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  2. Trump 45 meterite sidearm

    Good thing it's in a glass case.... If you took it out into the real world and tried to put it to work, it would probably misfire. Luke
  3. https://www.ammoland.com/2017/11/trump-45-pistols-cabot-guns/#axzz50vCjhc87 Kinda crazy
  4. Congratulations !! Your 'story' should be a good lesson for all who are wanting and trying to score some gold with a metal detector. Looking forward to seeing what you'll dig up next. Luke
  5. Nice going moody!! Keep them coming, theres gotta be more!
  6. Congrats Moody. . . That's how it's done. . gather a little knowledge .. pick up a good machine .. do some research .. work for it .. reap the rewards. Yup those are tiny pieces , but the memories you will have forever are HUGE. Good job!! Good luck on finding their bothers -n- sisters...
  7. FS: Minelab Pro-Find 25

    Price Lowered: $80.00 shipped... collecting dust now that I have the 35.
  8. Well done....I can close my eyes and see the spot and remember my first piece, the little slug fell out of the sand covering the bedrock, my mate wore that piece as a pendant for many years...
  9. "HEY" WHAT'S THE IDEA OF HIJACKING OR SABATAGING MY THREAD???? My purpose for starting this thread was to encourage "others" (on this forum) to "also-post" photos of their gold finds (instead of holding back and learking in the shadows as if they hadn't found any gold at all); .....To include some encouragement (for those new to this pursuit, and to others who may not have quite figured-out the ins and outs as yet); .... To provide a story (my experience in-relation-to my find) that may make it interesting to read about the experience; ... "AND" To provide some insites (helpful methods) that may help others to succeed as well. But, instead, some of you (through your off-breed-discussions) have used my thread as a "Portal" to communicate subjects that are completly unrelated to my title and subject matter. Far-be-it for me to label you inept, but I will say, you must be too lazy to open your own thread, as you would rather "change" the initial-subject matter of this thread instead. Gary
  10. Yesterday
  11. My first computer was a TRS 80 Model 3, by radio shack. Had 36k Ram if booted with a floppy, and 48k without. Without a floppy, you entered all programs from scratch each time. Saw it in a museum a few weeks ago.
  12. Congrats! Glad you got some. Ahh....that first nugget, almost like your first kiss Tom H.
  13. Check this rock out

    There is also no evidence of fusion crust shown in the windowed section, it appears to be a uniform dark color through and through.
  14. WOW! ... That brings back memories of my old IBM 25 PC . .. pile of 5" floppy discs and all!
  15. Good work and gold Moody ... Me thinks you are still in a good 'mood'! (sorry couldn't resist) The extra work digging the over burden is a sign of good things coming to you in the future! Keep up the good work. Oh ... And welcome to the madness on this forum!
  16. Check this rock out

    I've found a few that look like that but were just hematite.... Cheers, Unc
  17. Only if I found it would I want it Mike C...
  18. Nothing like the first detected nugget. Congratulations.
  19. Check this rock out

    Hello Cynthia, The mottled interior does not appear to be similar to most chondrules, nor does the exterior appear to be meteoritic crust. The rock is very interesting and should be taken to a geologist for further analysis. I don't think it is a meteorite, but it is worth a direct second look by an expert who should be able to tell you what you've got. billpeters
  20. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, I appreciate it!
  21. Congratulations, Moody...and welcome to the forum...Cheers, Unc
  22. Here is a Crystalline Nugget I Wish I Had!

    That intertwined gold wire in crystals is amazing-thanks much-John
  23. The journey begins-kudos-John
  24. You are going to be a heck of a detector operator if you found gold that size. Well done and welcome.
  25. I definitely brake for bedrock! Come to mention, better go check my brakes. Nice going on the gold.
  26. Buying that Gold Bug II was a great decision. Thank You for mentioning my Channel. I hope you find many more pieces
  27. Congratulations on your first detected gold and welcome aboard!
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