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Vintage photos and drawings and discussion of same only, should be some cool stuff show up here and ad info if possible.

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    • Galena is a great bet. It is certainly a base metal ore high in lead. And those ores are also often high in silver. In my neck of the woods galena can be much richer than a gold mine. Galena is probably one of the easiest and most fun minerals to identify. Just follow the established procedures of identification and it will teach you a lot. Galena taught me the term "sub metallic" when I was about five. I still remember sorting that one out whenever this mineral is mentioned. Galena is also where I first observed a streak tarnish over night and turn from shiny "metal" to a dull gray oxide. I remember sitting in my room and doing that test for the first time. I then made a home made radio out of the crystal and listened to the rock station out of Juarez, Mexico. Heard ZZ Top for the very first time on a hunk of Galena from the Organ Mountains. That rock has a lot to offer. It is no common bastard stone I tell you! Just step through the density/streak/hardness/fracture/luster/color observations and this one will be easy.  A perfect specimen to identify! And a worthy exercise even if you know exactly what it is. 
    • Ty will do and will look up galena as well. Let you know the result
    • With the dredging laws being lifted next year I'm getting a jump on having the right equipment ready. Found nozzle made locally, https://hbminingsupply.com/product/2-dry-lander-nozzle/, 2" Drylander Nozzle.  Minimum 55 g.p.m. My whole claim is slate bedrock so I'm thinking this size would be the best for cleaning out the crevasses. I don't have any background on setting up the sluice boxes (48" & 36") which I plan on using in-line with each other. What criteria am I looking at for getting them set up. I'll need some legs as I plan on working it as a high banker. Mats? Angles? I have a new 158 gpm trash pump.   to move the water with a 2" connector. I wanted to use my Gold Cube but was told the water flow would be too great.  Any tips?
    • Have you done a streak test on it? My first thought is galena but need more information.
    • Found years ago near an old barn in concord ma, been in my change bin ever since. Very heavy for the size if it helps. Always thought it was modern junk.
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