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    Hey all... I made it out the other day for a quick hunt before the sun burned off the clouds. I returned to an area I'd been before, and decided to hunt a hillside near "My First Dink Patch". This area has been hunted by many detectors over the years and it took over an hour before I found my first trash target. A little bit later, I found a target signal behind the trunk of a little bush. After some digging and some screwdriver/bedrock action, the target was out. Another little scrap of rusty metal. But wait, there's another target in the hole. Some more bedrock loosened up and scraped out, and this little guy came to the surface. A nice .58g specimen. I was using the 5000 with the 11" mono commander. Fine gold, gain 9, stab 9, very slow.... I knew the ground would be wet, so the EVO stayed home. I doubt it was more than three inches deep. Even when it was in the scoop, it wasn't very loud. Luke
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    Hi All, Please welcome Mike Furness to the Nugget Shooter Team, Mike will be working with me in training, sales, and at the other many activities I get my fool self involved in Mike will soon be certified as a Minelab trainer and will be a big help to me. Thanks for coming aboard Mike!
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    Headed for Bill's store in the morning, going to go get a Gold Monster 1000 . Decided I can't give up hunting. Going to have to find a partner to hunt with so I am not in the field alone.
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    Here are a couple of my favorite dink finds from a couple years back, gold is amazing....
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    Hot, gnats, sweating, but had a great time and managed 3 dinks..... one so small I could hardly see it without my glasses out in the field Working shallow ground with GM 1000 in shallow discrimination mode. Lots of Grey Basalt and other hot rocks that are pretty much ignored except for the initial beep before being ignored by the detector.
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    Well now there is a way to capture a drone from the air
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    There are thousands of places that the old-timers located. Only some of these turned out to be economically viable -- especially a hundred or more years ago. But what was not once economically viable in a distant yesterday may become viable (or at least casually viable) at a future time as technology changes. I keep my eyes open for places where only minimal old-timer signs prevail. If the only signs are, for example, a few soldered cans amongst barely distinguishable surface diggins with maybe some 100+ year old dry washer tacks and small bore cartridge casings sprinkled here or there, then I slow down and spend some focussed time scanning to determine not only if gold is present, but its shape, size and distribution as well. I prefer to spend a few days trying to recover just a few flakes or nuggets from a low odds unclaimed area where I am the only one who seems to be aware of what potentially lies hidden in the dirt rather than repeatedly returning to a high odds place crawling with others. I've had a few small jackpot moments so far and sooner or later I hope to have my BIG jackpot moment and the self satisfaction that comes with following one's own compass rather than following in the footsteps of the herd. Not all research is accomplished by reading old records. Sometimes it takes boots on the ground and a practiced eye. As long as I am deriving pleasure from my largely solitary efforts, that is my reward. I like to play in the big desert sand box!
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    Deep red Cuprite from South West Mine, Bisbee, Cochise Co
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    Hey Bill - Its around 90 or so in the middle of the day where I am hunting and plenty of shade. Drops down to the low 50s at night..... Got out the other day and was hunting an obscure spot - one which was discovered more than 100 years ago, but never really worked. Hard to find because there are no actual workings to be seen. There are no dig holes anywhere because its off the well beaten path.... First time I went out there a few years back I got only trash, but yesterday found two nuggets about 30 feet apart. Only half a gram total for the two, but I now have a spot no one knows about which is producing at least a few nuggets. Who knows where that will lead!
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    Yep they would, but this is all new technology and works very differently than the VLF detectors of the past including no threshold which used to be what I called the "voice" of your detector since we carefully listened for variations in the threshold to indicate faint targets. I have always preached to dig all targets and do with all my other detectors, right now I am testing a new machines abilities and so far this detector is dead on. I am using all metal right now and when getting a target use discriminate to first check before digging checking accuracy. Now the biggest part of this is that in places no VLF can work efficiently I can switch over to the shallow mode and hunt the area with few issues. This detector has only 2 modes and one is deep all metal, the other shallow with discrimination and it can not be adjusted though sensitivity can. As I said it is a new step in VLF technology and you can say it's about selling detectors if you want, but I have never been one to BS anyone to sell detectors. I think perhaps you should try one and see what it does and how it works before doubting. As technology advances so do detectors and this VLF with it's 24 bit processor is very different than the 40 year old technology in many of the gold nugget VLF units on the market. I have while testing tried every way I know to fool the Gold Monster in shallow mode and have not been able to yet, but I am still getting to know this detector and reporting my findings as I go.... So far it does as Minelab says and I am impressed with it and have 5 nuggets in my poke, well one is so small it is barely a picker. Only thing about this detector I wasn't fond of was the shaft assembly and changed mine, other than that it is a killer detector that I very much enjoy using and can use in ground not workable a VLF previously. As I said this is a very different technology and can not be compared to other VLF gold machines out there as it is like comparing apples and oranges, they are both round, but very different. It is the way often when new technology and the same sort of thing was said as folks tried to wrap their heads around the GPZ 7000 being so different with it's ZVT technology from the PI.... Cheers and I am going hunting....
