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    • Hi Doc,   I just had the same happen to me on some electronics I sold on ebay for $1200 about 2 months ago. It was shipped to an address in California, then rerouted to somewhere in New York. It is happening a lot now. But I shipped it with insurance, and signature confirmation through USPS. Then the buyer said their account was hacked, and filed for a refund. Paypal took the money out of my account. I then called paypal, and they said since I had a signature confirmation that I was protected, and paypal refunded my money back. Did you send with insurance and signature confirmation?
    • I'm afraid that is above my skill level. I wouldn't even know where to start. The low price and capacity of those batteries is attractive. The weight is 11.5 oz per cell...plus bus bars and hardware. That is maybe 50% of the weight of a conventional battery.  Figuring out a convenient way to charge them would be the key. I would like something I could just plug into a little pigtail wired into the battery pack. Like a battery tender. I had been considering a solar panel over the fuel tank in the center section to keep the battery up to snuff, but it will be inside or under a cover 95% of the time, so solar isn't making much sense at the moment. A higher capacity battery pack like those, may the most effective and lightest solution.    
    • Personally , I do not think " dendrites" are that sharp and defined, but both silver and gold do form that way... I vote silver & gold in quartz
    • Thanks guys and would rather give it away... I know, but I like it better that way and supporting my channel also helps, so anyone wishing to subscribe? Would be cool.... And Terry as well as Adam have some great channels so boys post your channel please and anyone else....
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