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  2. Meteor Over Michigan

    Bill, that would make sense, I also read an article saying that more meteorites will be found as the snow melts. The lakes will still be the best spots to hunt, hopefully they haven't been hit too hard these past few days. There's gotta be lots of little ones still waiting to be discovered...
  3. Mine Tailings Fun.

    This guy is cleaning up SILVER from some tailing Unknown.
  4. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    What I've figured out it's NOT a PI machine and NOT a VLF but yet uses some of both worlds.
  5. Meteor Over Michigan

    Lakes are good for about 4 more weeks. billpeters
  6. Do you know what this means?? Australia stole our gold.
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  8. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    Nugget108 ... Hey if you are ever down this way ... Prescott Valley or Rich Hill(Congress AZ) or LSD (Morristown AZ) let me know and I will more than put the GPZ in your hands ... I'll run through the paces with you and then let you use it! Just give me a little notice of when you will be over this way. It is a very different and really amazing machine!
  9. New 2018 F150 V6 3.0L Diesel!!

    That rumor's been out there since 2010 or so and each year us Tundra lovers wait with baited breath but it never happens.. I wish it would, that's the only reason I'd replace mine. That being said, it would proably be a $75,000 truck and they may not see the justification in updating to such an awesome power plant in what is really an OVER built 1/2 ton.... Granted very well overly built, I'm not complaining but that's a lotta engine for a 1/2-3/4 ton and they probably don't think a lot of people would pay that because youd' still not be able to pull something like a 20,000lb 43' fifth wheel like the one I bought (due to suspension limitations). It's getting out of line when your truck cost more than your home..hahah. My Tundra sprung a leak under it onto the ground simply upon seeing this thing get parked in my RV spot...hahaha
  10. Not to worry Jimmy ... Bill and I are on the same page ... I work with him and he is the big cheese of the outfit ... why would I cut the cheese that feeds me!?
  11. hi all ive got a Detech 8 inch round mono coil 4 sale $120 shipped conus this is a very sensitive coil with good depth & stable with no bump sensitively the silicone around the coil relieve dont hurt it its just a bit ugly it has a coil cover also any questions feel free to give me a ring 928-715-5324 i take paypal thanks for looking walt
  12. New 2018 F150 V6 3.0L Diesel!!

    I read online where there is a possibility Toyota will be putting the 5.0L Cummins turbo diesel in the Tundra, that could be a good combination. I know Nissan is using that engine for their Titan XD.
  13. Dusky Footed Wood Rat (Packrat) Homes

    One on my claim is taking up golf, has a Titlist on his pile.
  14. I got out to "no" gold basin looking for some gold but found some nice meteorites instead. A few of these fit together. All found on two different hill sides only two were surface finds the rest were pretty deep. All found with my 7k. Total just over 600 grams. The biggest is 275 grams and with it's fitting pieces is 390.
  15. Happy Birthday Cowkiller

    Hey guys thanks for the b day wishes! No birthday nuggets but I got some nice space trash.... Frank I was on Stockton hill road this weekend and I didn't hit one! This is some kind of record for me!
  16. Meteor Over Michigan

    Does anyone know the conditions on some of the lakes out there? Checked the weather and it looked like it's going to warm up a bit, just wanted to find out if they're safe to walk on because I'm thinking about possibly driving out there this weekend!
  17. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Was this the result of a massive collision with an extraterrestrial body? Perhaps one which brought gold to Earth? Small Town In Australia Was Once Part Of North America In Prehistoric Times https://www.inquisitr.com/4749101/small-town-in-australia-was-once-part-of-north-america-in-prehistoric-times/
  18. Pretty rock, reminds me off a blueberry muffin. Coaster's excellent idea.
  19. How to look for and find Gold

    Bob, just watched this Video on lunch, excellent. Now I have a hankering to find videos on exploring Old gold mines... Off to youtube tonight,,,, or maybe when I'm out in CO in June, to explore some myself.
  20. Unexpected Locations

    It is indeed a good area and some really nice ones found near the Havasu claims
  21. You can probably find this by the ton at the source, wherever that is. If you have the equipment to make your own coaster, go ahead and try it. I can't vouch for the aesthetics though. Post a picture here if you do make some. I'd like to see how they turn out.
  22. Go-Find 60

    I have a little used Minelab Go-Find 60 for sale. It has the Pack , headphones , and digger with it. Was my Brothers.......clearing his estate. asking 175.00 plus shipping. Located in Golden Valley AZ
  23. Worth anything??? Like to cut it into 1/4in slab's to make coaster's... Thank's
  24. How to look for and find Gold

    Indeed true Bob and these days I will often use the lighter detector for exploration work and return with what is needed to finish the job when I find a new ares.
  25. That video cracks me up every time, but also could be damaging for there sales if people/ newcomers think these guys know how to use this machine as they obviously have NO Idea how to use that particular detector! It’s a joke!. Please take NO notice of that particular Video.
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