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    • Thanks Chrisski, I will try 
    • I agree Mike, a bit faster than I'm used to.  Also, note the humongous chunk of iron he wears strapped so low down on his left leg.  That seems to be what is inducing the rhythmic high tones that are cadenced to his swings.  This is one reason I hunt with smoothing on and with virtually no metallic object lower than my waist.  I prefer dead quiet until a target in the ground is encountered -- not something that is attached to me.  My (admittedly old and declining) brain just gets numbed out listening to all that unnecessary racket.  But for those who can adapt to the constant sound modulations, more power to them.  I say use whatever works best for your individual situation.
    • Since you have had one before I'm sure you know about the floating chamber and/or ejector pin sticking over time. If not there is plenty of info on YouTube to help you out. I've worked on a few over the years for friends who have had one. I'm not a gunsmith but am more of a tinkerer when it comes to gun problems. Great gun when taken care of. Have fun with it.
    • Just my opinion but he is swinging that coil pretty fast for a large coil. Half that speed would be my fast speed ... just saying what I do! 
    • Welcome Vladimir ... CTX 3030 can find gold but better at coins/relics etc. Don't know anything about gold in Bulgaria but I bet an investment in a GM1000 would serve you better with finding gold! Just my opinion though! 
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