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    Unique combination of Calcite, Quartz and Chalcopyrite From Boldut Mine, Romania
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    Im sorry...I dont usually rant, but being in the aviation industry my whole career and with the amount of info/media out there these days on what to do and not to do.......I hope they put it to this guy. He shuts down flying so he can play with his drone and get some pics to post? Not realizing the danger to peoples homes/aircrew/aircraft Cudos on the investigators. After I heard about the incident I was saying to myself........just wait for the post. Dern RETARD http://www.abc15.com/news/region-northern-az/prescott/prescott-valley-man-arrested-for-delaying-goodwin-fire-fight-with-drone Tom H.
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    Dig trash..... Even if your new detector says it's ferrous. Especially if you've found a spot where others have detected and continued to return. There is a reason they return. If you find trash in areas like this, you can be certain that the previous people did not get all the gold. Trash is generally loud and gold is not (most times). Once you get the loud sounds out of the way, it can be easier to hear the softer sounds of gold. Plus, trash will mask a nugget and make it impossible for the detector to hear a lot of times. Not too long ago, I found a .4g nugget under a decaying tin can that I (and others) had walked past dozens of times. For whatever reason, I decided to move the can. On the third piece of rusty tin being recovered, there was a softer target sound in the bottom of the hole. It was a nugget that I had walked past for over two years. If you're going to a club claim, there was and still is, gold there. Are you likely to find a lunker sitting pretty and easy to hear right on the surface? Probably not. But I have walked into spots on club claims that were obvious that recent mining activity had taken place there. In the past, I had been discouraged and thought that the previous miners (detectorists) got it all. Now I know that is just not true. Generally the more work done in an area in the past, the more gold was found there. NO ONE GETS IT ALL. I have proved this to myself many, many times now. Make sure you are getting the coil into places that others have not. People will generally follow the path of least resistance. Recognize this, and make your own path. Get under bushes, roll rocks, scrape away leaf litter with your foot. If an area looks torn up from previous miners. Take a minute and observe where it hasn't been disturbed and search in those places. Don't just walk through the middle, swing the detector a few times and say.... "I knew there was no gold there". I was guilty of this and I was wrong. Last thing..... PERSIST. There always comes a point where a few hours have passed and you've got a handful of trash, and you're starting to smell a skunk. Sometimes, you've got other engagements and just have to go. If that's the case, come back another time and pick up where you left off. But if you can stay, keep at it. I can think of many times when I was ready to call it a day. Forty minutes later, I'm holding the skunk buster in my hand and going home with a smile on my face. Good Luck !! Luke (here's the nugget I found under that tin can)
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    Well, I got out to GB today and got me some classified dirt for my Mountain Goat when it gets here . Then I looked around at the drainage in some small washes. Broke out the new GM and had at it. Nothing new to tell, same story , no gold but you should see me hunt for bird shot. I found 3 pieces of lead bird shot in 3 different places , I had to work for every one of them , but I got 'em. There was other hits but they all showed ferrous so I did not dig , one bird shot was about 2 inches from a ferrous target . I would get a double sound in all metal then I turned on Disc. only got the Ferrous hit so I dug. the it took several minutes to find it. Kept moving it around , would scoop just over it. That's my trip for today......working hard to make GB lead free .
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    Yo All...I noticed a disturbance in our indoor pool yesterday late and checked it out to find a 5 ft. bull snake taking a swim but unable to get out ... Bro and I started trying to save him/her but it retreated into the pump filter intake ... We took off the lid and got it out but, man, it was not grateful...It maintained a solid hiss that sounded like a very loud rattler and it struck at us over and over ... Anyhow, Bro finally got him in the net and released in the back yard where it can continue feasting on rattlers, rats, etc... Cool snake Cheers, Unc
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    I have had a busted off "arm cuff" for over a year now, and I finally gathered up enough nuggets to buy a new one Also , I finally got fed up with my old Velcro , and put some new stuff on the cable. I`ll tell you what ....That new cuff is the cats meow ..Its all stealth and ergonomic Anyway , I hiked way up this darn canyon, and finally banged out a nice little piece. I was so remote , that I only got three targets ...Super glad one was gold .75 of a gram Insitu shot
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    A desperate looking woman stood poised on the edge of a high bridge, about to jump off. Kenny was wandering by, stopped and said, "Look, since you'll be dead in a few minutes, and it won't matter to you, how about a quickie before you go?" She screamed, "NO! Bug off you filthy old bastard!" He shrugged and turned away saying, "Okay then, I'll just go and wait at the bottom." She didn't jump. Object lesson: Suicide counseling really does work!
