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  2. You are right Doc, the mixture is called agua regia, and if I remember correctly it consists of 2-parts hydrochloric acid mixed with 1-part nitrate acid. This ( to my knowledge) is the only acid mixture that will completely breakdown gold and put it into molecular solution. When you mix the two acids you have to pour one into the other "very-slowly" because of nitric acid's tendency to be kind of combustive. And (I think) that you must pour nitric into the beaker of hydrochloric (again slowly),.. not the other way around. And yes, Sodium Metabisulfite is a "Reagent" used to recover or change the structure of the gold in molecular solution back to a metallic form. A great book the learn about this process (and others) is the Second Edition of: RECOVERY AND REFINING OF PRECIOUS METALS , by C.W. AMMEN . A & B Prospecting in Prescott Valley has this book for sale ( I think that I paid approx. $70.00 for it about 8-years ago). Maybe Bill Southern can get one of these for any of those who are interested in learning these recovery processes???? Gary
  3. Nugget Shooter Fall Outing

    Looking forward to this one...Weather should be awesome and new nuggets exposed from monsoon! ... Hope no one will have an idling semi parked in camp on this one! ... Cheers, Unc PS, if folks indicate interest I'll bring some new LSD maps.
  4. In this article they talk of numbers of ways to produce gold. All costing way more then the value of gold produced. I found the bit about Gold being Produced within a Mercury Vapor lamp as part of the by products created interesting. Minute quantities but quantities non the less, eaa? http://www.levity.com/alchemy/nelson2_7.html
  5. hi all i have a lightly used 10 x 6 Coiltek joey mono coil 4 sale $ 120 shipped conus i take paypal f&f please feel free to give me a ring 928-715-5324 thanks for looking walt
  6. And yet we have produced thermo nuclear bombs that use both fusion and fission to split atoms. No one knows what goes on in the middle of the earth, and everyone's theories are just that. As a matter of fact the number of scientific theories that have been dis-proven probably outweigh the accepted scientific facts. I think it is interesting to explore all of these theories regarding gold, but there may be such a thing that there is more than one theory that is correct. Maybe there are different ways gold are formed. I wonder if all the gold there is on earth is all there will ever be, or is the process in which gold is formed still going on? You can change gold. I found that out the hard way when I was trying to clean a nugget and accidentally used Nitric acid in a beaker that had hyrdochloric acid in it. It completely dissolved the nugget and took it into solution. Apparently you can recover the gold by adding Sodium Metabisulfite and getting it to come back out of solution. So what if there is a lot of gold bearing solution around the world, just waiting for conditions to cause it to precipitate back out into a solid gold crystal? If so, you have to ask your self "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" Did the gold rich solution come from gold that already existed and it was taken into solution. Or did the solution come first and the gold has not precipitated out yet. So what if there isn't enough pressure inside the earth to cause fusion to change other elements into gold. What if chemical processes take place within the earth that cause gold rich solutions? This whole discussion gives me a headache. My brain is tired. Doc
  7. Nugget Shooter Fall Outing

    From Highway 74 0r 60 in Morristown, AZ take Castle Hot Springs Road about a mile past where pavement ends and go left, if you pass ranch house on hill you went to far. Take the dirt road (little rough) through Little San Domingo Wash and you will see camp when you crest the small hill. Can't miss the iron Jackass on peak ahead on right.... The big red spot on map just before the turn in an old quarry with huge piles of red gravel still on the site and your turn is road to left just past it.
  8. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    From Highway 74 0r 60 in Morristown, AZ take Castle Hot Springs Road about a mile past where pavement ends and go left, if you pass ranch house on hill you went to far. Take the dirt road (little rough) through Little San Domingo Wash and you will see camp when you crest the small hill. Can't miss the iron Jackass on peak ahead on right.... The big red spot on map just before the turn in an old quarry with huge piles of red gravel still on the site and your turn is road to left just past it.
  9. There's an Scientific American article which pretty much proves this. Years ago scientists did some tests regarding certain isotopes and concluded the only way they could have formed are by supernova explosions.
  10. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    I believe astronomers theorize that heavy elements( above Iron) form in supernova explosions, as previously mentioned. I do not believe pressures in the core or mantle of the earth can rise to the levels needed for fusion. But there's plenty of that activity in the surrounding stars of the Universe.
  11. Shark tooth?

  12. This process is called Carbon Vapor Deposition or CVD for short. I think in about 10 or 15 years this process will become so simplified and miniaturized, you'll be able to produce your own diamonds at home. So guys, don't go out and buy an expensive diamond ring for your girlfriend. Get a much cheaper moissanite ring instead. She won't know the difference unless she takes it to a jeweler.😉
  13. Another British Hoard Found

