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    • Don't you guys have chile roasters over in Az? We have a half dozen on every street corner here. Like a big squirrel cage with a propane burner under it. The guy throws your whole 25 lb sack in and roasts it all in a flash. All you have to do is slip the skins off (or not) and bag them for the freezer. Today I went to the Farmers Market. They had four chile roasters going full time and that smell was in the air thick. After the market was over I drove home and they were roasting at Albertson's and Lowe's grocery store. All the restaurants are roasting for the year so the whole town smells like chile. It is fantastic! A freaking chile smellabration! Green chile is our life here. Red is even more important. No one EVER runs out. But if you do run out just hit Wal-Mart and get frozen Bueno brand fire roasted hot. That is medium chile from the Baquera and Franzoy farms in the Hatch valley. It does not get much better. And I know Wal Mart sells it year-round all over the Southwest.  New Mexicans eat an average of 75lbs of green chile per year. My mother puts up six, 25 lb. bags per year (we mostly eat red chile). It goes right in the freezer with the elk. A 50# sack of pinto beans and a 50# sack of Blue Bird Flour from Estancia, New Mexico and you are set. The only other groceries you really need are corn and flour tortillas and those come fresh daily. There is no better eating on this planet and is all locally sourced. If anyone wants Hatch green chile you can get them shipped from the Hatch Chile Connection. Ask for Jo. She is a buddy of mine. Tell her I sent you. You can order them online too. Fresh green chile is perishable and frozen is very expensive to ship but it Jo can do it! I am in Hatch a couple times a week and I do business with the Baqueras in Arrey. This is the inner sanctum of the "Chile capital of the world" and where the very first domesticated cultivars were grown. The Baquera farm was the first commercial chile farm in the U.S.  If you like red chile (and who doesn't) I can hook you guys up. I can get pure ground red chile in bulk pretty cheap. I generally buy a 5 gallon bucket of hot and a few pounds of medicinal chile that will really make you sweat. The ground red ships easy and is not perishable so if you want a pound or two let me know.  The guy that first took wild chile and commercialized it was a vato named Fabian Garcia. He bred the modern chile and developed the first strains in Las Cruces at the college. They were growing these first strains in Hatch before New Mexico became a State. Now Hatch only produces a small fraction of the chile sold in the U.S. Still, almost half of the chile is sold as "Hatch" chile. That is how famous our valley and our chile is!   
    • Scalenohedral?
    • The larger crystals are calcite, just not sure about the littles
    • Its Calcite crystals.... I forget the type of crystal structure that is. The botroidial stuff may be quartz . 
    • If it's calcite, a couple drops of vinegar on it will slowly fizz after a few minutes. Make sure it's done on the clear part.
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