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    A truly Incredible find, shown are two bullets that collided during the Battle of Gallipoli, World War I, 1915
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    Yes it does Andy...... Well had a great trip to the Nugget Shooter Store , Got my Gold Monster 1000, returned home , put it together.....easy to do. Took it out to my test "garden" it did not miss a thing , read correctly on all the targets ..... quarter , dime .., nickel , pop top , penny and a ring......good targets. had some nails , rusty metal and fence wire.......disc. every one of them..............very happy shooter BIG THANKS TO BILL SOUTHERN AND NUGGET SHOOTER STORE. Now to hunt in the field..........oh yeah.
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    darn Adam, show a bit of respect man!!!!! The correct response to people that take time to help you is usually "thank you" not smart condescending comments like you wrote... have some respect for people, they're not here to serve you!!!
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    Well it is off to the goldfield with Kevin H. before sunrise tomorrow to see about tagging a nugget or two with the Gold Monster 1000s. Still trying to get some good solid time on this new and fascinating VLF. The darn thing is truly amazing and will change the nugget detecting game forever and having discrimination that actually eliminates ferrous targets and most hotrocks. More to come.....
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    There are quite a few areas near Kingman that have decent gold that didn't make the books Rick, but can be found mentioned in articles and online. But when limited to day trips exploring can indeed be difficult as I stay out days at a time often when following a new lead. Everyone has a method or area they like and none is wrong, but for me I like exploring for areas off the beaten path that can often pay very well, then ya got to keep quiet and work it. For me crumb chasing in old patches is still fun and when hot out it is what I do mostly, but I much prefer getting into those long forgotten areas and finding multiple nuggets. Those areas are STILL OUT THERE and there are more left than most think. This is why I say research is so important and why I spend the long hot summer setting up my Fall to Spring hunting areas in advance. Yes indeed I spend allot of time not finding gold as well, but heck I can do that at Gold Basin, LSD, or...... Anyway. I have found allot of nuggets where there has been no recorded gold production and the government only listed areas that were economically important and produced an average of 5000.00 worth of gold at 20.00 an ounce, think about that for a minute. There are hundreds of small discovery's across the Southwest never recorded and ripe for detecting that one has to do some serious study to find, but the reward can be substantial for a person with a metal detector.
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    I wonder how much you have invested in equipment for bass fishing? That is, boat, rods, reels, etc., etc.. One would have to catch a lot of fish to pay for all that also. I know a guy that has invested $10,000.00 in a boat alone and doesn't count his fish at all. It's all about what you get individually out of the sport/hobby. Exercise, accomplishment, peace of mind, fraternity are some of the things that are byproducts of beeping that money can't buy. As far as the Bold Bug Pro goes, it's a good machine and I find a lot of gold with it and so do others I know. It doesn't match up with a PI but it is a lot of fun to use an very simple. I think that you would enjoy the Gold Monster if you took Bill up on his offer and tried it out, what do you have to loose? Old Tom
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    Just some info. I just made my already light Gold Monster lighter by putting it on one of Herbs carbon fiber shafts. (Thanks Herb) Everything fit just fine. But I still need someone to dig and fill the holes for me. Patrick
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    Today was not a day for hunting, but instead I spent the morning testing the GM 1000 with a friend who also had one. Keep in mind we were using several small nuggets none over a half gram and starting very small buried at different depths in a semi deep small wash loaded with black sands. Some of my findings and resulting tips will follow. Each target was tested in the full auto settings as well as messing with sensitivity manually which for this machine is still automatic GB. It was very quickly evident that even though trying to "fool" the discrimination was difficult if not impossible, but there is a big depth advantage using all metal deep in both signal quality and depth. I would not recommend using shallow/discrimination in soils over 6 inches deep and expect to hear the same small targets the detector will easily hear in Deep/all metal as it goes deeper yet. Also the detector preformed much better in shallow/disc with the sensitivity all the way up in full auto as did the deep/all metal in most areas though there were some spots we had to lower the gain in all metal to keep it stable, but in most areas after moving the coil and pumping it will smooth out very nicely even in a black sand laden wash, but if you raise the coil above the ground very far you have to do it again. Previously I have worked shallow ground with bedrock no more that a few inches and the shallow/disc was killer under these conditions and will even the smallest bits. But soil over 6 inches you will not hear small stuff though bigger targets still sing out fine. Bottom line is when in deep, full auto the detector is a very deep seeing VLF. When in deep you may think it is having issues with mineralization, but by giving it 10 or 15 seconds while moving and pumping the coil it will settle down and purr right along as long as you keep the coil on the ground or very close to it. LOW AND SLOW..... THE GM 1000 does not like to go fast especially in soil conditions like we used it in today! So for me general hunting means full auto/deep and once some soil is removed you can switch over to check if you want. Shallow or hunting bedrock, full auto disc. is silent and deadly on the tiniest nuggets. I am still very impressed and will say more as I get time on it..... Being new, no threshold, and fully automatic is hard for this old timer to get my head around, but it works as Minelab says and perhaps a little better.
