i haven't had the opportunity to see it in action or set up, so was interested on the purpose of the ferrite.
  10. Making this short in case I do it wrong... What is this rock? I also have more peices to it. Seems like it was spherical and it has many distinct layers. I've had it a long time. I got it from a house we tore down where an old Rock hound lived.
  11. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    I 'ass-u-me' you are thinking the GPZ is just another PI ... It is not ... It is a different and more powerful technology ZVT (Zero Voltage Transmission). However to answer your question more directly I did experiment with a ferrite ring and my GPX5000 about a year or so ago. It didn't seem to make any difference in its ability to distinguish the targets (undug unknown targets). I found the targets with the usual setup and ground balancing procedures. Once the targets were found but before they were dug and identified I turned the GPX5000 off. After waiting about a minute I fired up the GPX5000 and without changing any of the previous settings I ground balance over the ferrite ring as part of the initial balance. Swung the coil over the target and it sounded off just as it had without the ferrite ring. I dug the targets and low and behold one of them was gold ... the other three I tried in the same manner turned out to be lead bullet material. This test was done in some moderately mineralized ground at the RRPC Aquarius Claims near Cleator AZ.
  12. Unexpected Locations

    Almost everyone knows my story. I went out in a meteorite field (Franconia) and found a specimen that was 3.5oz/1.5oz gold. It was a sunbaker. About a year and a half later I went back to the 'area' to target gold and I found a 20.5oz/8oz gold specimen about a mile away. When I posted the story Bob Dansing 'Montana' responded and said he had found his first gold nuggets about 2 miles away. I don't know if he found any meteorites either but when I went there I was not targeting gold on the first trip. I found the gold before anyone told me there was no gold there. (Actually Bill had said there was no gold there and he was going to some mountains about 5-6 miles away.) Mitchel
  13. Unexpected Locations

    Man....thats golden both ways! Tom H.
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  15. I don't know how to navigate a forum

    Try https://www.mindat.org/
  16. Depending on where you live gives you a couple of options. First your local college geology department may provide what you need. The next option is to google rock clubs, gem and mineral societies in your area. The third option is to post a good picture here and we maybe able to help. Also your local high school geology depatrment or a local rock shop. Hope this helps
  17. Unexpected Locations

    Yes, some friends and I went detecting a new area and did not score. On the hike out I stopped to take a leak and still had the GP Extreme on with the 8 inch Super Gold Search coil hanging from my back pack bungee. We were just cherry picking on our hike back. While I was answering nature's call the detector swung and bobbed a little (shake and zip time) and I heard a signal. On the ground was an old poke with 12 grams of nuggets in it. Crazy. Life is good
  18. Unexpected Locations

    I had a similar experience when I found my 'first gold' with a detector.... I was out in a place northwest of town, and had driven my truck pretty far up a well known wash. I was very green and didn't know much at all when I came to nuggetshooting. I parked the truck and walked upstream and started detecting a large inside bend where a few feet of overburden had collected over the years. I was finding large pieces of trash with my GMT. After walking around in circles for an hour or so, I got a loud signal, and the "probability meter" was showing a favorable target. Within the first inch of sand, out pops a men's gold wedding band. 5 grams of 14k gold. All I can think is someone was having marital problems, and in an impulse move, took the ring off and chucked it out the window as they drove up the wash. It wasn't a nugget, but I was happy to end up with the ring. Luke
  19. I'd say the red is garnet, the black... tourmaline, the orangish rock... feldspar, the white rock...quartz. I wouldn't go so far to say it's a pegmatite.
  20. A Better Week for Rings!

    Congrats on the great finds!
  21. Don't know if it is Garnet? Ya never know what the last Ice Age drop'd Here..I had to break it!!!
  22. I'm new. Im trying to find a geologist (or experienced Rock hound)to please identify this unknown(to me)rock(mineral?hard thing😎) If someone could kindly and simply point me in the right direction I would be very great ful!😊 Thanks to anyone reading this, Itchyclaymore
  23. Thanks guys. Need to do it again some time before it gets hot.
  24. Unexpected Locations

    Not nuggets but one time I went hunting with my MXT for some gold nuggets on a tailing pile and got a very loud signal, ended up being a heavy mens gold wedding band. Weighed in at 12 grams..
  25. A Better Week for Rings!

    Great work-John
  26. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    Bill; I am just teasing the tiger...to each his own and may every one find some gold! fred
  27. GPZ 7000

    Bill, No problem. I understand your position on getting the information, and realize I am not well known to the Nuggetshooter community. When I posted the ad I was a little disgusted with nugget hunting and the 7000. I have reconsidered and decided to keep the 7000. I have had several inquiries so the ad should pulled from the listing if that is possible. Thanks for your note. Ken
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