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  2. Eureka Gold

    Rick, I was in Eureka, Utah today. Does that count? I've also been in Eureka, Nevada a few years ago. Mitchel
  3. Now I have seen everything

    I've seen some very nice meteorite bladed knives. We've been carving meteorites for eons. They found a gold handled meteorite blade dagger in King Tut's tomb.
  4. Video-Making wooden branch art pens

    PowerDirector has extra color richness controls such as vibrancy, exposure, white balance, shadows, sharpness, color temperature, besides the standard contrast, saturation, brightness. I've learned also, once you mess with color balance in DV-Avi in PowerDirector, you are better off to produce it into anothe clip or movie befor adding any more special and/or text effects...otherwise these don't preview smoothly or completely in a normal way.
  5. Video-Making wooden branch art pens

    The original video footage was using a Sony Handycam. Processing the files from the Sony disc got complicated. Had to open the 30 min disc in my laptop to view the contents, find the 2 video files (usually 1 long, 1 short) and copy into folders. The PowerDirector 14 comes with an editor which can import these files, restore them to original clips as you can see when still in the camcorder unfinalized. If you are wondering what that editor is called easy or magic movie editor with PowerDirector 14, after importing select "original" icon. Before getting finished click "produce" and it will go into the main editor to be finished.
  6. Video-Making wooden branch art pens

    Yes, my video software experiences were interesting...I'm now using 2 programs moving back and forth as needed in DV-AVI format, then when finished to best DVD file. Tried different quality formats but used only lowest file broadband WMV for YouTube, The reason it may look HQ or HD is because of the superior quality of the original. I had much to learn in adjusting color richness using movie software programs. What I'm using now is Roxio DVD Creator which is disc installation and PowerDirector 14 disc installation. One thing about PowerDirector 14, it comes with a 2 track audio editing program. Files saved from it in mp3 don't load into my Roxio program and music is damaged if working on it using both programs. To solve this problem, I turned off the video sound when completely finished, then added fresh audio in my Roxio program making other type files from that program. I like the extra color balancing controls PowerDirector has to offer, as well as some neat special effects. It's a long but worthwhile process I'm using, but to me the eextra quality is most important...especially for artwork.
  7. Makes me wanna stay in Az.

    We have a good Greaterville Gang on this forum with myself, Desertpilot, Fishing8056, Micro Sniper (when he's in AZ) and LukeJ. Let us know if anyone wants to go hunting down there. Maybe next month the temps will drop a little and the chiggers will die off.
  8. Video-Making wooden branch art pens

    I watched and interesting.... I am attempting to do some video this year as well....
  9. Diamond Ring Grew a Whole Carat ?

    Wow, who needs a metal detector when you got a good crop of carrots!!!
  10. Gold Cube

    Good to filter honey as well John
  11. Yesterday
  12. Now I have seen everything

    There are Steel laser cutting machines that will cut any 3D image you can input to it. I would believe that the value of this space rock would be quadrupled by this. Thumbs up here
  13. Weekend Shooting.... Nugget that is.

    I am working with some guys from Alabama. I happened to get a lure stuck up in a low hanging tree and got into some chiggers while fishing last weekend. Like you said they itched like crazy. I asked one of the guys what they use. He said Clorox. When I got home I took a Q-tip and put it on the bits that was the end of the itching. That was Monday all but one is completely gone.
  14. Video-Making wooden branch art pens

    This is my first YouTube video, have been getting movie making down to a science (or at least trying to)..
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4JgFkoZW5U

    This year I've been steeped in movie making software technology and got it perfected to a science. Started production in DV-Camcorder type file which on my 22.50 minute music video ended up being 4.6 GB. Just made it on a 4.7 GB DVD +R disc but this is called a DVD-DV. It will play ok in a cheap Walmart DVD/VHS combo player, not in my laptop for it crashed the DVD viewer big time. The original file stored on the laptop will play only won't accept the disc. Finally, got my YouTube account and successfully uploaded first video...plays good, looks good and made a broadband WMV file for uploading on YouTube. Not on treasure hunting or prospecting, is on making wooden branch art pens for mix-media. But also have a music video on the 1715 PLATE FLEET ARMADA ready for uploading, soon as I feel like it. Here is the cover photo.
  17. Diamond Ring Grew a Whole Carat ?

    Believe it or not, this has happened to someone else but under different circumstances. Wish I could find that link.
  18. FS-A couple of Gpx items

  19. Crazy stuff Happens ! http://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/it-still-fits-diamond-ring-missing-since-2004-turns-up-on-garden-carrot/ar-AAqan32?li=AAgfIYZ&OCID=ansmsnnews11
  20. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Cool Beans on the Battery.
  21. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    I think a lot things are like that. Assembled under one roof into different packaging. Batteries and auto parts only come from a small handful of manufacturers...but there are more brands than you can shake a stick at. All about giving the consumer the illusion of choice? I'm glad you can salvage something out of ol' faithful. Even if its only the display. Girlfriend bought me a battery for the Jeep today. I had bought one for her truck a few months ago, so good karma I guess. Finally got it installed. Had to rearrange some wiring and cut new all thread for hold downs, but its in now and has a little more amps.
  22. Weekend Shooting.... Nugget that is.

    He will be there if the GPAA doesn't have him tied up....
  23. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Yea they have the game figured out for sure. I've managed to keep my ol TaShita up and running quite some time now. Two replacement LCD's, Two replacement Key boards later and it's still kicking. It's been my Fall Back , Back up for years. FrankenPuter I call it. Batteries for it are like $13.00.. New in Box Key Boards can be had for $16.00 LCD Screens New are about $70.00 but most 15 inch Dell, HP, TaSHITA , Compac carry different part numbers but are the same item. I'm all but sure all these computers are made in the same building by the same people just stuck in a different case, LOL! All the parts are pretty much off the shelf. Most being produced in China. I used one out of Dead a HP and Compac so fare. LOL If I can't ever get this all but new HP fired back up I have a LCD from it, eaa? Tashita got caught cooking the books some years ago and all but collapsed. If the still made the ol Satellite Computers I would had bought another one. I know them INSIDE , LEFT SIDE , RIGHT SIDE OUT. A New to us Ride is the Priority right now.
  24. Weekend Shooting.... Nugget that is.

    Is Kevin going to make the outing that you know of.....would love to get his input on the Eureka....watched his video several times.
  25. Weekend Shooting.... Nugget that is.

    We have 2 here now lol..... Kevin is working in CA this weekend so borrowing his.
  26. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    I might try that. I think i have an old phone charger I can cut up. Built in batteries sound like a poor idea. I guess they figure by the time the battery dies, it'll be outdated anyway.
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