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    So after watching this video, I went out and dug a couple of holes dropped in some iron sands and hot rocks along with a 1.5 gram and a 10gram at the same depths and got the same results, then I remembered to turn the detector on. I tried everything they did and could not replicate their results. No matter what I did (even swinging the coil faster) I heard both targets with no issues. Kept digging on the 10 grammer until I was about 9 inches before I lost it as a grreat continuous signal. even though I would dig it no matter what as a repeatable.
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    Some people say "Dig them all".To me, it's like saying "Gold is where you find it"! If you're just swinging everything and waiting around to find it, you're wasting a lot of time and effort. all I can say is good luck. "Consistently finding gold is where it's at", and even the best discriminating detector won't guarantee that. But I never discount new technology until its thoroughly tried and field tested. Will they ever make a detector that is 100% accurate in discrimination? maybe not, but If they can cut down on a number of holes you have to dig especially in a trashy area or loaded with hot rocks, I'm willing to let a few go, some are not. Some like to find the iron relics of the past even if its just bits and pieces, some don't. Don't forget about the meteorites. I won't. AzNuggetBob
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    Hi all, hope your dodging the heat. Up here in northern Nevada we cant handle the high 90s very well haha. So the boys and I have been going out at night to beat the heat. Friday night my oldest boy and I headed out. We got out to our spot at 8:30 pm and it was nice. Low 80s and after the sun was down for a bit we had 64 degrees all night. Cameron did pretty good after we found our new spot. He found what looks to be a bridle concho that is silver coated. And it's really heavy. He also found a couple really cool mid 1860s buttons and a first for us, a really old eagle button. He was really excited about that one. No coins this trip but i think this new spot will turn some over to us. I found just rusty stuff. Not even a speci. We finally left at 8:40 the next morning when it reached 85 lol. Not much but we had a blast. Dan
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    You're right, Mike, about the GB2 being hard for a newbie to learn, but it really is a sweet machine once you've put in the time (lots of time) on learning it ... Took me 7 years and moving to AZ for me to find my first detected nugget even though I had found pounds of gold dredging and prospecting in NorCal for more than 23 years...My first was over 2 Dwt from LSD (see pic) and I've never looked back since then (although I guess I just did)... I've been using it for 23 years now, it's all beat to hell but still works like a magician's wand ... Now, with all that experience under my belt I can audibly I.D. the target...Even the difference between lead shot and gold...Don't discount GB2 over the latest greatest ...GB2 Rocks! Cheers, Unc
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    Hey folks, it's been a few months since I last posted after buying my new detector. I'm on vacation now and I finally got a chance to hit an old hydraulic sluicing area up in the Sierras about 30 miles from my house. This area has been hit hard over the years, I'm sure, but there is still gold to be found! The nugget hasn't seen too much river wear, so it probably didn't travel too far from the source. It weighs about a gram, and it's the first gold nugget I've found in about 10 years. That's the last time I had a gold detector. Interesting story...About 16 years ago I asked the good Lord to help me find a nugget to make a pendant for my wife for our anniversary, and he gave me one. But dummy me lost it a few years later, and I've felt bad ever since. So I went out this morning and prayed the Lord to give me a replacement nugget for my wife, and he came through again! haha Tomorrow we'll find a jeweler and have a bail soldered onto it. My settings were Disc 2 Deep, Boost on, disc filter = 0, isat/mask = 1, sensitivity = 6 Ray
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    Went to try out a new boat.....caught a couple bass.
