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So ya think ya can cook? Well let's share some recipes, everything from food to soap to whiskey or whatever is welcome here.

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    • That nuggie has some great characteristics in it.  Is that a little piece of quartz I see there?      Old Tom 
    • Hi to everyone, I'm not sure if I introduced myself previously. Just getting back from nowhere. Anyway,  retired, 62 yr old male, veteran, fulltiming in my rv with my dog mikey. Although I'm looking for a few acres to buy where I could plant this rv and call it home base. I'm starting to get tired of driving around in circles. A few yrs back I decided to put on my last hat. Prospecter/ rockhound. Hasn't really took off yet. Doing research, bought some equipment, metal detectors, joined some clubs. Right now I'm in the Rye Patch NV area for a month. Trying out my GM 1000 and looking at land for sale. I have been hiking the mountains in this area, finding spectacular hidden springs, green gullies, bedrock formations, lots of cows. Not what I expected. And still no flakes or nuggets. I've come to realize that it's my own shortcomings that are getting in the way. i.e. frustration, impatience, procrastination, social isolation, (that's a big one). I need a better understanding of navigating public lands, gps. A place to call home with a mailing address would be a plus. That is me in a nutshell. I would like to ask this community for advice, direction, any help, or criticisms, not only for prospecting minerals, also personal hurdles I've mentioned above. I hope to make some friends and maybe meet and share stories along the way.      With Respect, Stephen 
    • oh yeah.   Now you have the have a key decision to make ... how you'll give her a golden shower.  Umm...  that came out wrong.   I guess what I am trying to say is are you going to do any more cleaning to that beauty?
    • Yea, My locks are going By By here before the Heat roles on.   Lots of hair and the New Mexico Wind is bad Ju Ju.  Without a Hat I resemble Cousin IT.    Gotten to the Pain in the Arse Point now.  Coming off it is. 
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