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    • I do indeed know how hard it is to dig a 5 foot hole.... The one we were using was a Garrett machine. Exactly what model I have no idea. I am sure it was the best that it could be for what it was designed for. It was very difficult to locate and dig a target.  The Pulse Stare was a whole lot better. And the coil was really cool. You could wind it just about any way you wanted. It could be small like a regular search coil or a 4X4 square. You could hit stuff the size of your finger or something big many feet deep.  Anyhoo, it looks like the Gemini 3 can find all kinds of stuff too. 
    • Interested Rob Wesel nakhladog@comcast.net
    • Bob...I don't even think the two box I had at the time was a true two box. Garret had a top of the line detector and offered the two box as an attachment. Two box PI's probably didn't even exist at time when I had the Garrett. I have read reviews of the Lorenz and the Pulse Star and those would be the way to go for someone wanting to find deep targets. But do you know how hard it is to dig a 3, 4, 5 foot hole? Just food for thought...
    • 2500 grams of Gold Basin Meteorites, some may be "White Hills" or "Golden Rule".
      Some "whole" stones
      Many with fusion crust, regmaglypts, and still Black showing.
      Reply  Message me here if interested, I am looking for a buyer for the whole lot.
      200 plus gram pieces and on down in size.
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