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  2. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Jim I'd be happy to build you anything you like. I can't compete with China made stuff price wise. Well I could... But I could only charge about $2/hr for labor PM me with the approx size you want and I'll work up and estimate. Do you have mounting rails on your roof already? The biggest issue with a roof rack is keeping it small and lightweight because there is very little structure in a 4runner roof... or most roofs for that matter.
  3. Now I have seen everything

    My 162 lb. iron would make a good ham roast!
  4. Today
  5. A picture of where Shep got this nugget,

    Wife got her insulin today from ChampVa terry, thanks for the offer. Grubstake
  6. Now I have seen everything

    nice.....I like it !
  7. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Eaaaaaaaaa Your looking sorta REAL Professional there Dave.
  8. Got to Get Out

    To me Bill, they are saying the same thing, just speaking a different language. The Gold monster sounds like a winner for sure , from what people are posting. Hopefully I can try one out real soon.
  9. Fine Gold to a button.

    Borax is the flux normally used easily obtained...
  10. Now I have seen everything

    I assume this means the owner..or someone high in the food chain maybe director of marketing it a meteorite collector.?.. I say this scores a point for KFC in my books, imagine what it took to carve that. Definitely not the most desirable choice for a meteorites final destiny but that is thinking outside the box for starters, if it a campo then maybe it's not in vain.
  11. Now I have seen everything

    I would gladly pay you Tuesday for this fine hamburger today! -Wimpy
  12. Friday.... LSD

    Yeah, skunked this time, but I bet it doesn't happen much for you. I think my record was about 12 trips ... LOL But then again, I found some great stuff on my 13th trip. hee...hee...
  13. Friday.... LSD

    OK, skunked today, but could only stay out 3 hours.... Guess I better go back out tomorrow after the rain we have coming in.... Tried to fool the discrimination today and couldn't do it on the GM 1000 so going to a very trashy spot tomorrow to see what pops up.
  14. Got to Get Out

    My wife found her first nugglet with the gold monster 4/10 of a Grain very good signal and my 2300 Nothing -Sooooo I guess there is gold that the 2300 dont hear Mike C...
  15. Got to Get Out

    Nope Adam the GB2 breaks it's signal on what it thinks is iron, the GM actually eliminates the target completely as in no longer there and still hears gold, lead, etc.. Totally a different VLF and worth looking at... Beeps once and iron is gone and will hear gold right next to iron. Add to that no threshold to listen to without loss of sensitivity. I learned many years ago to have an open mind when it comes to detectors dealer or not and technology has come a long way since the GB2 was developed, yep a great detector and I have found much gold with it in the 80s, 90s and a few years ago so not bashing anything. Times are changing and a VLF with a micro processor on board is a cool beeper says I. My main go to beepers will always be PI and ZVT technology, but even they will not totally ignore basalt and most other hot rocks including Magnetite and the GM 1000 will in Disc mode. Therefore it is in my toolbox and a welcome addition at that. Hunting bedrock and shallow washes/hillsides with no hotrock, iron, or hot ground noise except as the processor identifies the target is very cool.
  16. Got to Get Out

    The Gold Bug II does the same thing ....... The Gold Bug II does the same thing......
  17. Now I have seen everything

    Think I can get a side of fries with it at auction?
  18. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    He is a talented feller and I bet yes.....
  19. Now I have seen everything

    What a waste of a nice meteorite!!
  20. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Nice work ArticDave. I'm looking for a roof rack for my '91 4Runner. is that something you do?
  21. Got to Get Out

    Sorry Swamp, Southern AZ has some pretty hot ground, one of my claims has fist size chunks of magnetite and hematite. If my friend Bob is going to spend some money on a new detector I'm always going to recommend a PI for the ground down here. I own a GB2 as well and when the ground is mild I prefer VLF but if I'm chasing gold associated with a gossan or large copper deposit the 3500 and 2300 are my go to detectors. DP
  22. Got to Get Out

    Hey Fishing, you are going to be really surprised when you test fly the Monster in how it blanks out the Ferris metals and such. Old Tom
  23. Yesterday
  24. research

    This is what I'd like to get around: I keep going places I shouldn't in my truck. Also, some of the old jeep trails have worn out in patches and are now just motorcycle trails. Sure would be nice to get something like this to take you where you want to go. I think the advantage of a Rokon over a trailbike is built to tow a trailer, so if you find a good spot, getting gear would be easy.
  25. Got to Get Out

    SwampStomper Desert Pilot is right about the PI 2300. It will hear what other detectors won't and the price range is close enough for a good comparison.
  26. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Amazing how fast our technology has advanced over the last century. Welp I flip flopped on engines again! after adding everything up...the Veedub is still the cheapest engine. It will not have much for performance up on the Rim country, but will be great for puttering around here. If I need a more powerful engine someday...I'll worry about it then I found a good used case on the Samba from a local guy that I'm going to pick up in the morning. It is the right vintage and appears to be untouched. He also has some other parts that I might be able to use. Have to take my calipers with me and do some measuring. I've been busy building a beefy winch bumper for a friends 71 F100 that I finally finished today.
  27. HEY YOU.... Yeah You

    Boom..... Done
  28. Tailgate Wash Station

    Gotta love it, great idea....
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