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    • I'll put a number on it: .002g; those are the smallest ones I've detected with my GB2 and the GM can easily "hear" them at a distance of 1" with the small coil.  My scale only weighs with an accuracy of .002g.  So it could be even smaller than .002.  Anyway, I totally agree.  The GM is a marvelous piece of equipment to complement a big game hunter like the 7000.  Great job, Bill!!
    • Thats the nicest pile of "pretty" ugly nuggets ive seen in a long time!
      WTG Hope you get more out of that area. Tom H.  
    • Nice finds LipCa! Wtg!  Please don't let the b.s. deter you from doing this again.  Yet another good thread tainted. Grasping at straws much?  Thanks for proving that Adam was talking about  you Jen. 
    • I can attest to that as well...      
    • No worries. You may wish to start your own post on the topic. If you are serious about learning why meteorites do not cause fires and why the fires is Wisconsin, Chicago, and in Michigan were unrelated to each other and could not have been started by a meteorite fall, then private message me.  billpeters
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