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  2. Hey everyone. I am loving this forum. Everyone is so knowledgeable here. I want to thank everyone for the info so far. Anyway i just wanted to share this shell fossil i found years ago in the Red Deer River. I dont know what kind of shell it is but its pretty cool. I actually almost tossed it in the river but stopped my self mid throw to look at it. I realized it was a fossil and put it in my pocket rather than throwing it lol. Anyway here it is. I hope you all like it.
  3. AZ Meteorite Sells For $237,500

    How do you know the claim or land owners around the Barringer Crater aren't actively searching or allowing others to search for them?
  4. Happiness Is Wanting What You Have

    Beautiful display and sentiments-kudos-John
  5. I think i got screwed!!

    Those are very interesting. Are Apache tears just the shape of them or?? Really cool find though.
  6. I think i got screwed!!

    Bottom left two are Obsidian.
  7. Tucson Gold Show

    Hi All, if you are coming to Tucson for the gold show stop by the Minelab booth this morning to say hello, I will be sharing the stage with Kevin Hoagland at 1:00pm to speak about metal detecting for gold nuggets then back to hang out with Deb at the Minelab booth for a while. Will also be there on Sunday if you miss Saturday's seminar.
  8. Very cool, learning as you go... Someone has to do it
  9. Equinox 800 gold ring experiment

    Thank you Sheldon for taking the time to share your experiences!
  10. Happiness Is Wanting What You Have

    Nice gold my friend!
  11. 1, 3, 4, 5, 7-11, 16, and 21 all appear to be quartz crystals to me. 6 looks like azurite to me, but the lighting isn't very good. 12 is probably obsidian. 14 looks a variety of tourmaline called schorl. 15 looks like a hunk of travertine 18 and 19 appear to be varieties of pyrite 20 is a small geode The pink stone labeled 23 looks like Roseville quartz 24 looks like small schorl crystals in pegmatite 25 looks like limonite after pyrite 28 looks like fluorite All of these are of course opinions and not definitive answers as identifying minerals from photos alone is extremely difficult.
  12. GB2 finds a 1/2 lb nugget...

    I am pondering that crystallization pattern, gives me the impression that it formed very fast, possibly under water at one time? AzNuggetBob
  13. GB2 finds a 1/2 lb nugget...

  14. GB2 finds a 1/2 lb nugget...

    Very nice find Dave and the photo's look great to me. AzNuggetBob
  15. I think i got screwed!!

    Tektites are believed to have formed from many types of impact senerios into groups. I found these in and undisclosed area many years ago and there are more, lots more. most where embedded in with gravel in caliche. If the surface on them was caused by wind laying on the surface of the planet. Why would they have this strange wind blown ablation evenly on all sides? I have done some tests on them in the past but I'm not done with them yet. They may be Apache tears but I have to say they are the strangest looking Apache tears I've ever seen. AzNuggetBob
  16. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Thanks for the link Slim. and I agree with this Too. More from my book. You have to wonder sometimes why is there more gold in some parts of the world and not so much in others? It may be that the deposition period happened when the continents where still joined and as they broke apart and separated some parts of the continents where closer the to the impact zone or because of location absorbed more of the gold raining down from a super nova near by in space. AzNuggetBob Here is a video I think you should watch. A lot to be learned here about how we think and how we function based on our environment and where our future is headed and why. I agree with Neil deGrasse on his reasoning on this and is why I don't think we are headed to Mars for the sake of humans alone and I haven't since the start of latest space race. BTW Space X's Tech is not based on Apollo Saturn 5 tech as stated in the Space-X heavy launch video. It's based on old Titan III tech as I mentioned before in a previous post. AzNuggetBob
  17. AZ Meteorite Sells For $237,500

    That looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  18. I think i got screwed!!

    Thanks for the link. That’s definitely what i have here. Not happy they are labeled as meteorites. I did not know about these before so i guess i did learn something haha. Not a complete waste of money i guess.
  19. I think i got screwed!!

  20. So i went to the city today. Found a rock store called Ghossein museum of world rock. They had meteorites there for sale and i thought cool. Would be cool to grab one so i can learn more about what i am looking for. They had a tray of a bunch supposedly from russia and some other places. They had a bunch that were all black. I had nothing with me to test it so i took the persons word for it that they are all lagit. Bought 1 of the black ones for $45. I got back to where i am staying for the weekend. I grabbed a crappy fridge magnet and put it to the “ meteorite “ and nothing. I am no expert but i think it should be attracked. What are your thoughts? I think i got screwed not sure if they will take it back either.
  21. Happiness Is Wanting What You Have

    Thanks for sharing your finds....nice looking gold nuggets !!
  22. 12V puffers

    don't know if its permissible to post a link for the Whippet dry washer or not so I did not
  23. 12V puffers

    I have been looking for a Drywasher also just cannot decide which one looked at the Thompson 12 volt and the Keene 12 Volt and today looked at one made by a company in Apache junction AZ which I really liked made by Pro Mac it was about the same price as a Keene but had a few different features on it that I really liked also a 12 volt type the person I spoke to runs his off of a small deep cycle that weighs around 6 pounds and said it would run for 9 hours on that battery I know batteries you need to use a deep cycle battery because a standard car or truck battery is not designed to be deeply dis charged like a deep cycle those using a standard car or truck battery that is why they state the battery would die with in a couple hours a deep cycle will not a solar charger works great on a deep cycle battery and not good at all on a car or truck battery car and truck standard batteries are designed to be continuously charged from a alternator on a vehicle and deep cycles are meant to be charged at a slower rate from a solar charging system or other charging systems like a battery charger that has a deep cycle setting also looked at a Whippet Dry washer which was a nice little washer it only weighs a total of 15 pounds with the included battery but the price is $1400 including the battery and a 4-6 month wait for delivery its made by a guy in California
  24. I also agree with you Mike as well but he did purchase the land fare and square and left it to his family. People thought he was crazy, hell if I could have purchased it back then I would have too. But it's a darn shame people can't go get those meteorites before they weather away, something has to change. I don't think any amount of hunters could change the face of the land surrounding so terribly it would ruin the site. They should issue three day permits once a year, it would drive local businesses and keep people coming back and respect and not destroy the place.
  25. I think this is great!! Daniel Barringer would be so pleased to see this meteorite selling for so much considering he staked his life on finding that exact iron and selling it!!! It may have not worked exactly to his favor but I believe it's a bit vindicating for his legacy. Watch a documentary or read about it, cool history!! IDK why the font is so big LOL sorry.
  26. AZ Meteorite Sells For $237,500

    There are so many more out there by Meteor Crater waiting to be found, it's a shame that place got swooped up as a mining claim 100+ years ago. I'd even pay to hunt there for a day, keep what you find. That way they could regulate who is there and keep the area in nice condition, and raise some funds for conservation as well. Too bad they "cleaned" it, I would have liked to see it in it's natural patina.
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