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Vintage photos and drawings and discussion of same only, should be some cool stuff show up here and ad info if possible.

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    • Praying for you Pondmn.  Good things can happen to those who believe.       Old Tom 
    • Your prayers are appreciated.   I go on the fourth to schedule eyelid surgery on both eyes and find out the results of my blood and eye tests.  I am having trouble chewing food due to weak muscles in my mouth and throat also in swollowing food,  additionally I am hoarse, have neck pain and have the eyelid problems.  These are the primary symptoms of Myathenia Gravis an auto immune condition.  It takes two to three weeks to get the blood tests back.   The eyelid problem can be partially corrected with come and go surgery.  If I have it I will probabally go to Stanford to see a  neurologist specialist for treatment.  If so I will take medication and may have the Thymus removed.  The Opthamolgist said it is a very rare disease with muscle weakness.  Not a death sentence but may restrict my future lifestyle.   Thanks to Grubstake I finally found a doctor to diagnose it after several months with I don't know answers  Again your prayers are appreciated.......
    • I was wondering EDGE, if the culprits who robbed the train at Gage, were denizens of the CHANCE City mining camp, by any chance? It seems to make sense that they could have had local connections, and it sure appears that it was a pretty rough area. Somebody went to considerable trouble of assembling 7 or more cohorts to derail, and rob a train. The whole story, including the minimal amount of money taken sounds like a positive press release intended to conceal the true facts of the case. And, personally, I can't see 7 riders staying together heading North in a straight line (more or less) and allowing themselves to run into the Calvary detail. Pretty strange.
    • With regards to the  factor, I apologize for any confusion and beg your indulgence, since my intent was not to deceive but merely to discourage further sniping from the usual suspect(s).
    • I was approached while I was digging a detector hit on the California coast by a Game Officer, He asked me what I was doing?I looked (past my detector)and up  at him and replied "I am Fishing" he pulled out his pen and began writing, He then asked what I was fishing for? I replied " steel head that is what the detectors is for!" he got offended and told me I could not detect on the beach. I asked him what law forbids it and he could not answer the question.  He made a few long radio calls and went away mad! I had already checked the laws regarding that beach and there was nothing prohibiting metal detecting below the high tide mark on that state beach. I am making two points here, first laws are different everywhere you go so you have to research your location to be safe! The second point I am making is that when government or it's agents give me Stupid, I give it right back to them! I call it the Forest Gump Defense!. 
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