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So ya think ya can cook? Well let's share some recipes, everything from food to soap to whiskey or whatever is welcome here.

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    • That video cracks me up every time, but also could be damaging for there sales if people/ newcomers think these guys know how to use this machine as they obviously have NO Idea how to use that particular detector! It’s a joke!.
      Please take NO notice of that particular Video.
    • A little more info that has worked well for me over the years. I have done very well using American made metal detectors. arguably Minelab metal detectors are the best. Pulse induction are the best. but regardless of the detector I'm swinging it seems that research and some knowledge of gold geology wins over all.light weight keeps me hunting longer and the longer I hunt with more information seems to produce the most gold. I say hunt light,use a lighter or even hip mounted machine and hunt all day long,until recently Minelab PI's have been a bit on the heavy side.sometimes it takes me hours to track the source of the gold especially if its not in an area that's been worked by the old timers.once you learn how to read the old timers diggings it will point you to the source. if you have any doubts about the detector your using as far depth in an area you've hunted without finding any gold based on the indicators your seeing. come back with the big guns later. Always worked for me and I'm not killing my arm and my drive with a heavy machine everywhere I go. Dont let your pick get rusty.
    • A lot of history and info on gold in this video.   https://youtu.be/XW6sEnjFqvw AzNuggetBob
    • Ironstone concretion fragment.
    • Bill has stated it correctly of course.  I'm the newbie around here. Since that time there are people who have told me they found gold around the Buck Mountains.  There are a couple of old mines around there.  I joined the Havasu Gold Seekers for a year and showed them my nuggets and they told me stories about nuggets found around their camp but none of them had ever seen one as big as mine.  Roger who has hunted that area a lot and knows that mountain said there are some pockets that produced in the past. Mitchel
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