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    I've had the opportunity to operate both, and my 5000 seems to be a more stable machine. And as Bill stated, the fine gold function is really nice. It's amazing on small gold and specimen gold. Just my opinion though. I know guys that kick butt with a 4500.
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    Hi Tom just waiting for the monsoons to kick in and Ill be out and about- Im getting ready right now to go slay some flat heads at bartlett tonight Mike C...
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    Here ya go! http://www.doityourselfrv.com/world-war-ii-history-buffs-will-love-this-side-of-quartzsite-arizona/ Tom H. .....I typed in Quartzsite letters desert and found this.
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    I voted to allow advertising... with the caveat that paid members are still ad free. That seems fair and that idea has been voiced by a few others too.
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    Have a Wonderful AMERICAN Day!
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    Thanks guys and especially Bill for giving me this opportunity ... really looking forward to the next phase of life ... Have always had a great deal of respect for Bill and his company ... He was one of my mentors back in the day! I'm sure we will be a good fit and help a lot of folks! It's all about the education ... more good, useful and timely information means more gold both the yellow metal and the friendships! Mike F
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    I know they are relatively common, but it was a good day for me. A buddy and I went out to Gold Basin to brave the heat. We were cooked by 1130 but I ended up with a few pounds of meteorites, and a half gram nugget. Finally broke my GB nugget jinx. All the meteors were screaming on my GPZ and the nugget was deep in bedrock. My buddy did well with Gold, found a few specimens and a nugget and a meteorite. Chris
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    OK Terry's contest went so well we are going to do another and you folks on Face Book, Twitter, etc. share! New membership drive and contest and goes like Terry's guess the exact amount of change in this 1 pint canning jar to win GOLD & SILVER, prize is shown in photo.... This contest will run until August 15th and the winner will be the one closest without going over.... Have Fun and please share! All money in the jar go to maintaining our community. And here is the prize a silver quarter and nice little gold specimen, both found by yours truly. Simple as that and when ya post this elsewhere remind them they must sign up to win.
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    Sometimes you come home with your pockets empty, sometimes you come home smiling...
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    Sometimes you just do what you gotta do. Hell, there is no way I should be this old.
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    Yes she really did appreciate it. What's really funny is she said after all was done....."We're going to hate having to do this again in a year" and even funnier is I said with a straight face..... "I have to work that day!!!"..should of got a photo of the look on her face!!...priceless!!
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    Rick, I've had the MG for years and have used it just about everywhere. I like it for processing first run classified cons and I recirc almost all of the time including when I am using it in the recovery shed. (ok tent right now) It does take a little bit of a learning curve to get the best out of it but not too bad. It is not what I would use for serious production by any means just a great piece of equipment that does a great job. I have mine set up to drop from the helix to the Desert Fox. two step recovery in a large black tub and a few gallons of water. For sitting around a running a few buckets of material I think it would be a perfect tool for your Dad. You get a lot of respect from me for doing this for your Dad.
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    Forest people get REALLY PEE PEE Hearted catching you messing with the Floral and Fauna . You can dig to china in the creeks and washes as long as you don't dig into the banks. Anything else requires permits for the permit in order to get the permit to be permitted.
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    Yeah, most were kids from one family. When all that debris and logs get going at the head waters one doesn't have a chance. it's like being in a meat grinder. Even the best swimmer won't survive that. I always tell Tom to park the Yota pointing towards the exit when we go up those washes. Might have a chance if you are pointing South if you see or hear in time, at least a run for high ground. There was a similar incident a few years back when a group of campers parked in a wash and during the night they all got swept into the main lake and drowned. Best to bone up and get some desert savvy before going out where you are a stranger. My heart goes out to those left, only four of original fourteen in that family survived. Old Tom
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    That is really some gold!! Hope to find slugs like that someday. Here's a u tube of some I found this winter.... u tube was done by the person I sold it too.
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    I currently have 4 detectors...My 4500, SD2100 (original green box), GMT, and GB2 ... I've found lots of gold with all of them... Love them all and feel no compunction to replace them or add to my collection... I have grain- with each... Low & slow gets the gold and the detector is almost secondary to that...Cheers, Unc
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    Had a stroke of luck today. A ranch that I had permission the hunt a few years ago stopped all detecting because he wasn't getting a % from the gold taken from his neighbors ranch. Easy to figure that out since he's a lawyer. His brother-in-law who speaks good English, told me today the rancher wanted me to return and beep an area he thinks has gold. Leaving 0600 tomorrow ! 1