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  2. Happy Birthday Garimpo

    Hope it's a great one, Don!
  3. Garimpo's day today

    Happy birthday youngster, make it special today Bro. Old Tom
  4. Here is a Crystalline Nugget I Wish I Had!

    photo credit: collectorsedge / Colorado Quartz Mine, Mariposa Co., CA
  5. Mars?

    there is a section of this stone.The stone was found in the forest, where there are no other stones. Photos of the remnants of melting are possible.
  6. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

  7. Mars?

    You definition of "the same" is drastically different than most people.
  8. That used to be an eezy peezy trail...till last summers monsoons. You lived to tell the tale, so it wasn't too bad.
  9. Check this rock out

    Good info . ive got what yourr talking about . thankin you
  10. Hey Tom, I was a bit confused with your Title until I read your story (experience),........ Quite the day Aaaaaaa !?? Interesting outing. Cool little flake. I have yet to find any gold in any of the rocks that I have crushed over the years.... I guess I wasn't meant to be a hard rock miner. I always carry a Come-along and chains in my pickup just for unexpected situations that may develop like that. I have been stuck (toooooo-many-times) in sand and silt in washes over the years. Gary
  11. All the other guys found bullets and trash.. Yah, Flade....suppose to be FLAKE..but I couldnt edit after I posted. Tom H.
  12. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    So this actually penetrates the Case ?
  13. Neat you found gold.... How about a definition of "massive flade " for me...
  14. Great story Tom ... almost lost coffee at the 'balloon knot' ... hard swallow saved the day! Nice little flake ... looks like you may have found something we all dream about. Good luck with the hard rock area.
  15. Mars?

    It looks to me like gneiss or schist with iron inclusions . AzNuggetbob
  16. Mars?

    This definitely looks like some type of oxidation. It's looks like a weathered, stained rock.
  17. Very nice story Tom. I appreciate all the details and the jokes. a lot to be learned there too. I get the feeling it wont be long and you'll be hooked on hardrocking. but you do have to dig a little deeper. AzNuggetBob
  18. Holy chit is right!! You found gold in a vein!! Great story too, thanks Tom!
  19. Cool find and so the Rhino got a workout eh? Hmmmmmmm
  20. Great story Tom. Your "Balloon knot" haha jeez.
  21. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    They started selling a new style and were out of those particular hubs. I wanted that style because it has an exterior Archimedes screw to sling any oil back into the case...and more importantly pump a little air through for good case ventilation. Thats how a VW was designed. All the other styles of hub use a seal there, and that requires a more complicated venting system...so I waited until a new batch of the old style was made.
  22. GPX 4500

  23. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Morlock thanks for the link. I agree. there are there are over 200 Billion stars in our galaxy alone with many planets forming around them using minerals and gasses flying around in space from star explosions enveloping and vaporizing small existing planets around them into asteroids,meteorites and space dust, then coalescing them into new planets around other near by stars. and what holds them together and keeps them from crashing to each other in orbits until it happens again?. its Dark matter. from what we have been able to detect. Its stringy filaments of sticky black material that sets up and begins to bond together again in space after a star explosion slows down, so to speak from crashing through dark matter in space. Will the solar system ever stop expanding? it almost seems like a chain reaction that never stops. exploding stars will continue to drive minerals and planets further out into space as long as hyper-nova and supernova stars keep exploding. These video's are interesting. https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/how-the-universe-works/videos/how-do-galaxies-form https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/how-the-universe-works/videos/what-really-is-dark-matter AzNuggetBob
  24. Mars?

    Note the shock injection melt vein cutting NWA 4797. this is the same, only here you can look from the side.
  25. Trump 45 meterite sidearm

    I'll probably be able to find one off the West Side Highway in Manhattan with my metal detector!
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