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    • My calendar says that Fall will hit on Sunday.  It'll be a lot cooler then, so that's when I'm going.        Old Tom
    • Thanks for sharing your story and photos.  The photo of the .50 cal ammo clips seem to indicate a clip failure.  During WW2 Govt contractors at some point (I believe by 1942) were required to stamp all of their clips.  The spring metal that the clips are made of is very hard and difficult to stamp clearly.  But if you look closely with a magnifying glass after cleaning your clips best you can you should be able to distinguish the stamped markings.  The purpose of these markings was to enable Govt quality control inspectors to trace back to a manufacturer -- and even to a specific plant -- defective clips, i.e., usually clips that no longer met the tolerance standards required to perform military contract work.  This typically would happen when a particular manufacturing apparatus was used beyond its anticipated life or when it had not been calibrated for too long a time.  The result of a defective clip could be catastrophic for a fighter pilot, for example, whose guns jammed in the midst of a dog fight.  Just thought this little bit of WW2 memorabilia might be of interest.  I have a collection of .50 cal clips, casings and rounds.  My father, as an ammunition ordnance man aboard the USS Boxer during WW2, would have had the duty to make a report of such ordnance failures after examining the clips of a returning fighter plane whose guns jammed.
    • I do indeed know how hard it is to dig a 5 foot hole.... The one we were using was a Garrett machine. Exactly what model I have no idea. I am sure it was the best that it could be for what it was designed for. It was very difficult to locate and dig a target.  The Pulse Stare was a whole lot better. And the coil was really cool. You could wind it just about any way you wanted. It could be small like a regular search coil or a 4X4 square. You could hit stuff the size of your finger or something big many feet deep.  Anyhoo, it looks like the Gemini 3 can find all kinds of stuff too. 
    • Interested Rob Wesel nakhladog@comcast.net
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