    Another nice gold coin pendant. https://www.google.com/amp/www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-england-norfolk-40962865
  14. Why the fascination with Gold? Where did any of the elements come from? To say that Gold is not made on earth is an unprovable statement. Is lead formed on earth? A lot of things can happen in the earth's core via fission and fusion. Perhaps elements are formed inside the molten core of the earth just the way the nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium occurs on the sun. Anytime you have nuclear reactions you are rearranging the atomic structure of elements. When you rearrange the atomic structure of one element, you end up with another. In the case of the sun, the reaction of changing hydrogen into helium. My knowledge of physics sucks, but basically hydrogen has 1 proton and 1 electron, and helium I believe has 2 protons and 2 electrons. Well through nuclear reaction, that atomic structure of Hydrogen gets changed into Helium. If I remember correctly, I think two Hydrogen atoms get fused, and the 2 Hydrogen atoms each having 1 electron and 1 proton, now become 2 electrons and 2 protons which is Helium. However during this fusion energy is released because I think the reaction gives off positrons and neutrinos, or something like that. Too deep for me. Only Stephen Hawkin understand this stuff. The point being is that LEAD has an atomic number of 82 and Gold has an atomic number of 79. I think they are neutral atoms which means they have the same number of electrons and protons. So gold has 79 electrons and protons, and lead 82 of each. I think gold has 118 neutrons. Anyway, who is to say that a nuclear reaction in the core of the earth can not knock off 3 protons and electrons from lead, and BOOM you have gold. So what happens to those 3 electrons and 3 protons? Well Lithium 7 is an element whose atomic structure is comprised of 3 electrons and 3 protons and 4 neutrons. So you take lead, do some nuclear reaction magic on it, and you end up with gold and lithium. Now who knows if this is the truth or not, but in 1972 some physicist in Siberia doing experiments with a nuclear reactor reported that unexpectedly, and through an unexplained process, the lead lined walls of the reactor had turned into gold. Apparently this was not what they were trying to do, so they had no idea what sequence of events led to this alleged phenomena. I've read that theoretically you can change lead into gold, but the process would be so expensive it would far outweigh the value of the gold produced. Bottom line is, all elements are simply made up of different arrangements of protons, neutrons, electrons of atoms. If we believe that these protons electrons and neutrons can be rearranged, then new elements can be formed. So there is no reason to believe that gold is not still being produced here on earth, as are other elements. We already know you can change the molecular structure of elements, because we have companies who are taking carbon and under intense heat and pressure they are forming diamonds. Apparently there are two methods, one is heat and pressure applied to graphite, to form a diamond. The other is really interesting. It involves taking a small crystal of diamond, they put it in a depressurized chamber filled with natural gas and zap it with a microwave beam, the gas is heated to 2000 degrees while they rain down carbon atoms on the crystal. Apparently over night a diamond sheet grows which is more flawless than nature can produce. HOW WEIRD! All this stuff is way over my head but I enjoy reading about it and trying to understand it. I probably didn't explain it very well, or for that fact maybe I didn't explain it very accurately. But science was never been my strong subject in school. I majored in day dreaming. :-)
  15. Gold Cube

    I agree with Adam, drywashing is the way to go in the desert. Unless you can do some monsoon flood dredging. Been finding some chunky gold when the water is running. DP
  16. Gold Cube

    Way to much overthought Guys .....Seriously , your working way to hard for nothing.
  17. Nugget Shooter Fall Outing

    I plan on showing up for the outing. See you all there. DP
  18. Now I have seen everything

    It's always good to be the King!!

    Hmm...very interesting. Makes me wonder if what I found last week is the same thing. Harder than lead, and a tad larger and heavier than the gold nugget I found a few weeks ago (the bail was soldered on by Steve Wandt). The brownish coating is from the clayish soil in which I found it, which is essentially the same area where I found the gold nugget. Probably should test it to see what I've got.
  20. Nugget Shooter Fall Outing

    I think I would like to attend. Better directions would be an absolute necessity. Is there any ground I would be able to detect?
  21. Now I have seen everything

    Wow...King Tut had a lot of cool toys!!
  22. Gold Cube

    I'll be completely honest--After two years of recirculating in the desert, I decided that the best way of moving material was a dry washer. All the work into recirculating is really why I got away from the trommel and the gold cube. I think the dirt here is can be dry washed about half the time, most of the time it can't is in the weeks after the winter rains. The buckets per hour gained on the drywashing at 80 % recovery far outweighed the recirculating and recovering 95%. What made drywashing even better is when I learned to trust the 3/8" expanded metal on it and not screen with 1/2" mesh first. Soo much more material moved. I only once got to use the Gold Cube in AZ with a running stream and I loved it. Unfortunately for me, it's the one claim I can access with seasonal water that was dropped by my club. If I broke my gold cube or trommel out of storage, it would be to run buckets of concentrates, otherwise I'll stick to drywashing or detecting.
  23. Makes me wanna stay in Az.

    Onamission 1200 what did you clean that specimen with? I have a similar Specimine from Greaterville. How did you come to the 6.5 o.z. gold weight? Do you still have your specimen? If not how much did you get for it?
  24. Weekend Shooting.... Nugget that is.

    Yeah, Mike, I prefer to bank fish but I have a power boat too. I considered a Yak but found a deal on an all around boat that fits me well. I have had some success at Havasu fishing for money in the past. Best of luck in your event.
  25. Last week
  26. Happy Birthday DSmith and others....

    Thank ya all its always a great day when you wake up and can go detecting
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