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Well the rules here are a bit different as I welcome meteorites for sale you have collected or found yourself, but no store or dealer ads at any time and this includes eBay links! Naturally the main reason for this forum is education, but collecting is also a big part of this subject. So No crappy or degrading posts or they will be deleted, other than that post away!


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    • Yeah, they will really shake you up sometimes. And some will SNAP to a magnet like a solid chunk of steel. Once that texture is a little waterworn it looks a lot like fusion crust. And when you cut a window it is submetallic so it leaves you wondering! I found a big one with a metal detector one day. Had no idea what it was. I always remembered that rock. 10 years later I started met hunting. Went back to that spot and found that rock again a decade later. It was my very first meteorite wrong! I still have that ugly rascal somewhere too. Now I hardly look twice at them. But boy I thought I had a moon rock when I went back out and found that one for the second time! This one looks good with that shape. The defined ridges look really met-like on that one side. But that krinkly, brocade surface screams iron nodule. It is a perfect example of what a met does not look like. Or maybe what one looks like in your imagination!
    • Thanks Clay. At some point we must acknowledge reality. Fantasy is just fine as long as it does not conflict with well known history. When it does someone MUST call it out for what it is.   
    • The Spanish kept excellent records. Mining without paying the vig to the crown was punishable by death. There are very good records of the few New Mexico mines. A good place to find those Spanish records is HERE. Now go find any evidence of Spanish explorers in the Bradshaws. You won't find them because it never happened. The closest the Spanish ever came to the Bradshaws was the area around the upper Agua Fria when they were looking for the route to the Bill Williams and the Colorado River. Mining by missionaries or by Indians directed by Spanish did not occur in Arizona north of the Gila River. Try looking through this historical synopsis of the history of Arizona for any indication of Spanish traveling in the Bradshaws much less mining in the Bradshaws. Here is a quote from the official Arizona historian.
        The Spanish did mine the copper deposit at Santa Rita. The records of the workings and product of that mine were well recorded but of course Santa Rita is above the Mimbres valley in New Mexico hundreds of miles from the Bradshaws. We are still mining copper at Santa Rita (Chino mine). I'm fond of facts. Facts and truth are inseparable friends. Speculation and imagination are very useful human traits and pursued with integrity they can lead to new facts to support the truth. Speculate as you wish but when speculations are contradicted by the facts that speculation is better characterized as fantasy. Fantasy does have it's place in human experience but I've never found a useful outcome when fantasy is mixed with mining. Perhaps your experience is different than mine?  
    • Plenty of Spanish digging in many areas in New Mexico. And plenty of Spanish markings. But they did a whole lot more colonization, farming and conversion than they did mining. And they were a whole lot more interested in building incredibly ornate churches and buildings than making rotten outcroppings sorta kinda look like a poodle. The conquest lasted only a few short years. There were less than 30 Spanish in the continental U.S. at that time. There were no Spanish stone masons to carve poodles during that period. Nor were there until the Reconquista. By the time De Vargas returned the Spanish were more concerned with colonization and creating a society than mining gold. There were only a few skilled tradesmen that led genizaro workers to build the cathedral in Santa Fe. They also built villages and started farms and ranches. There was one engineer. His job was to build acequias, not mines. The mines received little attention after the initial conquest period. Slavery was outlawed for Spaniards after 1580. As a matter of fact that was the promise of De Vargas. Individual Spaniards did open mines and when they did the Crown ordered all specie stamped with the maltese cross after they paid tax on it. So the "King" did not control the mines. Individuals did. And officers of Spain enforced that by seizing a percentage of all specie that did not bear the stamp. Again, they did not control the mines. They controlled the specie by means of a stamp. And taxes were collected by the Jesuits and then later the Franciscans.  The only "buried Spanish treasure" was created by the natives during the revolt. They threw the gold along with everything else Spanish back into the holes and covered them. They did not carve poodles or mark the spot. They wanted to hide it forever. Any lost Spanish mines known to the natives were hidden and any markings erased after they drove the Spanish back into what is now Mexico. The Jesuits and the Franciscans made stashes. They collected tithings from all the subjects and hid it until it could be taken to the church in Chihuahua City. It was usually stashed under the floor of the church (i.e. Gran Quivira) until a wagon driven by a priest and guarded by soldiers took it to Chihuahua City. A few caches may have been lost. Still, no poodles. When a Spanish officer located a deposit he would backtrack using landmarks and waypoints just like any other trained officer of the day. There would be no need for anything more elaborate than the standard navigational techniques that got them across the ocean. By 1600 the Spanish had sailed to every corner of the globe and found mines on every continent. Reason would state that they marked their way in the Bradshaws just like they marked their way in every other area of the globe. They almost conquered the world and we know a whole lot about what they did and how they did it. The carved poodle outcrop story just does not fit with any of it.          
    • Bingo!!!! That's what I was remembering!! Iron oxide concretion!! Just couldn't remember the name. This is from WUSL ,  this texture was ringing the bell.
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